When you sow the wind,

you reap the whirlwind

A quick note from Jenny:

Those of us in the Psychiatric Survivor Community have watched this most recent assassination in Arizona with a sort of detached horror.

Many of us have been speaking out for so long that we have grown weary, and even numb, to yet another atrocity likely connected in some form or fashion to psychiatric medications.

It has not yet been reported which psychiatric medications have been ingested during the life of the shooter, the media seem to want to pin this one on Pot and illegal drugs.

But I want his full psychiatric history going back to his early childhood to be fully disclosed in the press, and I am calling on the authorities handling this case to make certain this one is not covered up the way that the Virginia Tech shooter was.

I was on my Facebook page today and came across this image posted by one of my friends:

As a former Bradley Childbirth Educator I was incensed that this type of attitude exists in American Obstetrics, not surprised, just enraged.

You Medical people claim to care about our “Welfare” and the health of our unborn children???

And yet you refuse to work with parents who have been educated on how to give birth to their children without drugs?

We are sowing the wind with our children with the use of all of these medications;  Pregnancy and Birth Drugs, Psychiatric Meds while breastfeeding, Vaccines, Antibiotics, and Behavioral Meds when their little bodies and minds reel from the toxic overload.

The Bradley Method is a problem and Dr. Andrew Wakefield is the Devil Incarnate??? NONSENSE!!!

Sometimes I feel so sickened by the lies, I just want to scream in frustration.

It is time for parents to throw off the shackles that bind them.  No more Medical Slavery for us or our families.

Two stories blazed across the headlines today…

The House of Representatives voted to overturn the healthcare bill and World Net Daily is reporting that the new Governor of Hawaii can’t find Obamas Birth Certificate.

What this means is that every piece of legislation that the fake President has voted on these past two years is null and void and the deadly Mothers Act is dead in the water…now we just need to send his foreign ass out of the White House in the biggest Ass Kicking America has ever seen.

No more Medical Slavery and Global Medical Fascism!

Jenny Hatch

5 thoughts on “When you sow the wind,

  1. […] When you sow the wind, « The Bitter Pill What this means is that every piece of legislation that the fake President has voted on these past two years is null and void and the deadly Mothers Act is dead in the water…now we just need to send his foreign ass out of the White . […]

  2. Jared Lee Laughner was taking a not-illegal halucinagenic drug called Salvia Divinorum on a near daily basis, sometimes several times a day. The big 5 news media never mentioned this fact. For those that have never heard of this drug, just look it up on youtube and you will see kids filming thier friends while they are completely in another world from this drug.
    The media spent from saturday until tuesday using psychiatric terms as nothing more than terms of denigration, until the hidden hand sent them a memo.
    Suddenly the psychiatrists became a key feature, lovingly telling the public that JLL was mentally ill and the murders were caused by mental illness.
    I’d like to point out that none of these so-called experts ever examined JLL and even if they did there would be nothing to examine. And still these so-called experts never once spoke of any real facts, such as the the fact that JLL was on the earths most powerful halucinagenic drug for a long period of time.
    Knowing the playbook of the psychiatric cabal don’t be surprised when a synthetic Salvia Divinorum is being touted as the cure for every ‘mental’ issue. Upon which time there will be a sharp increase in the incidence of mass murder. And at which time the media will continue do bullhorn the same obsurdities like they have ben doing all along.
    None of the lies and deceptions that we have been subjected to by the media is an accident, it is by design to enslave the dumbed down masses by turning them against each other. A recent study was annouced showing that 95% of college students are not capable of critical thinking or higher cognitive function. This is a major success to the technocrats who planned it.

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