Fake “Vitamin D,” Fake “Folic Acid” and Prenatals: How Common Vitamins May Do More Harm Than Good

I’ve come across some really bad news regarding supplements I once thought were great, and as a result, I’ve stopped taking all of them. I’m now focusing on how I can get what God intended for us to get from food or organic herbs. Here is a Facebook post I decided to make public, because it includes all the links (well most of them) and you can just find me there and comment, and we can share more info over there. Be sure and scroll through all the comments for the stuff on “Vitamin D” (fake) near the end. https://www.facebook.com/aimeejamey/posts/10157331342659247

[Edit: Facebook is shadowbanning this content. I clicked on the link and it’s still an active, public post. However, Facebook has locked me out of my account, so here are some more links, just in case this ever does get removed. Facebook locked me out and is trying to make it look as though my vitamin post is gone but it’s not.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnDBaeEUKSo https://thepeopleschemist.com/stinky-sulfur-award-unapproved-drug-disguised-vitamin/?fbclid=IwAR1fo5K3uzV0tgrx_Y3yCx4LH7Jx02EYi2YeJ4m_cR0MOoCrct8tP4Pyh28


Unfortunately, an industry that can be our friend can also be our foe. Some people who choose to trust the government to oversee the supplement industry might be surprised to know that the dietary supplement industry is actually not regulated and there is no oversight, simply because natural products don’t fall under the government’s jurisdiction, only drugs do. The legal definition of a drug in the U.S. affects how supplements are defined, in addition to affecting the regulation of patented substances. So while you can’t necessarily believe the claims being made (not that I would believe anything from Pharma) that doesn’t mean that the dietary supplement industry is all bad. However, disturbingly, the vast majority of product on the market is actually in a tablet or a capsule form. And some of it isn’t as natural as is being claimed. You have to ask, if all I need can be concentrated into a little pill, is it going to do what it says? Is there anything in there that isn’t supposed to be? And how did they get it that concentrated, anyway?

It seems like people have no problem spending hundreds of dollars a month on tablets and pills, but they are afraid to go outside and get sunlight, or do any walking / exercise, or shop harder to change their diets. Quick fixes almost never work and when they do, they must be quick fixes from nature, and not from some artifical, synthetic pill, at least in my opinion. I mean, unless you know everything about what is in the pill and it is in its most natural form and it isn’t a synthetic.

For one thing, the fake “vitamin D” cholecalciferol that we consume in our food supply, through the form of fortified milk and dairy products, come to find out is actually rat poison. It is also used as gopher control because it can be laid out and it builds up to a toxic level rather than killing immediately so it’s not as harmful to anyone else coming across it, like pets.

I’ve known this about Vitamin D for years but I didn’t give it much thought until this past year because everything seemed ok with my life. When my oldest was a baby, I researched those nasty Vitamin D drops prescribed to infants and decided to stop them, after finding they were linked to asthma and allergies. Plus, I didn’t think God would have made breast milk insufficient. I wasn’t really thinking that hard about stuff however, because I was either too complacent, or maybe too stressed out by other things. Then one day, I gave birth, and I found out that my baby had Down Syndrome. A doctor at one hospital she was in decided to place hard core pressure on me after I told her that I don’t do Vitamin D drops. This doctor got seriously offended when I told her I had studied them and what I found and then disagreed with her. After that they started discussing CPS with me. Then a different doctor hard core pressured me for over an hour to put my baby on Zantac, claiming it is safe, when I knew it wasn’t because again, I do research all the time, and all I had to do was look up the drug name to refresh my memory. I knew thanks to Evelyn Pringle that all those drugs given to babies were bad, and recalled very vaguely what they had done. But then when I looked it up a lawsuit had just been filed that said there were kidney problems and cancer and sudden deaths linked to the drug, with over 5000 plaintiffs so far. I was astonished at the timing but found it suspicious why so many of my daughter’s DS peers were being told that all DS babies have issues with kidney failure, cancer, and the like. So I started looking more into what was really happening.

I started to do more research into the vitamins I had been taking for years after I came across a study while researching Down Syndrome that was investigating whether vitamin use had any effect on cancer risk in Down Syndrome. To my surprise, it seems the researchers were looking into whether vitamin use INCREASED cancer risk. Then this year, I saw a headline that popped up on my phone saying that scientists studied foods vs. supplementation and found that only the people who consumed more vitamin rich foods had a lower risk of cancer and early death, but that those who were taking them in supplement form had higher risks of cancer and all other cause mortality.

