The MOTHERS Act Passed and Almost Law, Plus Susan Stone’s False Statement About Melanie Stokes

*UPDATE – The word is that there will be no Conference Committee, but each chamber will have to have another up or down vote on the bill after the negotiations are made before it can be sent to the President. I am trying to get confirmation and will update again later.

I have been meaning to blog on this since it happened, but between being out of town over New Year’s and not having time to read a hundred bazillion page health care bill to find all the objectionable parts, looks like the Postpartum drug advocates beat me to it. As I have posted before, the bill is filled with much more mental health garbage than just The MOTHERS Act, but since Harry Reid introduced a brand new substitute bill right before Christmas and had it voted on in a matter of days, I didn’t want to post about anything that wasn’t totally verified. (Not that I believe everything that’s written on a PSI related website.) The Health Care bill has a number of highly contentious issues on which the House and Senate versions differ, so it would ordinarily need to pass through the Conference Committee in order to be sent to the President. (More on that later, but word is that there will be no Conference Committee but rather just some negotiations between key players in the House and Senate.) Now, I don’t think they are lying when they say that The MOTHERS Act passed via the Health Care Bill… but that won’t stop Susan Stone from making a ridiculous and untrue statement about something…

Susan Stone, past President of “Postpartum Support International,” has claimed in her blog on the passage of Harry Reid’s Christmas Eve Substitute Health Care Bill that Melanie Stokes died as a result of “untreated postpartum illness.”

Melanie, a beautiful, intelligent mother of a young child with every reason to live, leapt to her death as a result of untreated postpartum illness.

[emphasis mine]

Susan may not be good at retelling Melanie’s story accurately, although she is good at rewriting history.

Untreated Postpartum Illness? Oh really? From Carol Blocker’s Website “Melanie’s Battle:”

Melanie’s was hospitalized three times in seven weeks. She was given four combinations of anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant medications. She also underwent electroconvulsive therapy. Her family rallied around her with all their strength, but in the end, Melanie jumped to her death from the twelfth floor of a Chicago hotel.

We have Stone and her buddies to thank for tireless advocacy of pharma-friendly legislation which would risk the lives of many vulnerable women in need and their unborn and newborn babies.

If you are interested in reading the bill’s specific language, you can go to this link and click on “Full Text of Bill as Passed”. The language referencing The MOTHERS Act initiatives can be found on pages 595-604, section 2952 “Support Education and Research for Postpartum Depression.”

Also from her website:

Also, the Mikulski Amendment, which includes SCREENING for postpartum depression also passed in another part of the healthcare reform bill. It was actually the FIRST Amendment included in healthcare reform. Finally, women and mothers are being heard.

This about sums up the passage of The MOTHERS Act via the Health Care Bill: this bill NEVER could have passed on its own thanks to the massive opposition against it, but it takes a Christmas Eve vote on a giant Health Care Bill which nobody has read (well at least until “Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 at 2:45 PM”) in order to get it through.

So much for Democracy.

The truth about psychiatric drugs & electroshock is summed up in these videos.

Melanie Stokes:


Matthew Schultz:

Andrea, Michael, Micayla, & Dylan Roberts:

43 thoughts on “The MOTHERS Act Passed and Almost Law, Plus Susan Stone’s False Statement About Melanie Stokes

  1. In response to your most recent posting:

    I have had many conversations with Carol Blocker who is a dear friend of mine and with whom I have testified on Capitol Hill along with Brooke Shields and others (follow link below)

    in support of this bill. We have been advocates together fighting for the bill’s passage for years and are greatly encouraged by the bill’s current standing.

    As I clearly indicate in my blog, the MOTHERS Act does NOT propose PPD screening, the newly added Mikulski Amendment does. Both have been passed in the senate version of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    Carol Blocker, Melanie’s mother, supports the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act with her entire being and is living for the day when it will become law.

    Your attempts to use her daughter’s death and imply Carol’s support of your anti-MOTHERS Act agenda is the worst kind of journalistic abuse and showing complete insensitivy to what this mother had endured and misrepresenting how she lives her life. She does NOT support your statements or your position on this legislation.

    My statement that her daughter was not treated meant she was not properly treated… that we did not and still do not have enough research and information on the causes of these illnesses to have offered a remedy that could have saved
    her life and the lives of thousands of others.

    Melanie died from postpartum psychosis which did not respond to any of the offered treatments. Carol and I are interested in preventing future tragedies as are the families of Joan Mudd, (Jennifer Mudd Houghtaling Foundation, Chicago), the family of Randy Gibbs (Jenny’s Light Foundation) and many many others.

    Why would you advocate denial of the very research dollars that would fund study for cure beyond medication to include nutrition, exercise, social support,cognitive therapy, home based services, more support for moms, public awareness, education of professionals, all aspects of care that the bill could fund which are desperately needed to prevent the very overuse of medication which you decry…We need more resources to fight these illnesses!

    Wouldn’t primary prevention… preventing these illnesses from happening in the first place…be the best outcome of all? This surely would reduce the use of medication and offer more treatment options. This is among the bill’s life saving initiatives.

