Dan Jenski – ADDicted

Kickstarter is a website for artists to use to raise money and complete awesome projects. The best thing to come to the informed consent movement since Thomas Szasz could just be the new, upcoming film by Dan Jenski, “ADDicted” which basically gives Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta and the like a great big gigantic middle finger. Dan is a friend of mine and I see huge potential in his work. I’m thinking Oscar. The short film version of ADDicted has made it into film festivals all across the country and now Dan and his co-producer Aaron Bickes need to raise enough money to be able to create the feature length film.

With fewer and fewer days left in this important campaign, you can make a difference today for future generations of children, high school, college, and graduate students BEFORE their moms, teachers, dads and doctors get a chance to diagnose them with some kind of problem leading to the use of risky and damaging, potentially fatal stimulants. This project needs donations. Please help us spread the word.

Check it out at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/libproductions/addicted-feature-film?ref=live

Also read what award-winning writer Kelly O’Meara has to say about it here:


Prescription Addiction Radio helping to Break the Silence

Posted by Maria Mangicaro

Clearwater, FL:  At four separate locations across the state of Florida Third Annual Candlelight Vigil in Memory of Gabriel Myers and the Right to Informed Consent took place last night. The vigil honors the memory of 7-year-old Gabriel Myers who apparently committed suicide by hanging himself in the residence of his foster parents while on several psychiatric medications.  Hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Young and the Citizens Commission of Human Rights of Florida, hundreds of participants attended the Clearwater vigil.

While there are many controversial issues that created divided mental health advocacy agendas, the issue of the overuse of psychiatric medications is one in need of a unified alliance.

Concerned child advocates in Florida have a watchful eye on the bill proposed by Florida State Senator Ronda Storms.   SB 1808: Provision of Psychotropic Medication to Children in Out-of-home Placements, is working its way through the state legislature and if passed would help protect children in foster care from being placed on harmful psychotropic medications.  The bill would place tighter controls on the DCF making it so a compelling state interest must be shown before a child is medicated.

States are required under the Child and Family Services Improvement and Innovations Act of 2011 to amend their Title IV-B state plan to identify appropriate use and monitoring of psychotropic medications, as part of the state’s current oversight of prescription medications.  (Social Security Act Sections 422 (b)(15)(A)(ii)and (v).

Among the powerful speeches at the vigil, Walter Kowalczyk Jr. gave a heartbreaking testimony regarding the harmful ADHD medications prescribed to his son Tyler.  The ADHD medications induced sudden cardiac arrest and Tyler passed away on Christmas night, 2010.

In an effort to  help others to make informed decision when choosing ADHD medications, Walter founded the Tyler Kowalczyk Foundation.  The Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group whose mission is to provide good information to the public about the dangers of the use of stimulant ADHD medication and the misdiagnosis of the disorder.

You can learn more about the Tyler Kowalczyk Foundation at:  www.ADHDecide.org

Prescription Addiction Radio Show host,  Larry G, attended the vigil and introduced me to the show which airs every  Sunday Night from 9 – 11 PM EST


As a registered pharmacist for over 30 years, Larry is Breaking the Silence about the quiet epidemic affecting our country.

“The Prescription Addiction Radio Show is a challenge to America to discuss the culture in our country that has evolved into accepting the silent epidemic that has created a growing number of people who cannot get through their day without an addictive or psychologically mind altering drug. The show also addresses the increasing number of drugs children are being given and has developed into a unique radio show for all ages.”  

Walter read this beautiful poem last night.  Holding back the tears was pretty tough for everyone in the crowd.

    One Step Closer      

By:  Walter Kowalczyk Jr.


