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In a possible forthcoming bust of a suspected pedophile, Law Enforcement and CPS are actively investigating allegations of child abuse and suspected child pornography being marketed on YouTube under suspicious, inappropriate content involving lewd and suggestive role play with two girls who are featured in the ToyFreaks channel.

We believe that this could potentially be two unrelated children living with someone who may not be their real father, and have suspected the identity of one of the girls to possibly be the missing child Lisa Irwin of Kansas City, Missouri.

If you have any information on this case, please contact local Granite City, Kansas City or Federal law enforcement.

This law enforcement investigation came about, in part, as a result of my investigation into the ToyFreaks channel, and it was discovered based on the investigation of Voat, and anonymous 4chan researchers looking into Elsagate, that child pornography may be being traded publicly on YouTube.

For more information, see my article on Read, Wiped, and Blew:

More updates forthcoming.

-Amy James

Do not rely on the legal system to save you and do not donate to this website or any other site unless you really feel called

Occasionally, life gets in the way of managing this website. I suppose after several years I just ran out of things to say. There comes a point when you feel like you’ve done enough and you feel like giving up.

The past couple of years, I felt more like I wasn’t allowed to speak. But as blogs go, as of now, nobody can tell me what to say.

I spent the past couple of years working for a law firm that does pharmaceutical lawsuits. (Note, I am not an attorney) Thus, the majority of my time was spent being frustrated by what was happening to the clients. I used to think I wanted to do pharmaceutical law because that seemed like a great way to help the little guy get justice for what had happened to them at the hands of pharma. But I’ve come to realize there is no justice.

I was listening to the radio the other day and someone said that we need tort reform in this country, something I’ve always been opposed to. As someone who wants to help the plaintiff, in cases like pharma cases or medical malpractice, that seemed like a bad idea. I am tired of doctors and drug companies getting away with murder.

But the radio host was surely coming from a conservative standpoint that stands behind the “medical industry” for some unknown reason. He said that the only thing that really happens is that big law firms make their living on the backs of the big pharmaceutical companies.

What I’ve begun to realize is that the entire economy is about business and not about people. People slave away for wages that don’t support their families, and the people are divided into groups of people that basically go something like this: everything I have, I worked for, I deserve and I am entitled to; and everything I don’t have, I should have, and should be entitled to. Neither group is right.

Tort reform, like a pseudo-immunity for doctors and drug companies, is a very bad idea. The fear of a lawsuit is probably 90% of the disincentive doctors have against carelessly engaging in practices they might otherwise condone. I’m reminded of a statement by my OBGYN when I explained my stance against a specific hospital that expressed a desire to circumcise my newborn. “If they do that without your consent, that’s assault.”

This brings me to the point of this post. A psychiatric drug can be an assault on an unwitting patient. Consent is required, and that consent needs to be informed consent. Are there any people out there who would willingly take a psychiatric drug if given the information that a psychiatric drug may kill you, kill your child, or cause your child to be born with birth defects? No. I don’t think you’ll find anyone who would do that willingly.

Do drug companies need to be held accountable for assaulting their victims? Absolutely. Will they? Not a chance.

The radio host I mentioned earlier was correct – the big law firms (both plaintiff firms and defense) make a killing on the backs of the big pharmaceutical companies. But the people who deserve the compensation are not the big law firms. The people who deserve the compensation are the victims. Are they getting this? I do not think so. Will they ever get it? I highly doubt it.

Why do we continue blindly supporting a government that does absolutely nothing but enable the drug companies to continue poisoning the people? Why do we get so caught up in left vs. right instead of We the People versus those who intend to do us harm?

There are basically two choices in medical care – listen to your doctor and keep taking every pill he gives you, or educate yourself and prevent massive harm to your family. I’m not saying that doctors don’t earn their degrees and they don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m saying that the majority of new drugs are there for profit and not to help you. You may need to take some of them, you may even be better off for doing so, but too many of the people I talked to over the past few years weren’t awake to what was going on with them. For the most part, people are clueless about how to get off of psychiatric drugs, and that they need to get off of them, and this applies to many of the other unnecessary drugs in their lives as well. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who were on so many pills that they could barely hold a conversation.

