Thoughts on the Health Care Debate…

Jenny Hatch after two years of "treatment" Jenny Hatch after two years of “treatment”

I just finished watching two hours of sunday morning talk shows.  I stayed home from church this morning because of illness and enjoyed clicking around listening to all of the blather.  Health Care is front and center in all of this debate and it was interesting to hear all of the various arguments and see all of the familiar faces and voices sharing views.

For me the summation of all of these views are rolled into the picture that my husband took of me in 1990.  I share this with all of you so that the look on my face and the total blunting of my emotions that was captured in this picture can stand as a witness to the folly of chemical treatments for women.

As a teen I was grounded in medicine by the lifestyle lived by my family and my desire to become a nurse when I was an adult.  I made steps towards that goal by studying to be a medical assistant in high school and working in a medical office as a teen.  As I witnessed the medical profession up close and worked for a year with doctors, nurses, and observed the drug reps doing their thing, one thing became very clear to me during my year of being a part of the Medical Profession.

That being, I had zero desire to be a part of the Medical Profession as an adult.  I am so grateful to have had that experience at such a tender age.  It opened my eyes in ways that an outsider just can’t observe.  And it fueled my desire to pursue my singing and acting unfettered by the emotional need to do something “practical” when I went away to BYU to study Musical Theatre.

I was always a “sickie” as a child and have struggled mightily with my health for most of my adult life.  I suppose those of us who have interfaced most with the doctors and the drug companies who have trained them have the most significant testimony to offer as the health care debate rages.

If I thought for one second that what is being offered at taxpayer expense in the new health care bill would do one positive thing for families over the long haul, I might pause in my Free Market views and consider that perhaps an investment in our nations health would be a good thing.

Since the status quo of medicine as it is practiced today is what will be entrenched with this bill, I have to yell to anyone listening that Medical Slavery for the vast majority of our people is what will be practiced on the American Family for the next ten generations…if we make it that far.  With death, disibility, infertility, damaged babes, trauma, and a “pill for all that ails us” funded by the taxpayers the fruit of this abortion of a bill, we have to pray that with the election of Scott Brown, and his 41st vote, it will go down to defeat as the last and final attempt by the Commies in our Country to rob the American People of their sovereignty and force a Medical Dictatorship and Pharmacuetical Facism on the Men, Women, and Children of the US.

Rather than handing the pharma companies a fifty year guarantee of profits, the attorney general of the US should be serving them with papers of indictment for the past hundred years of medical fraud perpetrated on the American People and force them to refund every person medically damaged by Vaccines, Antibiotics, Bogus and unnecessary surgery, court ordered psychiatric meds, forced chemo, and the thousands of children pulled from their parents homes and put into foster care simply because parents refused to accept current medical dogma should be returned to their homes, detoxed from the psychiatric drugs they have been forced to take, and compensated financially for all of the side effects that the toxicity of the drugs caused.

The Fox is in the hen house and the Farmer has just come out and asked him if he wants that chicken baked or fried.  It is time to shoot the Fox and set the hens free.

Jenny Hatch 2001 Jenny Hatch 2001

Every positive step towards health that I have taken for myself and my family has come with taking personal responsibility, paying for my own books, supplements, alternative healing doctors, and by freeing myself from Medical Slavery.

As I have learned self sufficiency as related to my Mothering, the Medical Profession has stood as a very large barrier to me reaching Freedom.   But this Goliath of a profession that was built on lies and is supported by the most devious and insipid media propaganda is simply a paper tiger that when finally torched with go up in smoke.  As A health freedom writer I have all of the matches, gasoline, and molotov cocktails necessary to get the job done.

Please join me in the burning of the Medical Cartel in the coming weeks and months!

In Freedom!

Jenny Hatch

Cross posted at the natural family blog

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Health Care Debate…

  1. jenny

    how right you are! i have just attended the memorial service of a 49 yr old successful, happy arts writer who ran to the roof of his building and jumped to his death 2 wks after being put on Klonoprin. another friend has just gotten out of the hospital 2 months after a stroke caused by Levaquin which she was given for a bad flu. she now faces a lifetime of physical therapy to hopefully regain some of what she lost.
    i caught her flu and i fought it with hot epsom salt baths and a vitamin C IV drip, which probably cost me more than all the treatments for her stroke, since they are “covered” by her insurance.
    however, the long term costs are another matter.
    forcing people to buy lousy, expensive, corrupt medical insurance is not the answer. let’s face it, most of us have insurance, even though we don’t want it, because we know they have us by the balls. insurance won’t keep us healthy but we hope, incorrectly it turns out, that it will keep us from financial ruin if we happen to get hit by a car or shot.
    but i get sick, i’m looking for a witch doctor or a snake oil salesman- i think i have a better shot at rebalancing my health than with doctors trained as the sales force of big pharma

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