House Energy and Commerce Fax Numbers

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Energy & Commerce Committee
Member DC Phone DC Fax
Henry A. Waxman, CA, Chair (202) 225-3976 (202) 225-4099
John Dingell, MI, Chair Emeritus (202) 225-4071 (202) 226-0371
Edward Markey, MA (202) 225-2836 (202) 226-0092
Rick Boucher, VA (202) 225-3861 (202) 225-0442
Frank Pallone, Jr., NJ (202) 225-4671 (202) 225-9665
Bart Gordon, TN (202) 225-4231 (202) 225-6887
Bobby Rush, IL (202) 225-4372 (202) 226-0333
Anna Eshoo, CA (202) 225-8104 (202) 225-8890
Bart Stupak, MI (202) 225-4735 (202) 225-4744
Eliot Engel, NY (202) 225-2464 (202) 225-5513
Gene Green, TX (202) 225-1688 (202) 225-9903
Diana DeGette, CO (202) 225-4431 (202) 225-5657
Lois Capps, CA (202) 225-3601 (202) 225-5632
Michael Doyle, PA (202) 225-2135 (202) 225-3084
Jane Harman, CA (202) 225-8220 (202) 226-7290
Janice Schakowsky, IL (202) 225-2111 (202) 226-6890
Charles Gonzalez, TX (202) 225-3236 (202) 225-1915
Jay Inslee, WA (202) 225-6311 (202) 226-1606
Tammy Baldwin, WI (202) 225-2906 (202) 225-6942
Mike Ross, AR (202) 225-3772 (202) 225-1314
Anthony Weiner, NY (202) 225-6616 (202) 226-7253
Jim Matheson, UT (202) 225-3011 (202) 225-5638
G.K. Butterfield, NC (202) 225-3101 (202) 225-3354
Charlie Melancon, LA (202) 225-4031 (202) 226-3944
John Barrow, GA (202) 225-2823 (202) 225-3377
Baron Hill, IN (202) 225-5315 (202) 226-6866
Doris Matsui, CA (202) 225-7163 (202) 225-0566
Donna Christensen, VI (202) 225-1790 (202) 225-5517
Kathy Castor, FL (202) 225-3376 (202) 225-5652
John Sarbanes, MD (202) 225-4016 (202) 225-9219
Christopher Murphy, CT (202) 225-4476 (202) 225-5933
Zachary Space, OH (202) 225-6265 (202) 225-3394
Jerry McNerney, CA (202) 225-1947 (202) 225-4060
Betty Sutton, OH (202) 225-3401 (202) 225-2266
Bruce Braley, IA (202) 225-2911 (202) 225-6666
Peter Welch, VT (202) 225-4115 (202) 225-6790
Joe Barton, TX, Ranking Member (202) 225-2002 (202) 225-3052
Ralph Hall, TX (202) 225-6673 (202) 225-3332
Fred Upton, MI (202) 225-3761 (202) 225-4986
Cliff Stearns, FL (202) 225-5744 (202) 225-3973
Nathan Deal, GA (202) 225-5211 (202) 225-8272
Ed Whitfield, KY (202) 225-3115 (202) 225-3547
John Shimkus, IL (202) 225-5271 (202) 225-5880
John Shadegg, AZ (202) 225-3361 (202) 225-3462
Roy Blunt, MO (202) 225-6536 (202) 225-5604
Steve Buyer, IN (202) 225-5037 (202) 225-2267
George Radanovich, CA (202) 225-4540 (202) 225-3402
Joseph Pitts, PA (202) 225-2411 (202) 225-2013
Mary Bono Mack, CA (202) 225-5330 (202) 225-2961
Greg Walden, OR (202) 225-6730 (202) 225-5774
Lee Terry, NE (202) 225-4155 (202) 226-5452
Mike Rogers, MI (202) 225-4872 (202) 225-5820
Sue Wilkins Myrick, NC (202) 225-1976 (202) 225-3389
John Sullivan, OK (202) 225-2211 (202) 225-9187
Tim Murphy, PA (202) 225-2301 (202) 225-1844
Michael Burgess, TX (202) 225-7772 (202) 225-2919
Marsha Blackburn, TN (202) 225-2811 (202) 225-3004
Phil Gingrey, GA (202) 225-2931 (202) 225-2944