The legal system is supposedly there to help you when something goes wrong, but there are no guarantees. The compensation you get when your baby dies and it was caused by a drug may never come, and if it does, it could be meaningless and pitiful. But I can’t think of a price that would compensate someone for their lost loved one.


It makes me absolutely sick to see people I know well who have dedicated decades of their lives to exposing the pharmaceutical companies being sold out by people who have no idea what they are doing. I’ve solicited donations on this site but hardly ever received them. The entirety of the support that has gone into this website has come from one of several people – either myself, my ex-husband, my parents, or a couple of the donors who are actually victims who want to see this work continue.

I’d love to be able to go back to the times when I had endless days to blog and attack misinformation online, but that’s not likely. At best, perhaps one day, I’ll figure out a way to create a better website, one that is searchable, that functions like I want it to, and enables the information that is on the site to be more accessible.

I just want to make it very clear right now, that this website does not exist to solicit donations. It doesn’t even exist because of your donations. I’ll continue publishing in the future as time allows on a free blog website if I have to, no matter what.

I do not think anyone should donate to any website or cause unless you are personally acquainted with its owner and you know the money is going to something good. Do not donate to a website where the person who runs it charges $1500 a page for expert testimony. They do not need the money. You’re better off sharing the link than giving them money. Keep your money for your own family or go donate to a food bank.

My computer is dying, and I have to get back to my family but since this is my blog, I get to ramble if I want. That is all I have to say for right now. L8R.




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Mental Health of Mothers Creates Possible Market for Child Trafficking

If you are a human being and not a heartless, corrupt, evil, kidnapping Satanist, you will want to read this post. Trigger warning. The following post is uncomfortable and triggering for victims of trauma, abuse, and child sexual abuse.

Before I get into this topic, a little introduction is needed. In case you have been living under a rock, the awareness of child kidnapping, child trafficking and pedophilia, sex slavery and organ trafficking has reached an all-time high. I appeared on Evelyn Pringle’s radio program, Focus on the Facts, no less than three times in the past few months to discuss this scandal (child trafficking, child pornography, Wikileaks, The Podesta Emails, Spirit Cooking – yes Spirit Cooking – Satanism, child abuse, missing kids, The Clinton Foundation). Unsurprisingly but quite spookily, during one of our programs, the phone lines got cut off and the radio show went silent after mentioning The Clinton Foundation. Someone intentionally (obviously) severed the internet connection for the radio station for the remainder of the day.

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes today when someone added this post to the Voat message boards regarding Mental Health of Mothers becoming a target of the government for removing babies from families. It should be an obvious risk to anyone who reads this blog, and yet I must reiterate it to you because I feel too many people are totally complacent.

This is what Evelyn, myself, and numerous of you who are subscribers to our newsgroups and YouTube channels have been saying without getting quite as explicit into the mental health related aspects of this for a very long time, but there are enough connections and there is enough evidence to make the following explicit statement:

Do not, under any circumstances, admit that you are depressed, to your doctor, to your friends or neighbors. Do not show weakness. There is nobody that you can trust, short of perhaps, your spouse, or your parents, but depending upon what your family is like, not even then, unfortunately. Spouses who cannot keep their mouths shut have been known to get CPS called simply by telling friends, neighbors or CPS that their spouse was abusive. In response, unfortunately it seems that all CPS needs to do is accuse the mother of mental illness and the kids are suddenly at risk of being removed. And what happens to these kids? The Foster Care System is 100% risky and the worst thing that can happen is that your children die! I am dead serious. Kids go missing, and nobody finds them. Kids get raped, and nobody stops the rapist. And there are very powerful people who are involved in this. Recently there have been at least approaching 2000 arrests in the U.S. and Canada since January 20 involving pedophilia busts. Too many of these to mention involved rescuing children from Foster Care. Too many of those arrested were involved in the government, they were doctors, teachers, foster parents, or other people in positions of authority.

CPS, or as I refer to them, Child Procurement Services, is compromised. I will not state that every CPS worker is compromised. But it is unprecedented for me to say something like this on my website because it is not a mainstream idea to say so. Medical Kidnap and other sites have said this in the past, but I am finally going to generalize here.