    Medication has its place and to deny that is to further shame those who may need and actually benefit from it.

    Finally, your implications that I am somehow associated with drug companies are ridiculous and libelously false. My blog, my practice and my work have no association with any pharmaceutical projects, speaker bureaus, consulting deals etc. I do not allow advertising of any kind on my website, let alone consult or associate with pharmaceuticals in some dark legislative scheme to medicate America’s mothers!

    My influence and opinions are informed only through allegiances to the thousands of women I have treated, consulted with, talked to, and discussions with colleagues for whom I have the utmost respect….women with integrity and brillance who have devoted their lives to treating and ending these disorders.

    You are welcome to your differing opinion but your attempted character assassination of those who support the bill through false implications is not an argument that will change mindsm, bring respect and win hearts!You hurt your own credibility by engaging in such distorted reporting.

    As I wrote to your colleague Ms. Pringle when she attempted to imply financial gain from website book sales, there is no basis in that either. She failed to post our entire communication.

    The book “Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders: Perspectives and Treatment Guide for the Healthcare Practitioner” to which fifteen world renown experts voluntarily contributed chapters, was a labor of love for all of us. Any royalties generated go to PSI, not to me. The other text to which I contributed – also as a volunteer, was to advance an efficacious form of treatment, Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

    No Big Pharma associations here I am afraid. Please stick to the facts.

    I have previously avoided direct discourse with the legislative and professional misrepresentations on this site and others for two reasons:

    First, any time the legislation or my website, is assaulted by you and others, I receive a beneficial uptick in visitors that results in more women actually reading the bill and signing the petition.

    Secondly, discourse is futile when an opponent’s argument is based on something that is not even contained in the bill! The MOTHERS Act does not mandate screening or medication. Your opposition is based on your personal experience.. which I respect… and your own personal opinion of what think MIGHT happen if the bill pass, not on the clearly stated and noble initiatives of The MOTHERS Act. You should be sure your readers understand that.

    I hope that journalistic integrity will compel you to allow this comment in its entirety.

    Susan Dowd Stone, MSW, LCSW

    1. Dear Susan Stone,

      I had postpartum psychosis. I lived through it IN SPITE of what psychiatry did to me. Personally I feel I would have been much better off if they had left me the hell alone and allowed me to keep breastfeeding my baby. I lost that ability when they forced their poisons on me.

      Frankly, I cannot support this bill until the psychiatric/mental health system changes… I do not want the “help” they are offering. It has very nearly ruined my life.

      For my next baby, I am considering not obtaining ANY prenatal care at all, and having an unassisted pregnancy, just to avoid the likes of you and this bill you’re promoting.

      1. Good for you Kimbriel. Stay the hell out of the profiteering system they put in place over the past decade and a half.

        There are 7 women in my immediate family, plus I had about 10 aunts and none of us developed depression or PPD during or after pregnancy, making this gang’s trumped up statistics look as ridiculous as they are.

        There is nothing unique about motherhood today that would lead to the claimed epidemic in mental disorders among pregnant women, other than the fact that the drug companies cannot legally peddle psych drugs off-label to pregnant women, so they need the quacks and front groups to do it for them.

        That’s where it all began, but now motherhood has been turned into a profiteering industry in itself, aka, “reproductive psychiatry,” with everybody under the sun cashing in, with claims that even fathers suffer from mental disorders as a result of childbirth.

        The pharmaceutical industry was obviously a good teacher and it still funnels money through all the “advocacy” front groups to fund disease mongering campaigns like the Mothers Act.

        Such as Mental Health America, which I believe gave Stone an award.

        There are a few women who develop severe PPD, but it’s no different that it’s always been.

        They are using the power of persuasion granted to anybody in a white coat to convince women that normal human emotions and feelings are signs of mental illness, and they are doing a disservice to the relatively few women who really do need help.

        By convincing large numbers of women to claim they are mentally ill by use of bogus screening programs, the Mother’s Act is going to take us back to the days when any women who complained of problems was accused of being a hypochondriac.

        If you develop problems next time around Kimbriel, let me know and I will help you find you a “competent” therapist to get you through it without drugs and without hooking you into life-long treatment.

  2. Susan, You and Carol Blocker are living in a dream world if you think Melanie died from PPD and not the incredibly abusive treatment she received after the birth of her child. The list of medications followed by ECT is enough to drive anyone insane. It is a great tragedy that her own mother doesn’t even acknowledge what really happened. You should leave Amy Philo alone. She is doing an incredible job in exposing the truth about psychopharmacological treatments and the horror it is leading to in our society today. The Mothers’ Bill does look like it’s on its way to victory much to the great disappointment of many of us. We are certain there will be many more Melanie Blocker Stokes out there when this act becomes law. You should be ashamed of your role in promoting this pharma enabling legislation.

