White House Shuts Down Petition for Psych Drug Investigation

Shortly after the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, a petition was created on Whitehouse.gov asking the government to launch an investigation into the relationship between school shootings and psychiatric drugs.

Within a few days, the administration, or someone from Whitehouse.gov, allegedly shut down the entire petition early (it was supposed to remain up for 30 days and it was shut down at only 7 days!), meanwhile allowing another to receive continuous attention and even a video from President Obama showing his support for it.

Our friend and a new blogger with The Bitter Pill, Daniel Guild, created this video. Please watch and share.

A new petition was then created, and you can sign it here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/967/364/876/demand-federal-investigation-into-psychiatric-drugs-school-shootings/

8 thoughts on “White House Shuts Down Petition for Psych Drug Investigation

  1. yes I know. This petition got stopped. CCHR launched another one which will be hand delivered to the White House and was also on another site and not the .gov site.

    1. Daniel does a great job covering the relationship between school shootings and psychiatric drugs – an interesting video even for someone who already knew the petition was shut down. Props to Daniel!

      1. There is something very strange about these school-shootings.
        Eric Harris, Columbine, was being observed by the police and had problems with police.

        I know that violent behavior is caused by antidepressants because I experienced it and almost killed myself twice.
        I also was violent and had many quarrels by the time I was tapering Effexor.

        About one of the suicide attempts I wrote this post so that people can read and “understand” a litltle about it:


        But in the case of these school-shootings I think that it is the SSRIs and indoctrination or brainwashing.

        There is also the possibility of copycat…
        It has to be studied by those who want it to stop.

  2. People’s Comrade Chairman Barackovich doesn’t deserve all the blame for this on his own.

    Congress enables and empowers him by taking the position of “It’s not my job, to do my job, man”


    They couldn’t wait to Get elected, and then they can’t wait, to go deaf dumb and blind as their own power is usurped by the Community Organizer in Chief.

    Have a good look at CT’s Senator Blumenthal admitting that what they’re actually Doing has Nothing to do with what they’re Packaging it as. It will solve, Nothing.


    Anyone expecting this Pharma owned sewer called DC to do Anything beyond Continue to sell America Out until at least until 2014 is going to be severely disappointed.


    1. You here? YAY!
      We are searching the same lately.
      This man is a real activist. A dear virtual friend.

      I was searching for Obama’s brain research program.
      U$ 100.000,00 for a research that had a decade and nothing new was found?

      Ok! Those who are at the loony are the problem…

  3. Ana,

    I don’t know How many times I’ve got to say this, BUT, I’ve Got Cho from the Virginia Tech massacre’s medical records.

    If you go through them, you find he did NOT want to communicate with the cretins trying to diagnose him.

    But, Eventually, they cooked up some hare-brained paperwork to Diagnose him as incurably Sick in the Head, and Drug him.

    And it was only After those people dehumanized him and poisoned him that all Hell broke loose.

    Was Cho antisocial? Yes, no doubt about it. Did he write things down on paper that other people were disturbed by. Yes? No denying it.

    Did he Kill 32 people BEFORE those idiots diagnosed, drugged, and drove him over the edge?

    NO! It’s the Intervention in all its shapes, forms, and twisted colors that killed all those other people.

    Without the Psy-Kommand’s meddling, Cho himself would probably still be alive along with everyone else. He’d Also probably Still be anti-social and Spooky to some, but I doubt Very much that he’d have gone off.

    I’m also beyond certain that if we could have access to Every School Shooter’s complete records we’d find the same thing.

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