Steve Scalise, LA (202) 225-3015 (202) 226-0386
Energy & Commerce Committee
Member Local Phone Local Fax
Henry A. Waxman, CA, Chair (323) 651-1040 (323) 655-0502
John Dingell, MI, Chair Emeritus (313) 278-2936 (313) 278-3914
Edward Markey, MA (781) 396-2900 (781) 396-3220
Rick Boucher, VA (276) 628-1145 (276) 628-2203
Frank Pallone, Jr., NJ (732) 571-1140 (732) 870-3890
Bart Gordon, TN (615) 896-1986 (615) 896-8218
Bobby Rush, IL (773) 224-6500 (773) 224-9624
Anna Eshoo, CA (650) 323-2984 (650) 323-3498
Bart Stupak, MI (231) 348-0657 (231) 348-0653
Eliot Engel, NY (718) 796-9700 (718) 796-5134
Gene Green, TX (281) 999-5879 (281) 999-5716
Diana DeGette, CO (303) 844-4988 (303) 844-4996
Lois Capps, CA (805) 730-1710 (805) 730-9153
Michael Doyle, PA (412) 241-6055 (412) 241-6820
Jane Harman, CA (310) 643-3636 (310) 643-6445
Janice Schakowsky, IL (773) 506-7100 (773) 506-9202
Charles Gonzalez, TX (210) 472-6195 (210) 472-4009
Jay Inslee, WA (206) 361-0233 (206) 361-3959
Tammy Baldwin, WI (608) 258-9800 (608) 258-9808
Mike Ross, AR (870) 536-3376 (870) 536-4058
Anthony Weiner, NY (718) 520-9001 (718) 520-9010
Jim Matheson, UT (801) 486-1236 (801) 486-1417
G.K. Butterfield, NC (252) 237-9816 (252) 291-0356
Charlie Melancon, LA (225) 621-8490 (225) 621-8493
John Barrow, GA (912) 354-7282 (912) 354-7782
Baron Hill, IN (812) 288-3999 (812) 288-3873
Doris Matsui, CA (916) 498-5600 (916) 444-6117
Donna Christensen, VI (340) 774-4408 (340) 774-8033
Kathy Castor, FL (813) 871-2817 (813) 871-2864
John Sarbanes, MD (410) 832-8890 (410) 832-8898
Christopher Murphy, CT (860) 223-8412 (860) 827-9009
Zachary Space, OH (330) 364-4300 (330) 364-4330
Jerry McNerney, CA (925) 737-0727 (925) 737-0734
Betty Sutton, OH (330) 865-8450 (330) 865-8470
Bruce Braley, IA (319) 287-3233 (319) 287-5104
Peter Welch, VT (802) 652-2450
Joe Barton, TX, Ranking Member (817) 543-1000 (817) 548-7029
Ralph Hall, TX (972) 771-9118 (972) 722-0907
Fred Upton, MI (269) 385-0039 (269) 385-2888
Cliff Stearns, FL (352) 351-8777 (352) 351-8011
Nathan Deal, GA (770) 535-2592 (770) 535-2765
Ed Whitfield, KY (270) 885-8079 (270) 885-8598
John Shimkus, IL (217) 492-5090 (217) 492-5096
John Shadegg, AZ (602) 263-5300 (602) 248-7733
Roy Blunt, MO (417) 889-1800 (417) 889-4915
Steve Buyer, IN (574) 583-9819 (574) 583-9867
George Radanovich, CA (559) 449-2490 (559) 449-2499
Joseph Pitts, PA (717) 393-0667 (717) 393-0924
Mary Bono Mack, CA (760) 320-1076 (760) 320-0596
Greg Walden, OR (541) 776-4646 (541) 779-0204
Lee Terry, NE (402) 397-9944 (402) 397-8787
Mike Rogers, MI (517) 702-8000 (517) 702-8642
Sue Wilkins Myrick, NC (704) 362-1060 (704) 367-0852
John Sullivan, OK (918) 749-0014 (918) 749-0781
Tim Murphy, PA (412) 344-5583 (412) 429-5092
Michael Burgess, TX (972) 434-9700 (972) 434-9705
Marsha Blackburn, TN (901) 382-5811 (901) 373-8215
Phil Gingrey, GA (770) 429-1776 (770) 795-9551
Steve Scalise, LA (504) 837-1259 (504) 837-4239