  3. No doubt, from any angle which you view what happened to Melanie Stokes is a tragedy. The treatment she was provided did not work, it was not an “untreated” illness, it was a misunderstood, misdiagnosed, misrepresented, misinformed health care system that caused her untimely death. No one would be surprised that her biological mother would be on board with some plan she believes would help people in a similar situation. However, it is obvious that medications that cause and increase suicidal symptoms are no CURE for people who are already experiencing physiological, emotional, social, and cultural tendencies toward suicide.

    Anyone with a heart would be sympathetic to what happened to Melanie Stokes, but that certainly does not logically insert her mother’s feelings for the right result or outcome. I’m sure if I were to die tragically, my mother might irrationally join on some bandwagon, ill-intentioned or not, if she believed it would prevent future tragic deaths.

    If Susan Stone is not trying to profit or publicize her book, why is she posting a link to it and describing it in such detail? And why is she listing her credentials, as if attending a college and taking a state board exam on general topics makes her an expert on this person or the outcome that should exist?

    I counsel with depressed, confused, sad, unmotivated people on a regular basis and have insights into their personalities, but that does not make me a medical expert, and Social Work is not a medical field so I don’t see what the big hoopla is all about.

    Obviously Melanie Stokes and people like her are suffering because they are misunderstood by their friends and families, are overburdened, are mistreated, overmedicated, and overwhelmed. Obama’s faulty health care bills and random professors getting money for research grants that generate funds for Universities, pharmaceutical companies, and individual glory of professors and “researchers” are not solving everyday health concerns.

    What nutrition is the PHARMACEUTICAL company going to prescribe that will make them a huge profit? Am I going to pay a $35 copay for my doctor to tell me to eat an apple and an orange to CURE my postpartum symptoms or are they going to prescribe a $100 a month prescription that gets them a free trip to Maui from Pfizer and a lap dance from the former Cheerleader/Hooters girl pharmaceutical rep?

    The apple, right?

    1. Just wanted to point one thing out about the $100 prescription.

      Last time I check, the antidepressant, Cymbalta, cost close to $400 on

      Also, since most of the SSRIs are now in generic form, with not much profit, the new rage is adding an atypical antipsychotic for depression.

      Last time I checked, Abilify went for over $1,200. Add it to Cymbalta and you’re looking at over $1,500 for the drugs alone, not counting the fees for the prescribing doctors and any counseling.

      The profits at stake are huge all the way around.

  4. Susan, do I understand you correctly that you stated that you avoided direct discourse with this site because you get a beneficial uptick in people coming to your site and signing your “petition” any time we attack the legislation? In other words, we do your work for you? That must be why you finally felt the need to comment since I have been AWOL for several weeks. I think that perhaps your weekly blog is helping send people to my website because I hadn’t posted in two months yet I get a steady stream of visitors, new signatures on our public petition, and members to the cause on Facebook. Who knows what else is in store.

    I don’t know the background of your “entire communication” with Evelyn Pringle, however I was a tad confused when you said she failed to post your entire communication. What are you talking about? Maybe you should post it, you are the one with the website. This is my site and the blog site of my organization and several other contributors, not Evelyn’s website. Or didn’t you know that already since you monitor the activity on this website and how it relates to the upticks in your stats. Or maybe your PR person does that for you.

    Furthermore, as this is my website, your comment that I am “welcome” to do this or that is funny.

    “You are welcome to your differing opinion but your attempted character assassination of those who support the bill through false implications is not an argument that will change mindsm, bring respect and win hearts!You hurt your own credibility by engaging in such distorted reporting.”

    Perhaps you are just projecting.

    As for the MOTHERS Act, the article stuck to the top of my blog with the Kelly O’Meara article speaks for itself. Your half-hearted attempt to distract from the Mikulski screening amendment, or imply that I somehow made a mistake by mentioning it in that quotation from your blog, is both illogical and pointless. You guys were pushing for the screening using the EPDS in the MOTHERS Act in 2008 and before, but having it passed anyway in a separate amendment doesn’t exactly make matters better for mothers.

    If someone is interested in reading distortions they may want to visit your website. Or Postpartum Progress. Or the New Jersey PPD website.

    I’m curious, were you actually up after midnight last night obsessing over what to write on this site or did one of your friends post this for you after three days of trying to think how to respond to the article? I would give you the satisfaction of deleting your bizarre nonsense comment but it is actually kind of funny to read.

    I would love to sit down to a cup of tea and respond to the rest of your silly comment piece by piece some time. But I think I have to wash my hair.

    I’m sure you will be awaiting further instructions from your friends in the Senate. Until then.

    1. Amy, it’s not Stone’s petition. The whole petition scam was funded by drug company money funneled through the Bipolar and Depression front group, remember?

      The one that was ordered to provide the amounts of money received from pharma, I think it was in December, including how much the CEO of this “non-profit” gets paid.

      Stone, and the rest of the mothers act disease mongering crew, just made sure it got spread all over the internet.

      The money to set it all up came from drug companies.

      1. Except that she has two “petitions,” the one funded by DBSA and the “petition” of all the industry front groups on her website. The group and the individual. I would be willing to bet the APA (Psychiatry) had all their employees send letters, as probably did the drug companies.

