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Information:  Several weeks ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid packaged a number of bills together and tried to get the bills passed as one package (The “Coburn” Omnibus Bill).  While the package of bills included some legislation that was positive, it also included The MOTHERS Act. As a mother who was prescribed antidepressants days after giving birth (because my three-day-old son required emergency medical treatment for a life-threatening choking incident and I was very upset by the incident, medical professionals, including my OBGYN, chose to consider my worry about my newborn Postpartum Anxiety — instead of a normal reaction of any new mother concerned about her son), and who was subsequently forced to continue these drugs while involuntarily held in a psychiatric ward, I understand the implications of this screening and “treatment” legislation better than any of its advocates. On the drugs I became suicidal and had thoughts of extreme violence I had never before experienced in my life. 

Please take a moment to do the following to protect mothers who will not be as fortunate as I was in realizing it was the drugs making me psychotic. You can see a video of my son below with the facts about antidepressants. 


Amy Philo

Founder, UNITE http://www.uniteforlife.org

Please take a moment to:

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The MOTHERS Act is a highly controversial bill, considering the growing public awareness that antidepressants have serious and even deadly side effects. This bill, if passed, will assuredly increase the number of pregnant women and new mothers being put on antidepressant drugs. There are already too many pregnant women being put on antidepressants evidenced by the FDA’s adverse reaction reports (MedWatch) listed below. This bill will assuredly increase the number of pregnant women and new mothers being prescribed antidepressants documented by the U.S. FDA to cause suicidal ideation, mania, worsening depression and birth defects. FDA’s MedWatch System (Adverse Drug Reactions) Already Has Overwhelming Evidence of Spontaneous Abortions, Premature Babies and Birth Defects from SSRI Antidepressants:

Doctors, other health care providers, pharmacists, lawyers and consumers filed the following adverse drug reaction reports with the FDA’s MedWatch system during 2004-2007 concerning pregnant women taking antidepressants (the most common and recommended treatment for women diagnosed with postpartum depression). In all the reports below, antidepressants were cited as the primary suspected drug to have caused the adverse reaction in pregnant women:

  • 145 spontaneous abortions
  • 150 premature babies
  • 208 babies born with heart disease
  • 218 babies born with defects

The FDA states that only 1-10% of side effects are even reported to their MedWatch database. Using a median range of 5% being reported, the actual number of pregnant women experiencing adverse reactions to antidepressant drugs is estimated as follows:

  • 2,900 spontaneous abortions
  • 3,000 premature births
  • 4,160 babies born with heart disease
  • 4,360 babies born with birth defects

The “Melanie Blocker-Stokes Postpartum Depression Research and Care Act,” also known as “The MOTHERS Act” was named after Melanie Stokes, a new mother who was subjected to a cocktail of psychiatric drugs and electroshock after being diagnosed with post-partum depression. It was only after she had been administered drugs documented by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to cause suicidal ideation that she committed suicideThere is too much controversy over antidepressants to pass any legislation that could increase the administration of these drugs to pregnant women and new mothers. Do not allow the pharmaceutical interests to put new mothers and their unborn children at risk. Do not pass the MOTHERS Act.



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Tom Coburn Urges Senate to Pass Child Protection Bill

Dr. Coburn Urges Senate Leaders to End Partisan Obstruction of Child Protection Legislation  (link to Dr. Coburn’s press release) 

September 15, 2008

( WASHINGTON , D.C. ) – U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK), a practicing physician, today called on Senate leaders to end their obstruction of S. 3344, the “Protecting Children from Pornography and Internet Exploitation Act,” after Oprah Winfrey featured a major provision of the bill on her television show today. 

“Those who watched Oprah’s broadcast today deserve to know that Senate leaders have repeatedly objected to passing critical child protection legislation for partisan, political purposes. Congress has a nine percent approval rating because politicians in Washington refuse to set common sense priorities, refuse to make rational budget decisions, and refuse to work across the aisle when that requires sharing credit with the other party during election season. Victims of these horrible crimes don’t care whether Democrats or Republicans get the credit for protecting children,” Dr. Coburn said. 

“Oprah’s viewers deserve to know that Senate leaders have twice objected to passage of the bill she supports. Senate leaders have insisted that S. 1738, authored by Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) and endorsed by Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), only pass if it is included in a package of unrelated bills that addresses less vital concerns such as the interstate commerce of non-human primates. When I proposed de-linking the causes of protecting children and chimpanzees, Senate leaders objected,” Dr. Coburn said. 

“Because of these objections, I introduced S. 3344, a comprehensive child exploitation bill that pairs S. 1738 with the Securing Adolescents from Exploitation-Online (SAFE) Act of 2007, a measure strongly supported by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children which passed the House by a margin of 409-2. The Democrat leadership objected, however, apparently because they didn’t want to give the SAFE Act’s Senate author, Senator John McCain (R-AZ), credit for passing a complimentary bill,” Dr. Coburn said. 

The SAFE Act would expand the requirements for electronic service providers (ESPs) to report online child pornography and help to root out people selling, trading, or displaying illegal pornographic images of children. (click here for NCMEC’s letter endorsing the SAFE Act) 

“Senates leaders also have not informed Oprah’s viewers, as well as victims of child pornography and their families, that they have zero intention of funding child protection legislation this year. Senate leaders, who are eager to leave Washington to campaign, have refused to do their job and have passed no appropriations bills this year. As a result, child protection legislation will receive no funding. The children who have been exploited by these crimes deserve real action, not false promises and empty Washington rhetoric,” Dr. Coburn said. 

“Sadly, victims of crime and their families have been down this road many times. For instance, Congress passed the Adam Walsh Act in 2006 and, despite promises to the Surviving Parents Coalition, including Ed and Elizabeth Smart, Congress has failed to appropriate any money to fund the act,” Dr. Coburn said. 