I will back up. During law school I wrote a paper for my Civil Rights Litigation course on The MOTHERS Act. After asserting in this paper that the mental health screening involved in the New Jersey legislation (mandatory screening of all mothers) is a violation of our fourth amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures, I got an A on this paper. I’m not going to post the paper here (boring). All but one of my classmates voted to approve my position and sided with my argument in a mock Supreme Court case brief presentation. The one who did not is a CPS apologist and does not seem to see the risk at all.

The entire child trafficking / human trafficking issue is so widespread it is difficult to even comprehend.

Laura Silsby is a convicted kidnapper. She was caught trafficking 33 children from Haiti while trying to take them to the Dominican Republic. The Clintons eventually got her out of jail in Haiti and she is now living in the US working for AlertSense. AlertSense works with our government to run the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as well as Amber Alert systems. Their website depicts a creepy hand reaching out as though it is about to grab someone. There is masonic imagery on this site as well. Nobody has answered the question of why AlertSense has blocked myself, or numerous other researchers for asking the question on Twitter of WHY on earth they are employing a convicted kidnapper at their company. She is the VP of Marketing or some stupid c### like that.

Please read the following thread on Voat and take the most important pill I’m going to recommend on this blog. The red one.

Please return to this article in the future as I am planning to launch a separate website to address this issue and I will need your help to spread the word. – Amy James

Child kidnap: Is government fabricating mental health records of new mothers to justify removal of children? British MP Tim “This council actively seeks opportunities to remove babies from mothers” (pizzagate)

submitted 12 hours ago by Benkitchen105

Is the government preying on the mental health of vulnerable new mothers to justify the removal of the child into care? British MP Tim Yeo says “This council actively seeks opportunities to remove babies from their mothers”.

British MP concerns on government social services effectively child kidnapping, see link

Social workers who forced a couple to give up their 11-week-old baby for adoption have been accused of ‘child kidnap’ by an MP. Staff waited until the girl’s father was out before launching a raid with police at the family home to ‘snatch the baby from the arms of her mother’. Tory MP Tim Yeo used Parliamentary privilege to make the allegations in the Commons, saying Suffolk County Council had declared the couple to be unfit parents despite having no evidence of physical or emotional abuse.

Potential Disney involvement harvesting mental health data? Disney have access to sensitive information that could be used against parents.

Bounty, a private promotions company formally owned by Kaboose and bought out by Disney, pays £2.3 million to hospitals across the UK. In return, its sales reps are allowed immediate access to maternity wards within a few hours of childbirth, to distribute promotional baby bags full of samples and discount vouchers.

Bounty also record personal details of the mom and child including taking several photographs of the child. After harvesting the personal details of new mothers, which importantly include details of any mental health issues such as post natal depression and anxiety, Bounty then sells them onto interested commercial partners and third parties.

Who are these third parties? Could this information file shared by government agencies, such as social services who have been alleged to provide babies for the elite to order, as alleged by Carol Woods? See whistleblower Carol Woods on falsifying reports against suspected vulnerable parents to ensure babies are taken into social care.

Any excuse for removal?

Depression two years prior, baby taken into social care

NHS hospital staff raise concerns over parents discussing the benefits of formula milk: One week old baby taken into social care

Fundraiser: Body Butter!

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I have eczema on my hands and I could not find anything to help it. It lasted several months and became cracked and bled. My hands got infected and the itchy rash spread down to my wrists. I tried ointments, lotions, creams, antibiotic ointment, bandaids, washing in reverse osmosis water, and nothing helped. Then I gave up and tried essential oils. Those only made it worse. A kind clerk at Whole Foods suggested perhaps I am allergic to fragrances. So I tried plain coconut oil for one month. That helped it finally start to heal but then it reached its limit and the itching and cracked skin began to come back. I found this recipe online and tried it out. My hands are smooth now, and as long as I use this after I wash my hands, it stays at bay.

The ingredients are all natural: organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, olive oil, and beeswax. I will be trying out other natural combos in the future but for now, I have 12 of these ready to go, so order them quickly, if you have skin and like it to be soft! =) Also, the jars are really cool looking and you can reuse them when you’re done with the butter.

Another PPD Senate Bill with a New Victim

Here is a heads up that Congress is considering further funding additional new organizations to promote medication to pregnant and new moms. This bill proposes $5 million in funding per year through 2020 ($25 million if you’re bad at math).