  5. Unfortunately, lacking substance, the discussion on this site quickly devolves into the same old tired personal attacks. Are you interested in preventing the over medication of new mothers or becoming the tabloid reporter for this initiative by attacking anyone who supports it?

    Exactly how does this move your agenda forward?

    The response I posted was written by me in about three minutes when your article was brought to my attention. I have no PR person and often work late into the night. Apparently, even this is a problem for you.

    I was outraged by your portrayal of Carol Blocker and the use of her horrific tragedy to promote an agenda with which she does not agree.

    Carol Blocker is an extremely intelligent woman who was the originator of The Melanie Blocker Stokes Research and Care Act. She found a willingness in Congressman Bobbly L. Rush to craft a bill to promote research, screening and education. She is not a pawn of Big Pharma or a victim who was blindly led by the agenda’s of others. She is the originator, along with Congressman Rush and the Codey’s in New Jersey!!!

    How dare you imply otherwise? Have you no heart? This woman has endured life’s worst tragedy. Have you lost a child? Can you not restrain yourself long enough to show some decency when you speak of her crusade? And can you not avoid USING her daughter’s death to imply validation for an agenda she does NOT SUPPORT? This is unconscionable abuse of someone who has suffered enough.

    I assume you do not deny the existence of these devastating disorders. How, therefore, can you possibly object to legislation focused on furthering the understanding of these illnesses and possible treatments and preventative measures? What is your counter proposal?

    To your anonymous poster, of course I will promote Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders; Treatment Guide for the Healthcare Professional… it is a groundbreaking text including the work of many world renown experts.. my statement was not an apology,just a correction to clarify that I benefit financially from its sale. I hope everyone will purchase the book as indeed many medical libraries around the world have done.

    As far as social work.. it is very connected with medicine based on the bio psycho social perspective. Social workers are found in many contexts, a licensed clinical social worker is a mental health professional who can independently assess, diagnose and treat mental health conditions. They perform most of the mental health therapy in this country today in hospitals, private practice and agency settings. They do not prescribe medication, (but will refer a client for such if needed) but develop treatment plans focused on all aspects of a person’s life, diet, exercise, nutrition, sleep, cognitive distortions, attachment difficulties, relationship issues, finances, parenting and coping skills etc.. Please do your research before you disparage one of the most respected professions in mental health.

    Wishing you peace of mind to replace bitterness, and journalistic integrity.

    Susan Stone

    1. Oh My dear Susan, I absolutely love it when folks bring up Mary Jo Codey, the woman, who 22 years after giving birth, is still being treated for post partum depression, when in fact, any legitimate expert will tell you that post partum depression doesnt last twenty two years. The majority of New Jeryans dont buy her story, and Dick lost the New Jersey Senate, President’s seat. I gues Pharma will have to build up friendship with Senator Sweeney. I also noticed your buddy Senator Vitale wont be returning to his Chairmanship either.

      1. Great point about Codey Lisa.

        But that is the purpose – to get women from 16 to 50 hooked into the psychopharmaceutical complex for life.

        Katherine Stone is another good example. Supposedly diagnosed with postpartum OCD in 2001, and prescribed tons of psych drugs over the years, and then still in the system and on antidepressants in 2009.

        What profiteer would not love this client base?

    2. Please do your research before you disparage one of the most respected professions in mental health.

      oh boy…that made me laugh. I left “one of the most respected professions” because of the callous disregard for people human rights I encountered EVERY day on the job.

      Clients are routinely treated as less than the clinicians…often on such a subtle level that no one in the system is aware of it…indeed it took me 15 years to realize the toxic system I was part of…granted I never fit in very well and had the misconceived idea that I could make a difference in spite of a system of “care” that does all in can to keep people sick and helpless. There are a lot of people like me actually struggling with the ugly truth…but most live with it as their livelihoods depend on it and they hope that perhaps they can make some difference. They do sometimes, but the fact is the system is broken and there is not a lot individuals can do within it.

      Read this excerpt from the NYT the other day–this was my experience…it pervaded the whole system and led me to get the hell out.

      from this article:

      A very damning excerpt:

      But does the “brain disease” belief actually reduce stigma?

      In 1997, Prof. Sheila Mehta from Auburn University Montgomery in Alabama decided to find out if the “brain disease” narrative had the intended effect. She suspected that the biomedical explanation for mental illness might be influencing our attitudes toward the mentally ill in ways we weren’t conscious of, so she thought up a clever experiment.

      In her study, test subjects were led to believe that they were participating in a simple learning task with a partner who was, unbeknownst to them, a confederate in the study. Before the experiment started, the partners exchanged some biographical data, and the confederate informed the test subject that he suffered from a mental illness.

      The confederate then stated either that the illness occurred because of “the kind of things that happened to me when I was a kid” or that he had “a disease just like any other, which affected my biochemistry.” (These were termed the “psychosocial” explanation and the “disease” explanation respectively.) The experiment then called for the test subject to teach the confederate a pattern of button presses. When the confederate pushed the wrong button, the only feedback the test subject could give was a “barely discernible” to “somewhat painful” electrical shock.

