Psychiatric Reform


Reports for all psychiatric drugs
Reports for all psychiatric drugs


Reasons Why The MOTHERS Act Must Not Be Passed

The MOTHERS Act specifically:

1. Calls for the development of improved “screening and diagnostic techniques” with no specification if these are to be strictly psychological (in other words, questionnaires based upon a DSM checklist).

So there is no credible evidence that women will be checked for physical conditions such as thyroid conditions, hormonal imbalances or other real physical conditions.

2. Calls for government-funded national public service announcements (PSAs) through television, radio, and other means for “raising awareness about screening,” and for “educating new mothers and their families about postpartum conditions to promote earlier diagnosis and treatment.”

So considering postpartum depression is usually considered a “mental” condition, this means that the government will now be funding free psycho/pharma ads for the mental health industry.

Coincidentally – there are currently 50 clinical drug trials ongoing for the “treatment” of postpartum depression. In other words – this could turn into a big money maker for Pharma – with government-sanctioned PSAs and drugs promoted to specifically “treat” postpartum depression (that are already in the pipeline).

3. Calls for a major “education” campaign in health centers for new mothers and, to promote “earlier diagnosis and treatment… before new mothers leave the health facility.”

What does all of this mean? It means more women put on drugs. It means more infants subjected to drugs.

Regardless of the hype from the psycho/pharma industry and many groups with vested interests in pushing this agenda – more screening and more drugs being promoted to treat “postpartum” depression means more mothers on drugs – both during and after pregnancy.

Already, doctors, pharmacists, health care providers and consumers have filed reports with the FDA on the serious damage and deaths to infants caused by pregnant women taking these drugs.

The graph below shows the reported adverse reactions in pregnant mothers taking SSRI antidepressants between 2004 and 2007.


Reports of Miscarriage, Birth Defects, Heart Disease, Pre-Term Births
Reports of Miscarriage, Birth Defects, Heart Disease, Pre-Term Births


Look at the figures.  Now multiply them by one hundred.  Because, by the FDA’s own admission, only 1-10% of the actual side effects are ever reported to the FDA.


Estimated Infant Injuries and Deaths Based on 5% Median Range Reported
Estimated Infant Injuries and Deaths Based on 5% Median Range Reported


If you ever wanted a time to step up to the plate and make a real difference, you have it.  Because the time is now.

You can read the TEXTS OF MOTHERS ACT – PAST AND PRESENT (111th Senate bill 1375 compared to 110th Senate bill 324 language) here:

29 thoughts on “Psychiatric Reform

  1. Has anyone considered the longer lasting repercussions of labeling women as “crazy” straight from the very birth of their children? What about future issues such as custody cases and the like?

    The wholesale labeling of women as mentally unstable can and will have ongoing consequences like never before seen in our society. This bill is the worst kind of dangerous for anyone concerned about the rights of women and children and the sanctity of family.

  2. That’s one thing that definitely bugs me. Especially since women are at their most vulnerable when they are pregnant or just had a baby and need support, not to be undermined, tricked, duped, drugged, locked up, etc. etc. etc. But no, these people have no problem labeling women crazy as much as possible… and it’s gone from symptoms being used as the justification, to risk factors. Ridiculous ones. Such as, have you recently moved, changed jobs, had a loss of a loved one, been under stress, or have you ever been abused physically by a stranger or someone you knew. Basically, everyone is mentally ill in these people’s minds, and everyone who is mentally ill needs drugs…

  3. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention have you ever had PMS, or has someone called you a perfectionist. That’s my fault for forgetting about how these stress factors create mysterious chemical deficiencies in our brains right around the time we pop out babies and our hormones are going all over the place and we have to start taking care of a very needy child around the clock. Yes, all these problems are solved by tricking your brain & body into not metabolizing certain hormones.

    1. My daughter recently gave birth to a little girl c-section. Becky was on a morphine drip for pain. She was getting little sleep in the hospital. My daughter had never even been in a hospital and only once had a little cavity. So she was anxious anyway. After not being able to get the nurse to respond to take her to the bathroom. Becky became anxious with the entire foreign experience. Immediately the expert doctor was called and she was questioned Becky about her problems. Becky was still on the morphone drip which certainly was effecting her. I am so thankful that I was there so I was able to asure the hospital stafff that I the grandmother would be staying to take care of the new family. No drugs were given but it was a very close call.

      1. Thanks Amy..Glad you found my article. I have passed the word about this Mother’s Act and will do so again soon. I can see it happening already in the admission questions that we ask women at the hospital. I never even thought about it until reading that article and finding your website. It is SCARY….. So much is when it comes to women and children’s health. It is so sad to see our government, and people in charge using our future for financial gain!! Thanks for keeping us on our toes.


