Loren R. Mosher, resignation letter to the APA and biography

Loren R. Mosher made his letter of resignation publicly available for all to see. (moshersoteria) He outlined how the pharma complex would only bring harm to the practice of psychiatry. He makes it clear that NAMI is part of the scam. He makes it clear that psychiatrists have become glorified drug pushers, with no real interest in actual science. Loren did not resign because he was some prototypical disgruntled employee who failed at everything. Quite the opposite. He led an experiment which bore results that should have brought dramatic changes in the mental health industry… But the greed and control freaks are all too powerful. No wonder he was disgusted by the APA and NAMI. There are no ethics in the business model. One of the biggest myths is that the quacks actually care about human beings.

Yet you can still hear psychiatrists and psychologists today claim that what they do is “very scientific”. In those instances, they might reference some alleged “research” that they themselves cannot explain. These are the quacks who think they can just throw the word “scientific” into a sentence with their crooked world view, and magically their imaginary crap turns into real facts. I wonder if they really believe that the fake research is legit, or if they know that it is a scam but think everyone else is dumb enough to believe their crap. I wonder what Loren R. Mosher would be writing if he saw the now legalized direct-to-consumer drug advertising on television. With all the bouncing bubble heads, wind-up dolls, and trendy yuppy’s skipping along the beach… come to think of it, the Abilify spokesperson stopped taking the drug and made his own video as a public warning.

The qualifications of this man are a rarity. You will see that in his biography which I also read aloud in the video. If there is one thing that people should learn from the legacy left by Loren R. Mosher, it’s the lesson of the Soteria House experiment.

A non-drug approach to treating those in psychological distress far exceeds the results of drugs.

Pharma and their criminal friends do not want you to know about this!

Supportive, non-judgmental, caring relationships, and liberty, far exceed the results of any pill, shot, or electric shock. And changing to such environment and lifestyle does not cause brain damage or loss of natural abilities! So please learn what you can from this. There is also a video documentary of the Soteria House experiment online. You may want to watch that as well. You will be struck at the dramatic difference between that supportive community center setting and today’s establishment of stigmatizing, suppression, coercion, force, abuse, and drugging.

Reading out loud – Loren R. Mosher resignation letter to the APA, and biography.