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Jenny Hatch: Introduction with a challenge

Amy Philo invited me to be a blogger at The Bitter Pill this week and I am so grateful to have another forum to share my thoughts with yet another audience.

I have strong objections to the direction we are headed as a world with our dependence on drugs and surgery.

My life experiences have taught me that Natural Mothering and Natural Family Living are where families can find real joy, prosperity, and health.

I thought I would use this post to share a link to another place on the web where parents can go to find good information and help as they wean from the medical profession.

The main focus of my writings these past few years have been to focus on PREVENTION of post partum emotional illness.  To that end I have written extensively on nutrition, natural birth, and have freely shared my story and my experiences in books, videos, and my blog

My sites have been hacked numerous times, I have been intimidated and threatened in chat rooms and in various settings, and sometimes wonder if I am putting myself and my children in danger of being snuffed out by a powerful group of people who do not like what I have to say.  I guess the only thing I would like to say about the reality of ugly, murderous thugs, who feel they can intimidate and rob me of my free speech is that I will not live in fear.  I refuse to lose any sleep worrying about Big Pharma bullies.

There is a war on wether you the reader know it or not.  A war for the hearts and minds of our families.  I will continue to speak my truth and share my stories and be politically active, because if we don’t expose the agendas, conspiracies, and goals of the death merchants, our children and grandchildren will be so drugged and doped and disabled they won’t be able to function as normal human beings.

If you are a mother who has experienced birth rape and trauma when your children are being born, I would challenge you to look closely at your lifestyle and see what changes could be made in your home.  You have far more power than you realize to grasp your sovereignty as a woman and live an empowered life.

I have researched post partum emotional illness for many years and the biggest bang for your buck comes with the Aryuvedic Mother/Baby program.  Many of the principles of this protocol can be implemented with very little outlay of cash on the part of the family.  The biggest issue is getting educated about what the true needs of a new mother are and then you and your family can work diligently to set up a scenario where these realities are honored and that sacred window of healing is opened.  Ysha Oakes is the pioneer in this field.  She took care of me after the birth of my fourth child and she trained my doula Amy Thompson who is pictured below and took care of me for weeks after the birth of my fifth child.  Nurturing massage and easy to digest foods carefully rebuild the new mother on every level of her being.

I would challenge anyone reading this post to look into it and spend some quality time thinking about simple changes that could be made in your daily life to help you heal naturally without the toxic side effects of drugs, electroshock, separation from your children in a mental hospital, and/or useless talk therapy which stirs the pot but does absolutely nothing to heal a womans sleep deprived or birth traumetized body. 

Jenny Hatch

Jenny and Ben with my two massage therapists, Amy and Wendy

Jenny and Ben with my two massage therapists, Amy and Wendy

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Matthew Schultz killed by Effexor. Two hours old.

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