While You Were Sleeping

First the bad news. Now this may feel like a redo of some of the horrible legislation we’ve talked about so many times, but I have to let you know that Massachusetts passed a PPD law similar to The MOTHERS Act. Collective virtual frown. Everyone go tell it on the mountain that your wives and babies are no longer safe in Mass. Let’s see how many Mass and NJ moms we can find who aren’t happy with the government telling doctors it’s ok to invade their privacy and put up smoke screens for “Mass” drugging initiatives.

However, dreams don’t always have to come to us in the form of nightmares…

There are so many things I would absolutely love to tell everyone about right now on this blog, but I just can’t. I promise, I really do have good news for people that is coming very soon.

One of the things I wanted to celebrate, that I can talk about right now, is that this blog continues to get hits every day despite the fact that neither my fellow UNITE bloggers nor I have blogged on this site in a while. Although I do know that there are plenty of Evelyn Pringle articles and others to be had, I haven’t posted because I’ve been incredibly busy.

I think everyone eventually gets tired of thinking about antidepressants and people dying all the time, including me… but even so I promise there are about four big projects I have been working on which partially explains my prolonged ‘blabsence’ (blogging absence).

I went to enemy territory today to help a friend with something, and checked in on some of my least favorite blogs. It’s like walking into one of those funhouses at an amusement park with the wavy mirrors and the slanted walls. What you are looking at isn’t even real. I don’t understand how people can write words like “PPD is so hard” and “I wanted to kill my child” and yet say it with a smile while acting as though they are helping moms. Last night I was reading through someone’s medical records and saw an original depression screen she had taken several years ago. She talks about being stressed by money and family situations, and the doctors keep just adding and switching meds. Yet years later all she has to show for it is a dead baby. That’s why it just makes me sick when I go to these other blogs and think about how many moms out there are just like I was 6 years ago, so naive and trusting, willing to take meds over a screening that means basically nothing.

Although in my case I wasn’t given any informed consent to the screening, even if you are allowed to sign a consent form, you are still misled.

“Have you ever been so upset with someone that you started a fight with them?” Um, yeah, who hasn’t? Seriously? That’s a reason to take antidepressants?

Everyone goes through their fair share of life problems at some point. You get through it and you keep going. I just get so sick thinking of all the lives lost to the drugs that are “supposed to help you,” especially the babies who had no way to avoid exposure and no say in their own futures.

So here’s the good news. Because of everything that has happened with this website and the movement against screening, The MOTHERS Act, drugging pregnant & nursing moms, and because of the incredibly dedicated activists who have worked relentlessly, day in and day out for no personal gain whatsoever, every so often I get to hear about a baby who was saved by our collective work. And that to me makes all of this worth every moment spent working when I could be doing other, more fun things.

Sometimes it’s in a comment to a video on YouTube, and sometimes it’s from a friend. And I have to admit, it does make me feel good when I hear the words, “You saved my baby’s life.” So I want to pass those words on to everyone who reads this blog and similar websites and shares the information with someone. You really never know who you may have saved.

I also want to dedicate this blog entry and all the projects still in the works (which I can’t mention at the moment) to all the victims and surviving kiddos out there who have been iconic in the fight that we all share. I feel so blessed that my family came through my nightmare on Zoloft and have been able to help so many people because of it. Honestly at this moment I don’t feel much bitterness about it, although I am bitter for the people who were lost. I am starting to see how incredible it has been the way things have worked out and how I have been able to use what happened to us for a higher purpose.

To Indiana, Manie, Isaac, Sarah, Matthew, Simon, Candace, Matthew S., Elizabeth, Shaina, Woody, and everyone who is helping share their stories. And the list goes on. I pray that your stories will keep bringing people to the truth so that more babies, moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, and families can be saved.

2 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping

  1. I’ll bet the “unknown” number of people who have been helped or saved by Amy’s efforts is higher than she would ever imagine.

  2. Entre las propuestas de RAjoy que florecen como setas en otoño ,y despues de haber aplicado o consentido durante años exactamente el modelo de política económica que provocó el cataclismo os rescato algunas la de fortalecer la figura y función de los secretarios, interventores y tesoreros. Para ello, abogó por restablecer la habilitación estatal de estos funcionarios y reforzar sus facultades de formular reparos de ilegalidad, así como garantizar la convocatoria de oposiciones hasta la cobertura de todas las vacantes. Oido cocina!!!!!!!Establecer como obligatoria la existencia de una comisión de vigilancia de la contratación en la entidad local y hacer que esa comisión esté presidida por un concejal de la oposición. En el Ayuntamiento de Lugo y en la Diputación las mesas de contratación ya figura la oposición. Entonces como es el cuento?????????????? Evitar el fraccionamiento y la contención de contratos mediante el abuso de los contratos menores, prohibiendo la concurrencia de empresas del mismo grupo, excluyendo la limitación a las sociedades pantallas creadas ad hoc, dando publicidad a dichos contratos a través de la webpara garantizar el respeto a la voluntad popular. Habíamos quedado que en las mesas de contratación está la oposición y los técnicos para vigilar la legalidad de los contratos, sigo sin entender el cuento que alguien me lo explique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,, . Aseguró que hay que limitar la presentación de mociones de censura durante el primer y último año de mandato en los ayuntamientos. En las mociones de censura y en la elección de alcalde, el PP plantea que el voto sea nominal y público

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