      Analyzing the data, Mehta found a difference between the group of subjects given the psychosocial explanation for their partner’s mental-illness history and those given the brain-disease explanation. Those who believed that their partner suffered a biochemical “disease like any other” increased the severity of the shocks at a faster rate than those who believed they were paired with someone who had a mental disorder caused by an event in the past.

      “The results of the current study suggest that we may actually treat people more harshly when their problem is described in disease terms,” Mehta wrote. “We say we are being kind, but our actions suggest otherwise.” The problem, it appears, is that the biomedical narrative about an illness like schizophrenia carries with it the subtle assumption that a brain made ill through biomedical or genetic abnormalities is more thoroughly broken and permanently abnormal than one made ill though life events. “Viewing those with mental disorders as diseased sets them apart and may lead to our perceiving them as physically distinct. Biochemical aberrations make them almost a different species.”

      1. Wow what a telling excerpt. Maybe that is why Susan Stone treats her reading audience as though they have below average intelligence and cannot comprehend what is a fact and what is a twisted fabrication. Perhaps she thinks her client base would be mentally defective and too confused to see past the bogus “I am here to help” volunteer persona that is sprinkled in with all those personal attacks and fabrications.

        Makes you wonder about the nastiness that must exist in those types of people who administer “treatment” to people like Melanie Stokes who they deem to be suffering from “nonresponsive” illnesses and how they have no problem shocking the hell out of people and drugging them severely until the person finally dies and they don’t have a “diesase” left to drug.

        I truly despise people who attempt to turn normal mothering experiences into diseases. Your post really sums that whole dynamic up quite well. Thanks so much for your two cents.

      2. Monica, I thank you for the great post as well.

        Have you noticed that whenever women don’t get better when given drugs, the administrators of the “treatment” are quick to say they don’t respond instead of the pills do not work?

        The same goes for therapists. How often have you heard a therapist accept responsibility for a patient’s lack of progress?

        If a woman hooks up with an incompetent therapist, the treatment is as useless as the drugs, but the patient is always blamed for not responding.

        Labeling people mentally ill leaves them feeling helpless and doomed and then when the drugs don’t work, they feel more helpless and doomed.

        It’s a vicious cycle – one beneficial to the psychopharmaceutical industry only.

  6. Further correction:

    Re my book… to clarify.. I DO NOT financially benefit from this publication, (Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders, Perspectives and Treatment Guide for the Healthcare Practitioner)but do indeed promote it to healthcare professionals, mothers, policy makers and anyone else interested in educating themselves and others about these illnesses. It contains the work of 15 major experts in this field including Dr. Meg Spinelli, Attorny George Parnham, Jane Honikman (Founder of PSI), Dr. Brockington, Dr. Chase-Brand, Dr. Alexis Menken, Dr. Linda Klempner, Dr. Shaila Misri, Lisa Bernstein (What to Expect Foundation)and many others.

  7. Susan, the fact that you and I have different viewpoints on Melanie Stokes’ death is not going to change. You made a false statement on your blog that she died from untreated postpartum illness.

    As for “Have I Lost A Child” – without directly answering your question because it is none of your business (however, that is not surprising that you want to make it your business) I will say that you need to check yourself and not ask questions to which you do not know the answer. That sounds like an attempt at character attack right there, not to mention the “I don’t have a heart” line.

    As you should be well aware I went through much of the same Hell as Melanie Stokes and almost became a murderer of my own son, nearly committed suicide, and also had uncontrollable thoughts about killing my husband and mother and cats and neighbors due to one drug alone. Melanie Stokes would be alive today if she had not been drugged with “FOUR combinations of anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant medications” and repeatedly shocked. I never implied that Carol Blocker agrees with me, it is quite clear she does not. I simply posted the facts about Melanie Stokes. Repeat it enough times and all of your readers will start to think Melanie never got treated for postpartum psychosis just like everyone now believes that Andrea Yates wasn’t treated for PPD.

    As for “Journalism” there is the First Amendment and I have posted nothing false, and you are free to your opinions about my statements. You have a distorted sense of reality and make a God awful lot of freudian slips.

    As a matter of fact I think it would be great if you go ahead and use your blog to post all of the communications you want, so people can read your misstatements and freudian slips and ridiculous statements about me there where your readers would be more likely to believe you.

    I often work late into the night myself as well. I don’t have a problem with it at all, I was just wondering why you posted such a long and hateful comment full of complete fabrications about me and what I have said in response to my posting a very short article about your lie about Melanie Stokes on your blog and about the MOTHERS Act being passed in the Health Care Bill and the Mikulski screening amendment being included.

    This could go on forever, and while I am sure you would like nothing better than to waste more of my time, I have better things to do than argue with someone who has an agenda and no intention of seeing facts and the devastation that is caused by that agenda. By the way, I suppose you forgot about all my friends who lost children TO drugs who will most likely be very offended by your accusation about me and my site that I have no heart and don’t understand. It is my personal mission to save as many babies as possible from drugs. That’s more than I can say for you and your “experts” working on “labors of love” all the time.

