White House Shuts Down Petition for Psych Drug Investigation

Shortly after the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, a petition was created on Whitehouse.gov asking the government to launch an investigation into the relationship between school shootings and psychiatric drugs.

Within a few days, the administration, or someone from Whitehouse.gov, allegedly shut down the entire petition early (it was supposed to remain up for 30 days and it was shut down at only 7 days!), meanwhile allowing another to receive continuous attention and even a video from President Obama showing his support for it.

Our friend and a new blogger with The Bitter Pill, Daniel Guild, created this video. Please watch and share.

A new petition was then created, and you can sign it here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/967/364/876/demand-federal-investigation-into-psychiatric-drugs-school-shootings/