Howard K. Stern and Two Psychiatrists Charged With Conspiracy in Death of Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith’s lover, Howard K. Stern, charged in ex-Playboy playmate’s fatal overdose

Friday, March 13th 2009, 3:11 PM


Anna Nicole Smith relaxed on the deck of boat off the Island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

Anna Nicole Smith‘s boyfriend Howard K. Stern and two psychiatrists supplied the former Playboy playmate with excessive amounts of drugs before she died of an accidental overdose two years ago, authorities said Thursday.

The 40-year-old Stern, Sandeep Kapoor, 40, and Khristine Eroshevich, 61, were hit with felony counts of conspiracy, obtaining fraudulent prescriptions and unlawfully prescribing a controlled substance.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown said they “furnished thousands of prescription pills to Ms. Smith, including opiates, benzodiazepines, and other controlled and noncontrolled substances, often for no legitimate medical purpose.

“There is ample evidence that Dr. Eroshevich and Dr. Kapoor violated their ethical obligations as physicians, while Mr. Stern funneled highly addictive drugs to Ms. Smith,” Brown said.

The doctors falsified prescriptions for Smith and were guilty of “obtaining, delivering and administering these prescription drugs,” he said.

Kapoor prescribed methadone, lorazepam and Xanax for Smith in 2006 when she was months pregnant with daughter Dannielynn, according to the complaint.

The prescription was made out to “Michelle Smith,” an alias Smith was known to use.

Stern also asked a Los Angeles pharmacy to ship methadone to the Bahamas in the name “Vicki Marshall,” which was intended for Smith, the complaint states.

Dannielynn was born on Sept. 7 in the Bahamas.

Eroshevich’s lawyer, Adam Braun, acknowledged his client used fictitious names for some of the prescriptions he wrote for Smith, but only for privacy reasons.

“It was not to deceive anyone,” he said.

Attorneys for Stern and Kapoor couldn’t be reached for comment.

Smith was found unresponsive at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Fla., on Feb. 8, 2007, and subsequently died of what an autopsy ruled was an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. She was 39.

Eleven medications found in her hotel room were prescribed by Eroshevich – eight in Stern’s name, two to someone named Alex Katz and one to Eroshevich herself.

Among them were the sedative chloral hydrate that became increasingly lethal when combined with other prescription drugs in Smith’s system – 4 benzodiazepines: Klonopin (Clonazepam), Ativan (Lorazepam), Serax (Oxazepam), and Valium (Diazepam), the complaint said.

She also had taken Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) and Topamax (Toprimate), an anticonvulsant, which likely contributed to the sedative effect of chloral hydrate and the benzodiazepines.

More than 600 pills – including about 450 muscle relaxants – were missing from the prescriptions that were no more than five weeks old.

None of the drugs was prescribed in Smith’s name.

Six months earlier, Smith’s 20-year-old son, Daniel, collapsed and died in her Bahama hospital room while visiting his mother and newborn sister.

An autopsy found he died of a lethal combination of Zoloft, Lexapro and methadone.

The complaint said Stern hit the two doctors up for drugs the day after Daniel’s death and eventually asked Eroshevich “to bring excessive quantities of controlled substances” to Smith.

Eroshevich continued writing prescriptions intended for Smith all the way through Jan. 26, 2007, two weeks before Smith’s death, the complaint said.

Prosecutors have recommended bail of $20,000 each.

No arraignment date has been set.

Atlanta Paper Uncovers Preventable Deaths in Psych Incarceration Units

This Was Sent Out in: The Big Muddy River Newsletter

08/27/2008   “When in doubt, tell the truth.”  Mark Twain, 1835-1910

…more Americans have died in psychiatric institutions than American soldiers killed in battle in all the wars since 1776-including World Wars I and II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf Wars and Iraq War.

Missouri is not the only state with massive abuse in its state psychiatric institutions. Fraud and abuse is endemic to the psychiatric mental healthindustry. What are you going to do about it? Get the facts! Fight back!

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Exposed 115 Suspicious Patient Deaths in Psychiatric Wards

Physical Abuse, Massive Drugging and Medical Neglect Among Common Abuses

In the early morning of February 13, 2006, 14-year-old Sarah Crider, on a cocktail of psychiatric drugs, died alone at the Georgia Regional psychiatric hospital, lying in a pool of her own vomit. Her horrific and preventable death was exposed in an investigation by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), described in a January 7, 2007 article, which uncovered at least 115 suspicious patient deaths in Georgia’s state psychiatric hospitals between 2002-2006, involving patients choking on food, lack of proper medical care, suicide,physical restraint and other unnatural causes.

The AJC article reported that the findings—“employees beating patients with aluminum pipes to doctors widely prescribing sedatives just to maintain order-evoke images [of horrific psychiatric treatment] from the mid-20th century….” According to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) a mental health watchdog, in just 4 decades, more Americans have died in psychiatric institutions than American soldiers killed in battle in all the wars since 1776-including World Wars I and II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf Wars and Iraq War.

A testament to the barbaric conditions still found in psychiatric facilities today, the AJC reported that at the end of her last visit to Sarah at the hospital, Sarah’s grandmother “heard a loud, prolonged scream from behind the locked door to Sarah’s unit. A hospital employee explained that a patient was being restrained.” According to Dr. Bernard Aarons, former director of the Center for Mental Health Services, restraint deaths by mental health staff could result in as much as 150 deaths a year.

Due to exposure of these needless and tragic abuses, federal regulations in the United States now prohibit the use of physical and chemical restraints to coerce or discipline psychiatric patients. However, with government-funded psychiatric institutions lacking independent oversight, deaths, rapes and abuses occurring in the facilities routinely go uninvestigated and unpunished.

For more information on child deaths resulting from psychiatric “treatment,” read The Silent Death of America’s Children, a publication by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, or click here to learn more about violent and lethal restraints in psychiatric facilities.

Public Service Announcement

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