    As for your experts, I don’t consider them experts in anything but deception. It is tempting to just ignore you, like I would ignore anyone that I think is not worthy of my time, but one last thing – I have never observed anyone so full of themselves in my entire life. That’s saying a lot considering many of the people I have met.

  8. Whenever anyone puts themself in the public eye to defend voiceless individuals on such a passionate issue,one runs the risk of attracting the fringe of bitter individuals whose resentment of their megaphone, affiliations and commitment trumps their reason and results in a barrage of insults…instead of fighting with facts, you try to blow them away with vindictive rage.

    How do you know that I have not similarly suffered? This is not about you or me or who was hit the worst, it’s about turning things around.

    How would you like it if your face, story and name were used as a poster child FOR the MOTHERS Act despite your vehement opposition? Not one person I know affiliated with supporting this bill would do that out of respect for what you have endured and your commitment to your viewpoint. I would hope your ethics would be similar.

    Once again, you resort to insults rather than spending energy outlining a plan you could support!! We have all heard your ANTI MOTHERS Act postings for years, but have yet to read an outline, counter proposition or proposed legislation from those of you who profess to care so much about helping mothers through such difficulties. Would you seek to extend the ignorance that has resulted in such harm to you and all women who remain unacknowledged or treated? Where is your own proposal for bringing an end to such tragedies?


    1. You obviously have not read my blog. Or my emails to you. The first step in helping women is to give them information, not legislate about their choices. I have offered numerous sources of information on alternative health on this blog and I believe it is the individual’s choice to seek out the options that work for them. This blog is here to expose the lies like those of you and your friends so that people can avoid getting on drugs and get off drugs safely without committing withdrawal-induced suicides and murders. You seem to believe it is your job and the government’s job to invade every mother’s life and find out if she has a postpartum illness and then try to give her your idea of what will help. On the contrary we would be much safer as a country if people would butt out and not disease monger in the first place.

      The fact that you can’t accept the reality of Melanie Stokes does not mean that we do not have a right to use her story of abuse to educate others. Have a nice day Susan. Don’t you have some patients to get back to?

  9. As I’ve said in my articles, Susan Stone is part of the psychopharmaceutical complex, and the Mother’s Act is nothing but a disease mongering scheme to profit off the natural state of motherhood.

    Stone has boosted herself up to being “an expert” on mental disorders without going through the required medical schooling and is profiting big time by using her support of the Mothers Act in free internet advertising complete with links to her treatment center.

    I don’t know about New Jersey, but here in Wisconsin, she would not be allowed to diagnose any mental disorders and bill insurance or Medicaid for her services without a doctor signing off as verifying the diagnosis.

    She says social workers send patients to doctors for medication if they deem it appropriate. In my opinion, that is practicing medicine without a license and it should be stopped.

    Twenty years ago, a general practitioner would not even prescribe psych drugs without a patient seeing a psychiatrist.

    Thanks to the pharmaceutical industry’s take over of the medical profession, doctors in every field of medicine are now pushing psych drugs on the entire population, from infants and toddlers to the old aged, to collect fees for office calls requiring no work other than their signature on a prescription pad.

    Stone and her PPD gang has hit an all time low by constantly posting quotes and bogus studies put out by the highly paid quacks aimed at drugging pregnant and nursing women, and thereby drugging infants with absolutely no voice of their own.

    If people want to hear horror stories and the truth about SSRIs and pregnancy, they should go sit in the Paxil birth defect trials.

    I’ll be putting out several articles soon and they will feature all the sordid details revealed in the trials, and discovery documents obtained in the Multi-District litigation of over 600 Paxil birth defect cases, on the so-called experts that Stone and her gang have been quoting for years.

    The now infamous corrupters of the medical literature on psych drugs and pregnant and nursing mothers have been exposed and they include, among others, Zachery Stowe, Jeffrey Newport, Charles Nemeroff, Nata Stotland, Kimberly Yonkers, Katherine Wisner and Lee Cohen, all of whom have been on Glaxo’s payroll for years.

    I found it interesting that Glaxo had chosen not to have any of these so-called experts testify in this litigation. But in reading the transcripts, the reasons quickly became obvious.

    They were featured as a team of all-stars during the first trial to demonstrate to the jury, step-by-step, how the psych drug makers have corrupted the medical profession in this country, from academics to prescribing doctors to the medical literature.

    And the jury obviously got it.

    In fact, I hear Glaxo is now settling birth defect cases out of court for as much as $4 million in attempt to avoid more of the same public disclosure of their disgusting 15 year history of peddling Paxil to pregnant women and injuring helpless, voiceless, unborn children.

    I’ve never read Stone’s book but I would bet money that the names of a few members of the all-star team are in it.

  10. PPD is a myth as all mental illness. Real issues concerning a pregnant woman’s hardships and hormonal and existential changes are ignored because of this kind of scam. It is shameful to defend and promote psych drugs for pregnant women or mom who have given life. They deserve our love and admiration, not the use of drugs that cause brain dysfunction. We should never, never advocate for the use of these poisons to treat women. For me a pregnant woman is sacred.

