10 thoughts on “In Memory of Thomas Szasz

  1. Respects to a man who will one day be recognised much more broadly for the immense importance of his work in taking a stand against the predatory and immoral operation that is psychiatry. He recognised when most did not that there was a sinister and destructive fifth column lurking in the medical profession, and was not afraid to call it out. He may not have fulfilled his life’s ambition completely, but his integrity shines through the deceptions and many more of us are aware of what we are facing. The people have been woken, and we will be sure to drive through Dr Szasz’s impetus to a victory. The world is a freer place and his name will be celebrated long into the future.

  2. Dr. thmas Szasz is one of my heroes. The clarity, brilliance and courage of his relentless attacks on psychiatry;have inspired me and many other aciivists and survivors around the world. Dr. Szasz’s writings exposing psychiatric abuses, lies and human rights violations will continue to inspire me and many other survivors and activists to keep fighting against psychiatric oppression and for human rights. Dr. Szasz was a freedom fighter and strong supporter of the international psychiatric survivor movement. . About 2 weeks ago, I was privileged to have spoken with Dr. Szasz on the phone for at least 20 minutes; he told me he stopped writing but, like his writings, was as alert, sharp and concise. I will miss Dr. Szasz but through his numerous writings he has left the world a rich and powerful legacy of resistance to psychiatry, of honestly and courageously speaking truth to power, of speaking out and standing up for human and civil rights,- especially our right to be free of psychiatric tyranny.

  3. Dr. Szasz lead the way; far too few followed. Although he left us much, his loss remains profound in the absence of truth and integrity in “science” and “medicine”.

    Today I cry not for you, for you did all you could do. Today I cry for this world without you, that appears to not know how to do better.
    Rest in Peace Dr. Szasz.

    1. Yes Jedimission – Ask not for whom the bell tolls for it tolls for thee! The Jew in Nazi Germany wrote that he ask not for whom they came but for those down the town somewhere, then they came for someone in the street, just someone, and then they came for him and that was the end of his dreams he knew.

      1. History has never stopped repeating itself. Tidal waves of horror have changed little.
        The quote, “The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed” was erroneously attributed to both Hitler and Goebbels.
        Whoever said it, spoke the truth.
        Lies are the foundation of Psychiatry.
        Goebbels said, ‘Propaganda must label events and people with distinctive phrases or slogans.”
        Szasz warned us that symptoms and feelings are the targets labelled “mental illness”.
        Because we all feel, no one is safe from Sick-iatry’s pathologizing of the Human condition.

        First they came for my Mother’s pregnancy hormones; I did not speak out because I was a man.
        Then they came for my brothers refusal to quietly color inside the lines; I did not speak out because I was not a child so artistically inclined.
        Then they came for my Grandfather mourning the loss of his wife;I did not speak out because I was not an old man grieving the lost love.
        When they came for my rage against this madness; my screams were unheard by anyone not drugged enough to care.
        Humanity ended when the world agreed to be mad so as not to challenge the mass of lies spread by dangerous “Dr’s”.
        © JMG, 9,9,2012 AB, CA

  4. Thomas Szasz has revealed how psychiatry is more about controlling people than helping them. He also showed that the “scientific evidence” that psychiatry claims is flimsy, at best. Thomas Szasz has helped greatly in defending freedom. The world needs more people to be like him.

  5. I’ve been familiar with of his courage and honesty for many years. I was very pleased to meet him personally, on the same night I met my wife- on a blind date at a Citizens Commission on Human Rights dinner.
    Dr. Szasz, you have done so much. The truth is out, it will not be stopped.

  6. one of my mentors – had a real backbone and he took on all comers for people – it wasnt about him – his writings will prove to be timeless

  7. Dr. Szasz was a hero to so many. He lived his truth and wrote it, After reading “The Manufacture of Madness” I asked if I might use his title for our group “Mothers Against Manufactured Madness” MAMMA.. He kindly told me that I could and wished us well.

    Everyone has said it more eloquently than I but Dr. Szasz’ is a written legacy of honesty, high-mindedness and honor in a field seriously devoid of these qualities – Psychiatry.

    He was well-loved by those who have travelled this road. He will be sorely missed by those he stood up for and those who believe in treating troubled people with dignity and kindness.

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