I spent some time thinking about some of the things we shared,        

Reminiscing about stuff, I  almost could feel you there,        

I picked up your shirt and held it close n wept,        

I went and laid in your old bed where you slept,        

I kissed a picture of you and started to cry,        

Puzzled at why you are gone, I can’t understand why,        

I listened to song, I had not heard in so long,       

I knew you would like it, and try to sing along,        

I wish I can share everything with you like before,        

I wish I buy you everything at one of your favorite stores,        

As the tears drop, and my world is continuing to fall,        

I know in my heart that you were the meaning of it all,        

I feel like I let you down, I wish I could have known,        

I am very sorry that I let that poison in our home,        

I love you Tyler, it’s getting late,        

With your death and our fight I have a lot on my plate,        

Daddy is going to stay busy, but you will always be near,        

I am the one driving the road of life but I’ll let you steer,        

Whisper to me gently in every breeze of air        

Touch me with your light and let me know you’re there,        

God blesses us sometimes in ways we can’t reason,        

We cannot desert him, for that would be treason,        

He is our father, our protector, our guide,        

Sit back, hold on tight, cuz its going to be a bumpy ride,        

You got to skip, all this tough stuff, warped ahead        

You got to go right to the end of the game instead,        

YOU WIN! High score! You are number one!        

You are not only mine, but you are also Jesus’ son,        

He will watch over you, until I get there,        

Tyler and Dad in heaven, nothing could compare!        

We can play all day everyday now,        

You won’t need school u know everything anyhow,        

I won’t waste time with the things I did,        

No time for anything else, just me and my kid,        

Does that sound good? Do we have a date?        

Cuz I am looking forward and I simply cannot wait!        

So I am going to sleep now to dream of you and me,        

Playing in heaven, being just as happy as we can be,        

When I wake up I will be one step closer,        

For  Heaven awaits me, when this world has closure,        

Good night Tyler Kowalczyk, a.k.a. Tyler the Great!        

Until we meet for our eternal heavenly play date..-Dad

Please visit www.tyler-k.com where you will find: a biography, pictures, movies, all of the artwork he did over the years, home videos, sound clips he recorded on his Dsi that he got for his last Christmas, and got to play with on his last day on earth, a memorial musical slideshow, a place to light a tribute candle, poems written about Tyler after he left this world, a memorial shop for you to order Tyler merch, and links and information about what happened to Tyler and what you can do to make sure it never happens to your child.

Petition for: National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to hold followup ADHD Consensus Conference in 2013

Posted by Maria Mangicaro
Psychologist Dr. Michael Gilbert has started a petition at www.change.org

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): Hold ADHD Consensus Conference in 2013: A follow-up to 1998 Conference.

Click here to sign the petition.

Created By Michael Gilbert PsyD Syracuse, NY

Why This Is Important

It is essential that ADHD is revisited by an objective panel with an honest review of the SCIENCE and not clouded by FIANCIAL, POLITICAL, OR SPECIAL INTERESTS  in order to examine the following:

1. do we have scientific evidence to support the validity of disorder

2. what is the long-term efficacy and satety of medications

3. what alternative factors (e.g., trauma, toxins, ineffective parenting/educational approaches, temperament) contribute to the development of ADHD behaviors

4. what non-medication approaches are available that safe and effective for improving social-emotional/behavioral wellness, including ADHD behavior (inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivitiy).

5. should ADHD remain under OHI of IDEA in educational system or is there a better way to meet children’s educational needs.

Youtube Credits:  Uploaded by   on Mar 25, 2006

If Pharma Made Trikes – “Buyer Beware”

After 10 injuries were reported, a 2010 recall of over 7 million trikes manufactured by Fisher Price took place.  It seems as if some manufacturers have come a long way and child safety standards are a top priority.  For the pharmaceutical industry, should we continue to accept “buyer beware” as the standard?

By Maria Mangicaro

Dr. David Healy’s recent post, “If Pharma Made Cars“,  crafts several very clever analogies regarding mandatory compliance of consumer safety regulations imposed on the auto and airline industries, as compared with the safety expectations of products manufactured by the tobacco and the pharmaceutical industries. [1]

Healy’s points are well made and by further exploring various concepts of consumer protection,  his analogies become much more multi-faceted for mental health consumers, advocates and lawmakers to consider.

