Mothering Magazine Publishes Letter Reaming Them for Being So “Anti-drug”


Please see an update to this entry on the following blog post:

Today I received Mothering magazine in the mail. On this month’s front cover, their motto is “Inspiring Natural Families since 1976.”

Several years ago I was a subscriber and, after a personal encounter with Mothering’s online censorship of information on the side effects of psychiatric drugs posted to their discussion board, and their ridiculous endorsement of Zyprexa for nursing mothers, I wrote requesting that my subscription be canceled. Yet they continue to send me their magazine which, honestly, I meet at the mailbox with more annoyance than I do junk mail and bills.

In the September / October edition another article was published on breastfeeding helping moms to “Beat The Baby Blues.” John Breeding and I composed a letter to the editor criticizing them for endorsing SSRIs and Zyprexa for breastfeeding. After receiving no response from Mothering Magazine, we published it as an open letter. Today I received the November / December issue. (Thanks for killing trees with the free reading materials, Peggy.)

In the letters to the editor this month they chose to publish one letter from a somewhat anonymous “Christina A.” of Ottowa, Ontario. In this letter Christina A., who cannot apparently brave the use of her own last name, claims emphatically that natural health methods cannot help PPD and she knows this because she tried them all. She says that after nine weeks without sleep (nine weeks without any sleep “at all,” she claims), she went on meds and weaned her baby.

I applaud Christina A. for being brave enough to protect her baby from drug exposure and for standing up to people who would tell her that she should have kept breastfeeding. She captured perfectly the tremendous insanity that is making its way through communities of breastfeeding advocates -that because we know breastfeeding is awesome, then we must all continue breastfeeding no matter what psychiatric drugs we decide to take.

Yet it is astounding that they chose to publish this letter which, in addition to ridiculous claims that there are not any natural health methods that can treat PPD, at the end endorses Postpartum Progress… the blog of Katherine Stone, who was exposed for financial conflicts of interest in Evelyn Pringle’s series on The MOTHERS Act.

Kinda makes you wonder if Mothering Magazine is working with Cohn & Wolfe just like Zach Stowe, or if they were just waiting for an opportunity to promote PSI and Katherine Stone.

I decided to ask everyone to send in their own letter to the editor. You can actually post it directly on their Facebook page (unless they decide to delete it). If you will send me a copy I will publish a few on the cause websites.

Here’s the information:

Activism Opportunity – Mothering Magazine tells readers to breastfeed on antidepressants and Zyprexa

I have posted our open letter to the editor of Mothering Magazine on their own discussion board. Here is the link:

To show Mothering Magazine how you feel about their endorsement of antidepressants and Zyprexa for breastfeeding moms, please go to the Mothering Magazine facebook page, and you may have to click “Like.”

Then click on the link above (assuming that they don’t delete it) and reply to the message that I posted. The message simply has a short intro followed by the open letter.

Unfortunately, Mothering Magazine has not yet published our letter, but they have chosen to publish one reaming them for claiming that natural health methods could help PPD. Apparently the only criticism that they are open to is that which criticizes them for not being even more pro-psychiatric drugs for nursing moms.

Here is our letter:

To send a letter to the editor yourself, write to:;


Please also Bcc: I will publish several on the cause websites myself.

Thanks for your help.

8 thoughts on “Mothering Magazine Publishes Letter Reaming Them for Being So “Anti-drug”

  1. I loved this one on Mothering’s Facebook Discussion Board by Jon Statham:

    Unbelievably irresponsible of your magazine!

    You state on your FB page:

    “Mothering is the birthplace of natural family living and attachment parenting. We celebrate the experience of parenthood as worthy of one’s best efforts and are at once fierce advocates for children and gentle supporters of parents.”

    Your endorsement of the use of these anti-psychotic meds during breastfeeding betrays your statement completely.

    If a magazine of your stature comes out and favors this kind of thing, the least that would happen is that you lose readership.

    The worst that could happen is that many many mothers will, through breast milk, hook their kids on these drugs, compromising their health and happiness.

    Mother’s Milk should not be a conduit of poison. It represents love like no other thing I can think of!

  2. “I could not agree more. To take such a risk with a newborn is unwarranted. The danger here I think is that because the Magazine is generally respected women are likely to take this advice as correct.

    Some poor children will suffer the consequences of this for the rest of their lives, or worse. This in an age when most informed women wont even have a glass of alchohol when pregnant seems incongruous. Mothering Magazine, please print a correction and soon.

