Prayer For Relief: California Mother Seeks Whereabouts of Mental Patient Son


Prayer For Relief: California Mother Seeks Whereabouts of Mental Patient Son

by Amy Philo, 214-705-0169, 817-793-8028

“My son wrote poetry, did recitations and impersonations, artwork and sketches. He loved reading the Bible. I drew strength from his courage and resilience in the face of all of this. He cared about people. He wanted to make something of himself. My son could read at two years old and now he mumbles.”

Redlands, CA / Tuesday, Jan. 27 / — In a state which has become emblematic of progressive values and civil rights, Enne Currie sits tonight, praying for a just result at tomorrow’s mental health court hearing. A paralegal, Currie has filed numerous legal documents trying to force the system to abide by its own principles. Among these are a demand for information on the whereabouts of her son, Dirul Lewis, a Writ of Habeas Corpus, and various objections to the outrageous abuses being committed for profit or retaliation.

Lewis has been a mental patient for many years. Enne says that Dirul’s doctors experimented on him with drugs known to cause lethal interactions, including Zyprexa and Loxapine. A recent combination of drugs given in the hospital drove Dirul into a temporary coma. This combination was one that Enne, as Dirul’s conservator, had expressly objected to, but which the doctors administered anyway.

Despite over 17 years of attempts to get her son the best care possible, the mental health community continually failed Dirul. Currie even filed a lawsuit seeking to protect her son’s rights and health, but the case was dismissed because she was representing Dirul on her own.

About two weeks ago, Dirul Lewis was moved by his captors in the mental institution to an undisclosed location, and Currie’s conservatorship was cancelled. No hearing or reason was given. When Currie objected, she says she was ignored or dismissed with comments like “He’s been in this system for a long time.”

Enne recalls nursing Dirul as a child until he weaned himself, and says she believes that is how he managed to survive so many years of damaging treatments. Some time prior to his court-sanctioned disappearance, Enne noticed Dirul’s eyes go empty, like he no longer recognized her. Tonight, Enne doesn’t even know whether her son Dirul is dead or alive.

UNITE requests that anyone knowing the whereabouts or condition of Dirul Lewis immediately inform Enne Currie by writing to or calling 909-384-2104.

For more information on tomorrow’s hearing, please contact Enne, or check for updates.


Hydrocodone Leads To Month of Involuntary Hospitalization & Drugging

Forwarded to me from Linda Valentine:

Hi Linda,
   When I read your page on the Mind Freedom site, I thought that maybe you could give me some insight on my situation.
    My 23 year old daughter is in a mental facility right now, as she has been for the past month. She is supposed to definitely be released on Tuesday of this week,  after her court hearing.
    It all started back in mid-August when she was home, and had been having severe gastro-reflux and vomitting. She had been seen by a gastro doctor and was scheduled for an upper endoscopy soon. She also had a root canal and a pulled tooth this particular night and she was on hydrocodone for the pain. She normally hates to take any medicine at all, but I made her take it to relieve the pains she was having. She is learning disabled, which makes her somewhat slow. I believe that the hydrocodone may have caused her additional psychosis. She proceeded to call 911 for herself, then woke me to tell me the ambulance was on the way. She told the ambulance she had swallowed a butterknife, and it was all downhill from there. There was no butterknife, as they could plainly see.  The esophagus pain felt like a butterknife, so that was her way of describing it. Needless to say, she was sent directly to the Mental Ward. She was admitted as voluntary, but this soon turned into involuntarily committed. The psychiatrists pried every negative word out of her that they could manage to. They jotted down every psychotic thing she said, and quickly stamped her with their labels! Of course they did all of this while drugging her up on quite a variety of psychiatric drugs. 
     I quickly rebelled the next day, when I went to visit and saw what was happening to my daughter. She could not even lift her head to vomit. I had to pry her eyes open as she quietly mumbled, “Mom get me out of here. I’m choking and they don’t care. I almost choked in the middle of the night.” There were no call buttons for the patients, and her door was too heavy for her to open. Not to mention that they had her so drugged up that she could not get up to go get help! I demanded that I was taking her out of there, but of course they said NO! The hospital nurses said that she was making herself throw up because I was there! I called the police, but they didn’t help. I called every doctor that treated my daughter’s health issues, but to their dismay,  they got nowhere with the Mental establishment. So then, I submitted a letter to the Mental Hospital’s administrator about the dangerous risks imposed on my daughter’s health, and that I was holding him personally responsible for any injuries. That got her treatment for the vomitting. They began giving her Protonix which helped the vomitting immensely. But that also got me banned from the hospital! I was no longer allowed to visit my daughter!! For about a week, they did not let anyone visit her. Later they did let some visitors—but not me!
     After being there about 2 weeks, she was transferred to the other mental facility where she is now. Still being drugged daily, she pleads for me to take her home everyday. I don’t dare rebel against the establishment for fear that they will ban me from visiting. A month has passed since this all began, and my daughter looks more sick than ever. Her head hangs low, with droopy rolling-back eyes, a lip that twitches, involuntary shaking, and a zombie-like gait. She never ever looked like this before in her entire life. Beside her gastro and dental problems she was a fun, active young girl who loved to swim, walk the dog, and help me babysit and cook.
     Linda, I want her off of these medications! She herself tells me they are making her sicker too! I think the establishment is going to try to connect her with some program even when she is released, that will monitor medicine! I want her off of it! I don’t want her connected to the establishment at all! Do you have any information or advice?  Chris