    If there is no lab test to confirm an organic abnormality there is no illness to treat. There is no lab test that proves ppd exist. Nor ADHD, nor any mental illness. It’s a medical parody based on ideology, not science.

    Besides as there is separation between church and state, there should be separation between medical establishment and state. Not having that separation each uses each other as an instrument to promote there agendas.

    There is no need for drugs that are not medicine but holistically poisons. This deleterious practice defended with false pretenses of science not only is based on structural obsession that ignores thought (mind over body), it is based on fraud and dogma.

    “Well entrenched ideologies-such as messianic Christianity had been and messianic Psychiatry now is of course, are not easily refuted. Once the basic premises of ideologies are accepted, new observations are perceived in its imagery and articulated in its vocabulary. The result is that while no fresh observation can undermine the belief system, new “facts” generated by the ideology constantly lends further support to it. This was true in the past for the belief in witchcraft and the corresponding prevalence in witches, and it is true today for the belief in mental disease and the corresponding of mental patients.” Thomas Szasz The Manufacture of Madness.

    The only thing the PPD believers have to do is to point towards the lab test that corroborates the existence of PPD. In the meantime they are working against women who can suffer terrible experience during pregnancy and need to find the real whys and not to be mislead by the psychiatric’s tragical prank.

  11. “Whenever anyone puts themself in the public eye to defend voiceless individuals on such a passionate issue,one runs the risk of attracting the fringe of bitter individuals whose resentment of their megaphone, affiliations and commitment trumps their reason and results in a barrage of insults…instead of fighting with facts, you try to blow them away with vindictive rage.”

    That’s right Susan, when I put myself in the public eye to defend voiceless individuals including Melanie Stokes, Andrea Yates’ kids, Indiana Delahunty and Matthew Shultz and the countless other victims of psychiatric treatments who are no longer around and don’t have a chance to use their voices, it does result in people like you trying to shout louder on your megaphone, complete with your affiliations with all those who profit off of telling women that they should go get treatment for mental illness even before they get sick.

    I have yet to see a single fact in any of your posts on this website, other than the fact that you consider yourself superior and think it is your place to make insulting comments towards people killed and injured by the same treatments you advocate. Your comments are so lame and unconvincing and not credible that I am surprised you lacked the judgment not to post them.

    When legislation is proposed to affect all new mothers, American mothers like me and the countless thousands more who are outraged by this invasive effort of yours automatically get to voice our opinions about things that are going to affect us. That’s how it goes in a Democracy.

    1. Nothing enrages me more than the use of the term “voiceless victims” by the disease mongers heading up the Mother’s Act campaign.

      The true voiceless victims, who are my main concern, are the unborn fetuses and the nursing infants.

      They will never address this issue head on.

      Furthermore, I’ve gone on record to say that I am to the point that I am not going to be so forgiving of women who put their children in the womb at risk of death and life-threatening birth defects, simply because they’ve been duped into thinking they have mental disorders by people running disease mongering campaigns like the Mothers Act.

      By now, the information on psych drugs is readily available on the internet and any women who allows herself to be conned into taking psych drugs while pregnant for one of their invented disorders, should not be left off the hook.

      It has always been known that pregnant women should not take any drug unless it was absolutely necessary. The current mass drugging of fetuses by exaggerating not only the seriousness of mental disorders of the mother, but also the benefits of the drugs, has got to stop.

      I calculated the number of pregnant women who took an antidepressant in 2003, using figures cited in a Yonkers paper, and it came out to roughly 520,000 infants being drugged. And that’s only antidepressants.

      These voiceless victims need saved!

  12. Nobody with the kind of experience in writing about this issue that Stone has would make such a blatant misstatement by mistake.

    This statement was a calculated move to mislead readers into believing the Mothers Act is needed to save women from the same fate as Melanie.

    Stone, and the rest of her disinformation gang, are the people who are really sick.

  13. OK, I see the gang’s all here. Let me take five minutes to respond before evening hours begin.

    Please find one post on my blog Evelyn, that quotes a pharmaceutical backed/funded study. As an investigative journalist, isn’t that your job before making such claims? Please share with your readers a single affiliation I have with drug companies, I assume you have meetings, times, dates, places (there are none). Also, please let me and your readers know of any information you have about me and my “buddy” Vitale (whom I have never met. Fire the fact checker!), or any evidence you have that my practice or website has resulted in personal financial benefit to me. (My advocacy efforts are completely volunteer and I will not share the extent of my volunteer activities with mothers and infants because that is between them and me).

    You have no evidence of any of this because all these implications are false. The book is fantastic and I will continue to promote it and others, receiving not one dime.

    I think that is what enrages you most Pringle.

    You would like to find an “angle” on my support of this bill and there is none. Your allegation: It’s helped my career (how exactly? I had a successful career before my involvement and was pulled into this because of my already established professional work). I made more money when I wasn’t on the road doing volunteer advocacy work and leading PSI. Share with us what you think you know about my tax returns and finances. You must have them right in front of you to make such statements, right?