    Phil White”

  3. Dr. Doug Bremner, Emory University Psychiatrist, wrote:
    “Psychotropics get into breast milk and affect babies’ serotonin and dopamine receptors. I would not let my wife breastfeed while taking them.”

  4. How do we know they’re experts – many other experts say they are. Is labor history important? No it isn’t taught about in school, and it isn’t in the newspaper.

    “The Readers Digest” has a cover story, Are Vitamins a Scam? The Wall Street Journal has an article The Case Against Vitamins. Those two are not related they are independent publications. Right?

    Scientific American has a 2003 article,
    Alternative medicine
    What’s the Harm?
    ‘Alternative medicine is not everything to gain and nothing to lose’

    Here they point out and explane that,If so-called ‘alternative medicine’ were in fact Valid then logically it would Already be part of scientific Medical treatment – because, since, the Medical Profession and Scientific American are altruistic and Scientific; therefore, everybody else are heartless lying profiteer conmen. Logically.

    Scientific American 2003 in another article tells us all we need to know about Ginkgo biloba 24% standardized extract;
    quote, “This popular herbal supplement may slightly improve your memory, but you can get the same effect by eating a candy bar.”

    Article – The Lowdown on Ginkgo Biloba: Scientific American.

    Well! If you are not a chump you will not be falling for the hocus-pocus of 3000 year old plant medicine. Hah! Sceptical Inquirers rationally scrutinize Quacks like them!!

    As ones own doctor may have said in person, “Vitamins are “expensive urine.”” Ha Hah!

    David Oaks of Mindfreedom and Janet Foner of the Re-Evaluation Counciling Comunities want to bring Alternatives choices into Mental Health care;

    Choice in Mental Health Care Campaign

    The National Empowerment Center wants a Alternate Padigm of Care in Mental Health

    INTAR wants humaine treatment that works. “We know what hurts and we know what helps people. It is our goal to let everyone else know as well,” concluded Karon.

    These groups ideas do Not include Vitamin Therapy for Psychosis… Orthomolecular Medicine… not really, not so much at all, no.

    Those Alternatives are not what are being brought to their tables.

    So! There you have it Vitamins, supplements, pure chemicals that do not have a Patent on them and do not contain a Halogen atom or three (Prozac)are expensive urine. Readers Digest, The Wall Street Journal, and everybody is on the same page there. From all verious and insundry sources on all sides.

    I do not think Vera Sharav and Evelyn Pringle are yet especially ‘tuned into’ these ‘radio’ sources swept of the table, smashed, and swept under the rug, either.

    Why would they be?

    In March of 2000 a Dr. James Dwyer at an American Heart Association meeting in San Diego announced that Vitamin C Supplementation Causes THICKENING of the Arteries, and this was run in different versions as storys in many USA Nespapers concurently. Theses stories told us that the information was not final yet bet that the conclusion is March 2, 2000, by Dr. James Dwyer at an American Heart Association meeting in San Diego, “The best thing to do is get enough vitamin C through your diet.”

    No Consipacy there Right? Just Common sence, right? (Answer. Not right. Conspiracy there.)

    The only reson they would be ‘tuned in’ in this propaganda environment is if they had received communication on these matters from others who were partly freed from the propaganda wall themselves.

    Amy writes, “Yet it is astounding that they chose to publish this letter which, in addition to ridiculous claims that there are not any natural health methods that can treat PPD, at the end endorses Postpartum Progress,”

    The use of the word astounding is great – we need to employ words to say things, and instead of appauling, atrocious or heinous, the choice is astounding which is a good word choice, it is a choice suggesting we expected better and We SHOULD expect and we Demand much better.

    These things become less astounding – in the connotation of surprise – once people learn about the wall of propaganda environment.

    When Scientific American wrties Ginkgo is equivelent to a candy bar, it is good to note that the ownership changed hands twice since the 1980s. So it went from the old days, we might have enjoyed, of being a part of the military industrial colonial propaganda system to being something worse… garbage schlock propaganda department swill.

    It may now be published under the same ownership as Wall Street Journal and the publication that is in Amy’s mailbox.

    We’re giving youse guys da Lowdown on Ginkgo biloba; yah see. Yeah, dats the ticket!

    Danger! Vitamin C Causes Thickening of the Arteries!! Extra Extra! Read All about it!

    Dan Burdick
    Eugene, Oregon

  5. It wasnt blood and gore so much as psychological drama. I get enough blood and gore working as a nurse, I want something to rev up my metabolism with the suspense, never knowing what is going to happen next and sitting there watching it with a strangle hold on a pillow, so you can use it to cover your eyes if the excitement gets to be too much!

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