Recently, I lost my friend Evelyn Pringle. One of the things that she told me on the phone before she died, is that along with her problems breathing, the doctors thought she had something wrong with her heart. She said she had bloodwork done and they told her that she had really really high levels of “Vitamin D” that were too high, but that she didn’t believe them. I begged her to stop taking it, and she reconsidered my advice, but it seems I was too little too late. And now I don’t want to see anyone else I love get a health problem from taking this poison. After all in studies the cholecalciferol killed rats in only 3 days, so what could it be doing to us in our dairy foods and our fake vitamins?

So now I am thinking that I will do a little experiment. For years I actually contemplated going vegan and raw to improve my health but for whatever reason I didn’t. Then I came across the Weston A. Price Foundation and the bone broth / nourishing traditions diet. For me, this has helped me a lot as I have implemented bone broth into my diet almost daily. I cook everything I can figure out how to with a home made bone broth.

I’ve also stopped allowing myself to consume conventional milk or dairy. I will only put milk in my food if it is organic and not fortified with fake “Vitamin D” cholecalciferol. During the “coronavirus” shortages at grocery stores, this has actually become easier, because the organic stuff is the last to sell out. I also recently made a drive to Plano just to buy raw milk, which I had only ever tried once in the past and I don’t remember why I hadn’t kept on going. This was literally the tastiest, yummiest milk I’ve ever had.

I am really really excited about my newfound health options. I have a supplement I do take, called Rain Soul. And I have my bone broth. And I am also studying herbalism. And making fermentation starters, home made organic sourdough, and other fermented foods.

Back to what my experiment is though. For years, I was pretty much convinced I was lactose intolerant. But when I drank the raw or the organic, unfortified (unpoisoned by cholecalciferol) milk, my stomach doesn’t even get upset AT ALL. So I think that as long as I don’t get cholecalciferol in my body, I won’t experience stomach upset at dairy. One of the easy ways to find these products is to look for imports. Only in America it seems, do we poison all our food.

Some things I learned about the food supply over the past year.

  1. Folic acid causes gene mutations. Folate does not. Folic acid was the root cause of the MTHFR gene mutation. MTHFR causes people to be unable to metabolize certain drugs or vaccines, leading to chemical sensitivity and drug reactions that can lead to death.
  2. Certain prenatal vitamins have been contaminated with large amounts of lead, and even my midwives had me on the brands that did this. Come to find out, that brand was bought by Clorox. Yuck. They got sued recently for doing this. Too late for me to benefit, but at least I could stop taking them.
  3. Cholecalciferol has been in the news for killing dogs. It’s literal rat poison, the way that fluoride is rat poison, the way that you don’t feed your kids rat poison gummies (oh but wait, many of you do). It also increases the absorption of heavy metals in the brain.
  4. The rapid gene mutations occurring in society, coupled with heavy absorption of heavy metals from various sources (food additives like HFCS, vitamins, chocolate, to name a few) mean we aren’t safe to be taking pharmaceuticals even if perhaps in the past, we were.
  5. There are much safer methodologies for staying healthy, and they just take a tiny amount of effort, like careful shopping and being willing to abstain from something. I find that adding the healthy things to my diet and routine cost me no extra pain or suffering, I just simply have to make wiser choices.

There is one food based supplement, based on seed nutrition, that I think is a replacement for what I used to tell people would be a cure for bipolar based on studies. A study claimed that 14 tabs a day was the cure. While I used to recommend (and take) Omega 3, or Omega 369, (I took it for general health and for pregnancy health, as I am not a bipolar sufferer) this product is actually far superior to anything I’ve ever taken in supplement form before. I’ve seen it cure a woman of severe depression and take away a man’s asthma. It’s based on whole food nutrition from seeds, and there’s no down side whatsoever. The properties of the seeds in the drink are extreme amounts of anti-inflammatory action, as well as other general health benefits. It was once said that one of the main ingredients, black cumin seeds, “cures everything except death.” Here is my testimonial video on that. Here is where you can go to order, and if you have questions, you can email me at chloemaisiesmom@gmail.com. https://myrainlife.com/amyjames