A Government in Charge of Your “Mental Health” is not a Democracy

A Government in Charge of Your “Mental Health” is not a Democracy.

By Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

Eleven-year-old Kara Neumann could no longer walk or speak, but her parents, Leilani and Dale Neumann of Wausau, Wisconsin believed God alone could cure her. She died of diabetic keto-acidosis—entirely preventable. This is “medical negligence.” Approximately 300 children have died in the US in the past 25 years where conventional medical care was denied in favor faith healing.

All states allow Child Protective Services (CPS) to remove children where physical abuse is likely, or where essential medical care is withheld.

However, today, in the US, the most common reason by far for CPS-judicial intervention is to enforce acceptance of school-mandated psychiatric diagnosis and drugging as if such were actual diseases. The #1 source of reports of “medical negligence” are the nation’s schools. They are also the main source of “mental health” diagnosing and of the psychiatric drugging that invariably follows.

They diagnose blatantly or suggest that “chemical imbalances” are present and that the family should consult a physician–one who will affirm their diagnosis and prescription.

Should the parent resist they get calls at home and at work from teacher-pushers enumerating their child’s unacceptable behaviors, threatening suspension. The coercion is systematic, from the Department of Education down. CHADD and NAMI are in-house aiding and abetting what has become the biggest drug-pushing enterprise in history calling all of their “diagnoses” “diseases.”

On March 19, 1999, Diane Booth faced panel of educators at Cherry Chase School, Sunnyvale, California and refused to put her 5 ½ year-old son Vincent, on Ritalin. On April 24, 1999, the school made a referral to Sunnyvale Police for “alleged suspected emotional abuse” and domestic violence.” On July 29, 1999, Vincent was removed from his home for refusing to medicate her child for ADHD—a disease never proved to exist. From that day to the present Vincent has been a source of income for the psycho-pharmaceutical-government cartel. He is now 15 and has not been out of a psychiatric hospital or seen his mother or any other relative since.

On March 21st, 2000, fourteen-year-old Matthew Smith was skateboarding with two cousins when he fell off the skateboard, collapsed and died. Medical examiner, Dr. Ljubisa Dragovic, said Matthew had died a heart attack caused by Ritalin which Matthew had started taking at seven after being diagnosed at school with ADHD. The small blood vessels of the heart had been scarred and grown thicker. The heart itself had become enlarged because it had to work harder to compensate for the impaired vessels. Never had Dr. Dragovic witnessed this set of conditions in anybody so young. Usually they are found in adults with a history of abusing stimulants, such as cocaine and amphetamines. Though Ritalin is usually presented as a mild stimulant, it is nearly identical to cocaine and is actually more potent at comparable dosages, something Matthew’s parents had no idea of eight years earlier, when Matthew’s school repeatedly insisted that he had ADHD and needed to be given Ritalin.

Divorced father, Brian Verbeek of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, was court-ordered to say nothing critical of the psychiatric diagnoses or drugs given his 12-year-old son—those that had made him so fat he could no longer run. It was the letter of November 10, 2008, that Mr. Verbeek received from Health Canada, counterpart of our FDA, that incurred the wrath of the court. It read: “For mental/psychiatric disorders in general, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and ADHD, there are no confirmatory gross, microscopic or chemical abnormalities that have been validated for objective physical diagnosis. Rather, diagnoses of possible mental conditions are described strictly in terms of patterns of symptoms that tend to cluster together…”

State Senator Nancy Schaeffer tells of an emotional meeting with 38 families in her 50th Senatorial District of Georgia who had had their children taken from them by CPS, invoking psychiatric directives. Think of the millions of adults and children alike, in the US, psychiatrically labeled and drugged. Is this the pipeline? Is government the enemy?

The emotional life and development of all US citizens and their children is their responsibility, not government’s (unless their behavior is round to be lawful). Any government that holds otherwise is not a democracy.

Where is Dirul Lewis?

Enne Currie’s son Dirul Lewis has been a patient in mental hospitals for quite a while. Enne is his legally appointed conservator. Last week I got a phone call from Enne because her son had been moved and the court had cancelled her conservatorship without any reason whatsoever and without a hearing. Nobody involved will tell Enne where her son is.

Enne has filed several legal documents in the case demanding to know where her son is and for his return.

More details to come.

I want to know what is going on and whether anyone in our government is willing to stand up for the right of a mother / conservator to know her son’s whereabouts, and for the right of a person not to be essentially abducted by the government and taken to undisclosed locations because of their ‘mental condition.’

Antipsychotics Virtually Unfit for Human Consumption

EL CAJON, CA 92019

Tele:(619) 440-8236 Fax: (619) 442-1932

Submission (2 essays) to: December 21, 2008

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration concerning the Medicaid
coverage of atypical antipsychotics on children []

(1) Neurological Side-Effects Contraindicate Use of Antipsychotics In Children

(450 words)

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

Author: THE ADHD FRAUD—How Psychiatry Makes “Patients” of Normal Children

As an adult and child neurologist (retired) the neurological complications of psychiatric drugs, especially the typical and atypical antipsychotics (Zyprexa, Risperdal, Seroquel, Abilify, Geodon), comprised a significant part of my practice. Referring psychiatrists rarely diagnosed or much understood the neurological side effects of the drugs they were prescribing.

I encountered transient and permanent dyskinesias (when permanent and irreversible we call them “tardive” dyskinesias). There was acute and chronic torticollis. There were acute oculogyric crises (forced version of the eyes, more often upward than to one side or the other). I encountered eye-blinking and forced eye closure, wrongly called “Tourette’s syndrome” –not idiopathic at all, but iatrogenic. There were acute and chronic, always-embarrassing, oral-lingual-facial dyskinesias. There were Parkinson’s syndromes needing differentiation from idiopathic Parkinson’s disease. There were rare cases of bulbar paralysis or bulbar dyskinesia leading to aspiration, pneumonia, and death–especially in the elderly, especially in nursing homes, in bed. There were strokes related to the start of dosing. Most frequent of all were the tardive dyskinesias, those appearing after months or years on antipsychotics, never abating, grotesque, embarrassing and sometimes so persistent and severe, especially in the elderly that they grew exhausted and died.

