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STOP THE MOTHERS ACT! What you can do now:

1) Download, post, distribute, link, post on blogs — these videos: and

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3) Write or fax your member of Congress.

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You can read the TEXTS OF MOTHERS ACT – PAST AND PRESENT (111th Senate bill 1375 compared to 110th Senate bill 324 language) here:


Other related links for The MOTHERS Act:

Recent Fax Campaign:

Click on MOTHERS ACT PAGE to read about one of our recent fax campaign complete with graphs showing the number of babies injured or killed by SSRIs as reported to MedWatch


ACTION CENTER: Information on Taking Action Now, All in One Little Link (Phone, Fax, Online Invitation Campaign)

Contact Congress and President To Oppose The MOTHERS Act

Facebook: Promote Our Cause to Save Lives and Preserve Liberty!
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Attend the Launch of the Stop The MOTHERS Act Action Campaign

Sign Our Online Petition

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FDA MedWatch Reports on Prenatal and Neonatal Exposure to Psychopharmaceuticals

Groups Opposed To The MOTHERS Act

Melanie Stokes

Conflicts of Interest & Shocking Names of Groups Supporting The MOTHERS Act

Mothers Subjected to Police & Social Worker-Forced Escort (in the back of police cars) to Hospitals Under New Jersey’s Mandatory PPD Screening Law; Law Deprives Informed Consent, Degrades Medical Privacy Rights

Study: Depression “Awareness” Campaigns = Increase in Antidepressant Prescriptions

“Stop The MOTHERS Act” Blog

Legislative History: Changing Wording To Hide Motives From Year To Year

MOTHERS Act Archives From Old UNITE Website

Updates on Business Cards and Flyers, Twitter, Etc.

Quick Stats:

Literally thousands of letters sent to Congress OPPOSING The MOTHERS Act via Byron Richards’ website during the 110th Session

Nearly 10,000 Individual Public Signatures on our Public Petition on Care2

Tens of Thousands of Views on Our YouTube Videos

Coverage Across The World Regarding Opposition On Radio, TV News, in Major Newspapers and Online

Number of Mothers & Babies Saved By Increased Awareness of Dangers of Drugs: Unknown

Number of Babies Killed by Antidepressants: Easily Thousands or Tens of Thousands in the Past Few Years (Reports Increasing Lately, FDA Estimates Actual Reports In the 1-10% Range)

Rate of Suicide on Antidepressants: At Least TWICE That On Placebo or No Drug

Number of Women Who Need The Government To Tell Them They Might Be Depressed: Zero

Funding from Pharmaceutical Companies of Organizations OPPOSED to The MOTHERS Act: $0.00

Funding Dollars from pHARMa Funneled To Organizations PUSHING THE MOTHERS ACT: Millions or more

(Many links are cross-posted here on the UNITE website.)

10 thoughts on “MOTHERS Act Action Page

  1. The Mothers Act allows for the drugging of unborn children that can and will result in spontaneous abortions. These drugs are dangerous and mind altering. Boys as young as 13yrs have been growing milk producing breasts as a result of antispsychotics. Children as young as 7yrs have committed suicide. These drugs kill and maime and never should be allowed on newborns or Mothers.
    This bill has got to be banned as well as the drugs.
    Never should it be approved.
    As an ex teacher, I have seen the horrors these drugs do to people. Children are given them like candy and the test scores prove they are zombiefied. No one deserves to be subdued into a mental deficiency like that.

  2. I can’t wait for the ‘Bachelor’s Act’

    This is stupid. Is that supposing that having a baby puts you at sudden risk? When drugs like Prozac and others cause mothers to become suicidal and manic? So they can force a drug on me because of my right to a child? That’s almost along the lines of a forced abortion. I might as well not have a kid for fear of being labeled mentally insane.

    This is sexism, it has nothing to do with the crappy drugs. Or ‘Brave New World’ here we come.

  3. I want to know why the National Organized women have remain silent when
    Gov. Palin and Carrie Prejean have been sooo violently attacked over and over and what about the piece that was put in the Playboy Mag about conservative women. Where are you all?????? We are all women black white green, no matter our religions or our political preferences. Where are you ? Why the Silence?

  4. I am an American and I lived in Iceland 1998-2007. In 2004, at 38, I became unexpectedly pregnant. In Iceland they said a “shrink student” to your bedside shortly after you give birth to screen you. The country has posters everywhere from their national medical association showing a woman holding her child saying “I love my child” and then suggests you see your doctor. Before, during and after the pregnancy I experienced Tachycardia (which runs in my family). Instead of giving me help for a cardiac condition, I was given Seroxat (European name) and Effexor (European name). These drugs made the Tachycardia unbearable and I believe that if I had stayed on either of these drugs 1 day longer than I did, then I would not be here writing this. I believe the drugs nearly killed me with what they did to my cardiac condition. I am on actual heart medication now. What happens in Iceland is frightening and I am scared of this spreading. In Iceland doctors are paid by the governement for 2 weeks of “pharmaceutical classes” on new drugs – i.e. medical cruises and conferences. I really thought the US was a better place, obviously I was wrong.

  5. The organized mainstream feminists are silent about this because they are so fiercely pro-abortion. Anything that makes pregnancy look like a disease or that brings down society’s punishment for having a baby will help sell more abortions. To the hard core pro-aborts, this is something that, if they cannot openly advocate it, at least they will not protest it.

    But you better believe that the pregnant girl being “counseled” in an abortion clinic will be told about these drugs, their dangers, and left with the feeling she’ll have no choice but to take them, and blow her mind, if she has the baby. It will be one more thing used to scare hesitant girls into abortions that they really dont’t want.

    Some of these drugs are not only connected to suicide, but also to violent thoughts about the baby. Isn’t that special. If women can’t be manipulated into killing their babies before birth, don’t worry, we can use drugs to manipulate them into killing their babies after birth.

    LIsten girls, doctors can prescribe all the crap they want to you. But in the privacy of your own home, who’s going to force you to take it?

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