“Oprah’s viewers who want to support this noble cause should ask Senators to support S. 3344, a bill that includes the key provisions of S. 1738 as well as the SAFE Act. Viewers should then ask Congress to make tough choices and fund these vital programs with real money by spending less on special interest earmarks and other forms of wasteful Washington spending. Our economy is in trouble and our country is going bankrupt because politicians refuse to do what American families do every day and make tough choices between competing priorities,” Dr. Coburn said. 

“Finally, I’m concerned that Oprah’s program only highlighted one half of the solution – the half supported by the presidential ticket she has endorsed. While I support the right of celebrities to use their platforms to advance partisan goals, Oprah’s viewers deserve to know all of the facts. The American people have had enough of Washington ’s false promises and partisan rhetoric that fails to acknowledge that all Americans, both Democrat and Republican, want to do their best to protect our children from internet predators,” Dr. Coburn said.

Omnibus Coming Any Day As Reid Exploits Oprah And Children


Senator No is facing his toughest foe, Senator O

Posted: 09/15/08 08:07 PM [ET]

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), spurred on by activists and TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey, is planning round two against his nemesis: Tom Coburnaka“Senator No.”      

Reid’s office has sent word to Senate Democrats that it would like to bring the so-called Coburn omnibus bill to the floor soon, setting up a rematch with the conservative Oklahoma Republican who has often brought the Senate to gridlock.

Coburn won the last round, but this time Reid has Winfrey on his side. The daytime TV star, who draws 44 million viewers weekly, was not seen as much of a political activist until she threw her support behind Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama ( Ill. ).

Now Winfrey has squared off against Coburn, who has blocked S. 1738, the Combating Child Exploitation Act.

Winfrey asked her viewers Monday to call and write the Senate to demand their support for the legislation, sponsored by Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden ( Del. ).

Winfrey, herself a victim of sexual abuse, has asked viewers to sign and send a letter posted on her website calling for action on the bill.

Winfrey’s show is the top recipient of campaign advertisements after the leading news programs.

Coburn initially  blocked it because it would have authorized nearly a billion dollars over eight years to fund a law enforcement crackdown on child exploitation. Coburn has insisted that new government programs be offset with spending cuts, a budget-saving device Biden’s bill lacked.

Coburn now wants Biden’s revised proposal paired with Republican legislation that would give law enforcement greater access to the online records of suspected sexual predators.

He questioned Winfrey’s political objectivity.

“I’m concerned that Oprah’s program only highlighted one half of the solution – the half supported by the presidential ticket she has endorsed.  While I support the right of celebrities to use their platforms to advance partisan goals, Oprah’s viewers deserve to know all of the facts,” Coburn said in a statement.

Reid bundled the Biden bill with nearly 35 other bills that Coburn has used Senate rules to block into a package known as the Coburn omnibus.

Reid fell eight votes short of moving the package through the Senate in July. In a surprise, Reid’s aides have told fellow Democrats he will try again this week — a mere six weeks after Coburn successfully blocked it previously.

Coburn has threatened procedural tactics to block dozens of relatively non-controversial bills during the 110th Congress.

The strategy has proven effective because Democratic leaders are not willing to waste days of floor time filing motions to proceed and holding votes to cut off debate to pass bills that have little national name recognition but are nevertheless very important to smaller constituencies.

Reid decided to bundle these smaller bills into an omnibus package to marshal a broader coalition of support. That effort failed, however, in July, when Democrats, plagued by absences within their caucus, could not whip together enough votes to overcome Coburn’s opposition.

“Oprah’s viewers deserve to know that Senate leaders have twice objected to passage of the bill she supports.  Senate leaders have insisted … [the bill] only pass if it is included in a package of unrelated bills that addresses less vital concerns such as the interstate commerce of non-human primates,” Coburn said.

Winfrey’s high-profile support of the Biden bill, an important component of the Coburn omnibus, will bring more attention to legislation that has received little national attention.

This may explain why Reid is willing to confront Coburn again so soon. The Democratic leader still must contend with the absence of Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), who is recuperating from brain surgery. It also may be difficult to count on Obama and Biden since they are traveling around the country in the midst of an intense campaign.

“Just because Coburn stopped it once, we’re going to give up?” said Reid spokesman Jim Manley. “We’re going to get it passed.”

Manley said the Senate has a lot of work to complete before its planned adjournment on Sept. 26 and warned that it’s not certain whether the bill will come up this week or next.

Manley said he did not know how much help Winfrey would provide.

“It remains to be seen what kind of boost her support will provide the package,” he said.

Winfrey has broad public influence. Endorsements by Oprah’s Book Club, for example, routinely put authors on best-seller lists.

Some observers, however, have questioned whether Winfrey’s popularity has dropped because of her forays into politics. Her daytime audience reached a high of nearly 9 million in 2004 and 2005.

Winfrey said on her show Monday that her advocacy  had nothing to do with politics  and that the anti-child exploitation bill had bipartisan support.

Since Coburn’s initial objection, Biden has pared down the cost of his bill to $320 million over the next five years.

Coburn has dropped his objection to the cost but still questions the efficacy of a new program if Congress does not grant law enforcement officials greater access to Internet service provider records that would help them trace online child pornography.

A Democratic aide said he expected that Coburn would object to Biden’s bill if Democrats tried to move it without also giving police greater freedom to monitor Internet activity.

Coburn has introduced his own proposal that combines Biden’s bill with legislation sponsored by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) that would improve law enforcement’s access to online data. But Democrats balk at the overhaul because they say it could infringe on civil liberties.

Coburn also suspects they don’t want to support a bill that includes a major component drafted by McCain, the GOP presidential nominee.

Ben Nunnery contributed to this article.