  4. It’s too true. They really do try to screen everyone they can, and this will make doctors feel like they are obligated to do it or else they will get in trouble somehow. What doctor would want to be liable for a woman’s suicide or homicide if he had not handed her the “standard of care” antidepressants if she is “at risk” of getting PPD? Just as they did in New Jersey when they established their “help line” and started picking women up in police cars… or as I have lived through, we’re sure to see more women locked up away from their babies and ordered to take their meds in order to be allowed to go home.

  5. I’d like to understand the science a little better, particularly the significance of the under-reporting. Is it sloppy research on the part of the FDA? To which side-effects does the under-reporting pertain? Do they refer to the side-effects you list or does it include all side-effects?

    How many mothers/babies were tested? And how does this compare with normally occurring incidents of birth-defects, heart disease, etc. . .?

    That’s a lot of questions, I realize. Perhaps you could point me to some journal paper?

    1. Dear Daniel,

      The reporting of drug side effects is 100% voluntary so therefore the low amount of reporting. Anyone – patient, doctor, family member- can report drug side effects of drugs by going to the FDA MedWatch program website. Sadly, very few people know about this and use it.

      Another factor is that doctors may notice a side effect in a patient and think it is another physical problem and prescribe another drug to control the side effect. Also, a doctor may recognize the drug side effect but not take the time to report it.

      Sadly, more and more news articles point to the fact that the FDA is not really watching out for the health and safety of the public but working to help the drug companies instead.

      1. In addition to these reports of adverse events, if you look at the drug label there were animal studies proving that the drugs cause babies to die in utero, during birth and after within a few days. I have tons of studies available. For an example go to the article on this blog about Baby Indiana – I can get you the link if you can’t find it. It’s the one called Effexor baby’s grieving mother protests potential mothers act, warns others. Is this the Daniel Hill that I’ve known for 12 years or a different one?

  6. Please help us not pass the Mother Act law. We need to protect the the young ones. They deserve to live a happy healthy life. This is for our future generations.

  7. As Nurse and Chiropractor I have the benefit of seeing both sides of the healthcare fence. OB-GYNs are under presure to “do what’s right for the baby.” They are told the Standards of Care., what to prescribe and what to do in order to be a “good” doctor. They cannot risk malpractice by stepping outside the box.

    So, the question is, who wants our mothers and future generations to be mentally dulled and altered? No drug is safe for the fetus, period. Mothers are more likely to harm once they are on a psychotropic agent. Does the drugging of prenant women sound sane?

    Our society is overdrugged with psychotropics currently. Who wants all of us to be taking medication? Who stands to profit from a society that is chemically dependent?

    This bill must be stopped and all like it. Stand up for yourself, your family, your children’s families and our communities. Do not let the drugging begin.

  8. Since when has a government made a decision
    that was good for the family and children.
    Under no circumstances do we need a
    “policement” in the home telling a parent
    how to parent.

    Obama if he were really wanting to help would
    have respite care for the children and or
    free food for the familly once a week that
    mom did not have to fix.
    He was there with
    councelors for the thousands who have been
    evicted from their homes. New places for them
    to go to, care for their pets. Support for the
    entire familly.

  9. I am so angry about the so-called “Mother’s Act” and the drugging of children with strong psychotropics to control their behavior. I was part of the back-to-the-land, natural foods and herbs are our medicines, hippy movement in the 60’s and 70’s. I delivered our first child in a cabin in the woods. That was our choice because we didn’t want doctors drugging my wife or “suggesting” a C-section just to speed up the delivery so it would fit into the Dr’s schedule. This was before hospitals even allowed husbands in the delivery room.

    Where is the common sense among women today? Why have the number of C-Sections risen dramatically? Why do so few women STILL not breast feed even though every study ever done says that NOTHING can replace breast milk for natural immunization. Are we so shallow and so removed from LIFE that most women choose to put their babies at risk for disease and death because they would be “embarrassed”?

    The source of the problem is NOT the pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatrists. They are part of the problem but without OUR money and OUR demand for their drugs, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    Let’s face the truth. We are a shallow, narcissistic culture that wants quick and easy solutions. Most people won’t take the time to do investigative research on something as important as our health and the health of our babies. They just accept what the doctor says and therein lies a huge part of the problem that allows something like the “Mother’s Act” to even be proposed.