By far, the U.S. is the global leader in the consumer protection movement.  The Consumer Bill of Rights includes eight specific guarantees:  the right to satisfaction of basic needs, the right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose, the right to be heard, the right to redress, the right to consumer education, and the right to a healthy environment. [2]

U.S. consumers are protected against deceptive business practices by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  The FTC acts to protect consumers, prevent fraud and maintain competition in the marketplace.  The FTC vision is stated as:

“A U.S. economy characterized by vigorous competition among producers and consumer access to accurate information, yielding high-quality products at low prices and encouraging efficiency, innovation, and consumer choice.“[3]

The characteristics of the mental health care system deprive many individuals of this “vision” and consumerism, which in some cases is forced, is concentrated on the purchases of psychiatric services and pharmaceutical products.

 A recent resolution introduced in the Illinois House of Representatives by Rep. Mary Flowers (D-Chicago), calling for the establishment of a “Task Force on Mental Diagnosis and Illinois Law“, may help break apart psychiatry’s “monopoly of the mental illness epidemic“.   Click here to read more.

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Ablechild – Unsung Hero in Battle Against Psychopharmaceutical Industry

Evelyn Pringle

The founders of Ablechild, Patricia Weathers and Sheila Matthews, have earned the title of “Unsung Heroes,” as both pioneers and warriors for over a decade, in the battle to protect children from the Psychopharmaceutical Industry.

Ablechild (Parents for A Label and Drug-Free Education), is a national non-profit founded in 2001, by these two mothers who each had personal experiences with being coerced by the public school system to label and drug their children for ADHD. Patty and Sheila went from being victims to become national advocates for the fundamental rights of all parents and children in the US.

Now with thousands of members, Ablechild acts as an independent advocate on behalf of parents whose children have been subjected to mental health screening and psychiatric labeling and drugging, and as a proponent for children in foster care who are improperly treated with psychotropic drugs, many times off-label, without informed consent.

Long Battle Against Coerced Drugging

Roughly eight years ago, on September 26, 2002, then Chairman the US House Government Reform Committee, Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN), held a hearing on the “Overmedication of Hyperactive Children,” prompted by a series in the New York Post.

“It’s estimated that 4 to 6 million children in the United States take Ritalin every single day,” Burton said in his opening statement. He pointed out that Ritalin was a Schedule II stimulant under the Federal Controlled Substances Act, that research showed it was a more potent transport inhibitor than cocaine, and use in the US had increased over a 500% since 1990. The Schedule II category also includes drugs such as cocaine, morphine, and Oxycontin.

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Relentless and Tragic Marketing: Psychiatric Drugs from Before the Cradle to the Grave

by John Breeding, PhD and Amy Philo

Working with others, we strive to alleviate distress and to support and enhance the personal growth, transformation, individuation, self-determination, and clear and expanded awareness of individuals. Necessity dictates that we also spend a lot of time challenging aspects of the mental health profession that do the opposite—creating more distress, suppressing growth and transformation, violating self-determination, and dulling and blinding awareness. We call it psychiatric oppression, the systematic, institutionalized mistreatment of those judged as “mentally ill.” This essay focuses especially on the ever expanding encroachment of psychiatric oppression to more and more of the population, and to individuals who are less and less in need of actual help. This encroachment takes the form of mass marketing for psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry. One key aspect of oppression theory is the claim to virtue. For psychiatric oppression that claim is the notion that mentally ill people need their treatment; its growing extension is the concept of prevention, that potentially mentally ill people need treatment as well!

The Regressive Progression: Treatment to Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.” Like all great aphorisms, this one, often associated with Ben Franklin, holds wisdom and is partly true, based on assumption. In this case, one must assume the role of victim of unnecessary malady that necessitates a cure…and that there is a felt connection or empathic relatedness to the one who suffers malady. Where these assumptions are not met, the aphorism is false. To wit, for the giant corporation of Halliburton and its government and military operations group, or for the mercenary army of Blackwater, going to war is worth a great deal more than diplomacy.

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