I almost forgot neuroleptic malignant syndrome–NMS, usually lethal as its name suggests, not to be confused with the clinically similar “serotonin syndrome,” due to an entirely different group of psychiatric drugs, the SSRIs. My list of the neurological side effects is short and incomplete, but it is a list all neurologists are well aware of, and all physicians prescribing such medications should be aware of, but are not.

Why haven’t neurologists (American Academy of Neurology, American Neurological Association, Child Neurology Society) , knowing fully the neurological horrors of antipsychotic drugs spoken up as these same grotesque, disabling and sometimes-lethal side effects are visited, today, upon the children of the nation, entirely for psychiatric indications–not actual diseases at all [Concern About Psychotropic Drugs and Foster Kids It is one thing for adults to opt to take such medication, it is quite another, as across the US today, for psychiatrists and physicians of all kinds to place entirely normal children on antipsychotic drugs. This should not be allowed.

I have not expounded upon the many somatic side effects of these drugs such as the morbid obesity, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, hypertension, diabetes, gynecomastia (often needing surgical reduction), and prolactin-secreting tumors of the pituitary. I have not mentioned them previously because it is my conviction that the neurological side effects alone constitute reason enough not to the use antipsychotic drugs in children.

Whether the child has one or several “chemical imbalances” of the brain and is entirely normal, or has a diffuse encephalopathy manifested by mental and/or motor retardation, prescription antipsychotics, with all of their side effects are nothing but symptomatic “treatment”—symptomatic treatment that comes at far to high a price for any physician to justify. Putting neurologically-, medically-normal children on antipsychotic drugs is criminal and is an act that needs criminalizing.

EL CAJON, CA 92019

Tele:(619) 440-8236 Fax: (619) 442-1932

Editor, Lewis P Rowland, MD June 25, 2006
Neurology Today (American Academy of Neurology)
Editorial Office
333 Seventh Ave.
New York, NY 10001

In News From the World Parkinson Congress; Epidemiology and Neuroprotection (published: Neurology Today, 4/18/06 p 36), Caroline M. Tanner, MD, PhD says that the Parkinson’s Disease risk is usually about twice as high in those exposed to pesticides and herbicides such as rotenone, paraquat, and diquat, but that only one toxin, MPTP (1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine), has been proven to cause PD.

How could she not mention the neuroleptic/antipsychotic drugs, new and old, atypical and typical, which commonly (in every neurology practice) cause a form of PD clinically indistinguishable from idiopathic PD (in addition to facial-lingual muscle spasms, dystonias, dysphagia, oculogyric crises, torticollis, retrocollis, akathisia, facial, lingual, buccal, and cervical dyskinesias and the oft-fatal neuroleptic malignant syndrome).
We should all be outraged that antipsychotic drug prescriptions are increasing so for pediatric patients [NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Jun 05 2006 – The prescription of antipsychotic medications for children and adolescents in the US increased nearly 6-fold between 1993 and 2002, according to survey results. Also, Arch Gen Psychiatry 2006;63:679-685]. Eighteen percent of visits to psychiatrists by young people resulted in their being prescribed an antipsychotic medication. Approximately 90% of antipsychotics prescribed were for the second-generation, atypical, drugs — clozapine, risperidone, olanzapine, and quetiapine. What’s more, none of these drugs are approved for treating adolescents or children. They were prescribed primarily for disruptive behavior disorders (37.8%)– ADHD, conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorder—none actual diseases; mood disorders (31.8%)—none actual diseases; 14.2% for psychotic disorders—none actual diseases, and pervasive developmental disorders or mental retardation (17.3%).

In a survey of antipsychotic drug use in youth (Science News, February 24, 2004, Vol. 140) 33%, developed a PD-like syndrome, while an eighth, treated for three months or more, developed tardive dyskinesias.

All antipsychotic/neuroleptic medications, old or new, typical or atypical are potent brain/body poisons. They should be used in psychotic, neurologically normal, children, for the shortest periods possible. Their long-term use is often justifiable in those who are severely to profoundly mentally subnormal, where necessary to keep them from harming themselves or others. They should never be used in neurologically normal children otherwise.

In general, the psychiatric drugging of millions of medically-, neurologically-normal children in this country, for unfounded, unscientific, claims of psychiatric “disorders”/”diseases”/ “chemical imbalances” is a monumental fraud and a national disgrace.


Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD
Fellow, American Academy of Neurology