In order to self-promote their organization, Postpartum Support International and Postpartum Progress are going on vacay and having a walk on June 18 in Utah. What a nice way to get out of the Atlanta heat… I hear Utah is nice in June what with the antidepressants and the new generation of atypical antipsychotics and all of the psychiatric proselytizing. Jenny Hatch, Christian Delahunty, Ann Blake Tracy, anyone else in Utah care to sign up to support their cause by giving them a giant thumbs up for drugs? Didn’t think so…

As if passing the weakened MOTHERS Act through Obamacare was not bad enough… we now have S 2311 and HB 3235 which are designed to fund programs to flat out increase the number of women being screened and treated for “perinatal mood disorders.” Literally, they took the objections we passed onto the HELP Committee and straight up wrote those objections into positive statements and proposed them as new laws. You don’t like that we want to increase the number of moms taking meds? Well how about we just go for 90% this time instead. No, bully… how about no.

The bill claims that 90 percent of women with PPD or perinatal mood disorders (during pregnancy and beyond) benefit from a combination of medication and counseling. Translation: 90% of mothers who are diagnosed through our EPDS, triple-the-number-of-women-diagnosed screening methods will need to be placed on meds per a government law to screen them and diagnose them with some doctor they have on the other side of a FaceTime screen in the OBGYN’s office. This is a blatant lie!!!

Medication is not effective for perinatal mood disorders! Not one of them has been approved for pregnant and postpartum women by the FDA and these uses are off label. This is otherwise known as FRAUD, and if this gets funded into Medicaid you will have another whistleblower lawsuit on your hands, Pharma…

To market them as such is illegal, which is why Postpartum Support International’s little friends have to try to pass a shady awareness campaign law to get it done. As if working for GSK’s marketing ghostwriting firm doesn’t get you far enough, when you move past that and into the revolving door of pharma front groups you can do all the off label marketing you want through the magic of nonprofit activism!

It is well established that antidepressants show no benefit over a placebo and when all the studies conducted are included, they actually have a negative effect. The side effects include suicide, which the namesake of this bill fell victim to after her psychiatric treatment started.

The namesake of this bill (Not Melanie Stokes this time) died after being hospitalized in a psychiatric ward and treated for postpartum mood disorders and PTSD. Postpartum Progress is organizing a fundraiser in Utah near the home of this psych victim… I guess they don’t have enough money for their organizations yet. This bill also includes remote psychiatric consults (dial a doc) as well as some interesting text and congressional findings.


“Congress finds as follows:

(1) Depression is a medical, physiologic illness, and not a sign of weakness or poor parenting.

(2) Maternal depression includes major and minor depressive episodes that occur during pregnancy or in the first 12 months after delivery.

(3) An estimated 9 to 16 percent of new mothers experience postpartum depression.

(4) Every year, more than 400,000 infants are born to mothers who have depression, which makes perinatal depression the most underdiagnosed obstetric complication in the United States.

(5) The consequences of maternal depression include poor bonding between mother and infant, which may have negative effects on cognitive development, social-emotional development, and behavior of the child

(6) Maternal suicide exceeds hemorrhage and hypertensive disorders as a cause of maternal mortality.

(7) About 90 percent of women who have maternal depression can be treated successfully with a combination of medication and counseling.

(8) States and professional organizations are taking the lead in addressing this problem, through public awareness campaigns, resource collection, and even promoting phone consultations.

(9) Congress should provide resources to support State teams, and help them find innovative solutions to this problem.”

Before I go on much further, take a look at the text of the bill on and see for yourself.

Young Living Oils Fundraiser

As anyone who has followed my blog for any amount of time will attest, I have spent all of my own money on website fees or had work on websites donated, and I have donated all of my time. I am currently in fundraising mode trying to raise the money for website renewal fees this year.

I also recently signed up with Young Living Essential Oils. I love these oils and I joined mainly because I wanted them for my family (apparently I’m not allowed to say what I use them for, thank you so much FDA…). If you’re into oils and were on your way to look for the link to sign up, this would be a great way for you to help out our organization when you sign up. Here it is: Please email me if you need help. My new email address is