    Are we not reaping what we have sown? Where was the outrage when our children were being drugged with Ritalin? There wasn’t any outrage for decades. Why? Because single parent homes make it twice as hard to grow children who are well-behaved and Ritalin make it easy to manage the emotions of one’s child. That’s the sad truth of it. And, (ask any teacher this) because single mothers invariably take the side of their child in any teacher-student conflict; the state has taken away the power of the teacher to discipline their students; and the teachers were left in an impossible situation, trying to bring order to increasingly disruptive school rooms. Enter Ritalin, a push-button “solution” that turned into a nightmare for too many guinea pigs, er… I mean children.

    The problems run DEEP. And we all have to take some of the blame for not doing more to create and maintain stable home environments where children are disciplined and taught values.

    I hope this “Mother’s Act” and similar Orwellian legislature now being proposed is a wake up call and a rallying point for action. I know it is for me.

  10. Excuse me LeRoy, but if you want to reform a society you have to start with the foundation.
    Do you think a delapitated building can be fixed by painting the walls and washing the windows while ignoring the rotten foundation? Yet that’s exactly what you do when you blame single mothers for the child’s problem while completely exonerating the adsentee and deadbeat fathers. The problems run DEEP alright and the fix begins with father’s taking responsiblity.

  11. Hey, all you psychopharma cartel people out there: for the record, I am not a Scientologist. I am Episcopalian. If I were a Scientologist I would never have gone on Zoloft to prevent PPD. I would not have had to suffer for four months nearly killing myself and my family. In fact, go to 2:39 on this 10th anniversary video I made for my hubby a year ago which has been on my YouTube channel and see the Methodist church we were married in: Or go to to see our kids’ baptisms. I don’t need Scientology to convince me that the drugs are deadly, I lived it. So keep saying I am a Scientologist all you want because it only makes you look foolish and causes you to have no credibility. That being said, I have absolutely nothing against Scientology.

  12. The Mother’s act ~ It’s a catch 22! I had PPD with my first. However, I did not know it until I had my second baby. How did I figure this out? I had all the risks… first baby (2000), fertility baby, colicky baby, anxious mom, etc. I had the thoughts… but I did not have the actions… Thank God. I never sought help. I was embarrased, ashamed.
    Then I had my second (2003). I felt great, I felt normal, I FELT like a MOM. When he was 1 month old, when those feelings of inadequacy didn’t hit, I knew. And then I woke up and had to let everyone know. I am a childbirth educator and a nurse. It became my soap box to my clients in class to recognize the symptoms and to get help.
    So why is it a catch 22? I believe in portions of the Mother’s act… to educate! We need to educate these new moms and dads. To know the symptoms of PPD!! To get help!! To know their Risks!! To know their Options!! But how?
    Childbirth educators normally are very natural-minded, where as Medical professionals are very “pharmacy-minded.” Where do we start? Not all women attend childbirth classes. And most informative materials pregnant women receive in their doctor’s offices are driven by pharmaceutical companies.
    I agree that Anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, etc., should not be taken during pregnancy (especially during the third trimester) or while breastfeeding. But how do we treat those women who are dealing with postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis?
    I agree with the Mother’s act that there needs to be more research. Research on other ways to treat it besides these horrible drugs. While researching, I saw that some people are keeping their placentas, drying them out, grinding up the pieces, capsulizing them, and taking them. Sounds gross, yes! But women are getting great results. What about the omega 3 debate?
    So anyways!! I found your website while researching my current educational topic I get to present on Thursday… “postpartum depression.” Thanks Amy for all the wonderful links. Especially the adverse event reporting link. I was shocked at the ones reported. And we give ambien all the time to mother’s who are discharged because they were not in labor, to our antepartum patients who cannot sleep, and to those moms in postpartum who cannot sleep after their delivery. Eye opening!! I am going to have to talk to our medical director to see if we can get them pulled. What’s wrong with just plain old tylenol pm?

    1. The problems come in that the entities who will likely be applying for grants are most likely the same entities supporting the bill and these are groups that are highly conflicted! Just check this out: Between 13-16+ million dollars going to some of the supporters of the bill in the last few years

      I don’t know about Tylenol PM but I would think that might be not so great either – but at least it’s less addictive and short term use and it’s not like as majorly dangerous as Ambien, SSRIs, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, antipsychotics etc.

      By the way, the first trimester is a very dangerous time for drugging pregnant women – that’s when most of the birth defects take place.

      Thanks for doing what you are doing to try and protect these babies.

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  15. Oh good. Let’s go back to the days of female hysteria! At least back then the cure involved sex.

    Seriously though, an endocrinologist should be assessing some of these problems, not a shrink.

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