    My only “angle” is that I fervently believe this bill will, most importantly, help PREVENT needless suffering. We social workers have a thing about primary prevention. Do you not share that view? What is your proposal Pringle?

    Also, please quote your source for the false information that licensed clinical social worker needs a doctor to sign off on a diagnosis or treatment plan; they are among the most respected mental health professionals in this country (see NASW website for accurate info)and relied upon by doctors for their unique biopsychosocial perspective. They are licensed for individual private practice, run major hospital mental health programs are researchers, advocates etc…do your homework Pringle you embarassed yourself on this one.

    Please quote one article from my website where I recommend drugs as the first or only treatment or attempt to pursuade mothers to run out and get them. Please specifically substantiate your claims that I am part of a big pharma push with dates, times, names places – not with your misguided conclusions, but with FACTS. Not because I had lunch with this one or got an award from that one but FACTS… meetings, drug agendas which I directed, drug company plans to which I personally and professionally contributed legislative strategy to hookwink America’s mothers.. You must have those facts in your research data, right Pringle?

    As an “investigative reporter” it’s important to maintain journalistic integrity if you want to be credible. Or has that not stopped you in the murky waters of the internet free for all?

    You don’t know me from Adam. You are wasting your time focusing on me because I am neither rich, politically powerful or connected with any vested interest. I am a simple working stiff who teaches, writes and tries to make a small contribution.

    I was amused by your characterization of my practice as a “treatment center”. Wow. I didn’t know I had a treatment center until I read it in your blog. I am a therapist in private practice with a few associates focused on women’s mental health. A regular joe and actually a really nice person. If we met in an elevator and you didn’t know who I was, we’d probably have a great, respectful discussion. As I don’t hold grudges, that chance is still there even for your Pringle (I can just imagine your response to that one)

    Amy says I am full of myself? YUP, I am packed with my pro social agenda, but the credit given to me by all of you would make anyone’s head swell. Credit to me for singlehandedly master minding the passage of this bill would be laughable if it didn’t smack of such intended dishonesty. Yes, I a legend in YOUR own minds.

    In my mind, I am a social worker proud to be working on such critial legislation for women, infants and families. The recognition of my advocacy and teaching by other groups, individuals and organizations is humbling and of course, appreciated, but primarily because of the additional platform it offers to yes, promote the MOTHERS Act and other protective legislation. No surprise there.

    As you have done so in great detail with others you denigrate, surely you have uncovered in your diligent research dates, times and places of my meetings with big drug companies.

    Also please describe for us your own “investigative journalist” credentials and affiliations. Have your articles on even your central issue – pharma abuses, appeared in any respected reference journals? If so, I must have missed them.

    Do you read Archives of Women’s Mental Health or any other major journals on women’s mental health? Do you consider any studies which do not completely support your view? Could this lack of integrity and fact checking be a reason why you have been threatened with lawsuits for libel? (not by me).

    While your agenda regarding the misuse of drugs may have merit in some situations, your attempted, but futile character assassination of the brave women who support this bill reveal that your arsenal is empty in both factual ammunition and integrity.

    So why did I respond? At least there will be one voice here offering a view that might best serve America’s mothers, more info can be found at

    Ladies, please make up your own minds and do your own research. This is too important to be led by one well intended, but biased voice.

    If you are all so passionate about this issue, please put together your own legislative proposal to help women, infants and families with these devastating illnesses. Get your local Congressman to present it and move it forward. Do something constructive and more substantial than hate blogs. Do something concrete for your own supporters.

    Peace OUT

    Susan Stone, MSW, LCSW

    1. I have written plenty about your activities, and I won’t waste my time repeating it all here.

      Anyone who wants to read my investigative reports can find them by placing the words “Stone” “Pringle” “Mothers Act” in quotes just like that in a google search.

      I will ask you to provide a link, or at least the citation to the statute or regulation in Wisconsin or New Jersey, that allows social workers to diagnose mental illnesses and bill insurance or public health programs for their services without a doctor’s signature on the diagnosis.

      I’m quite certain that I could not find a direct money trail to you from a drug company. I readily admit that you are too smart for that. Especially after seeing that I was able track down the money Katherine Stone received from Zoloft maker Pfizer.

      However, the drug money is funneled through groups like Mental Health America, the Bipolar and Depression Support Alliance, NAMI, and all the other front groups that I listed, with amounts of drug money, in my one series of articles.

      The same groups who you posted as the main supporters of the Mothers Act on your website, along with live links to many, if I recall.

      The same groups who are under investigation by the Senate Finance Committee for using the funneled drug money to carry out the various drug peddling schemes over the past two decades in getting half the people on Medicaid and Medicare on psych drugs, and in doing so busting the budgets of public health programs all over the country.

      If you have not seen my work cited by others it’s because you haven’t looked. I’m not about to go round up all the papers.

      Granted, you won’t find citations to my work in the papers put out by the highly paid quacks that you and your ilk have been citing as experts in this field for years and who have also now been exposed by the Senate Finance Committee’s investigation as being paid millions by drug makers to convince more doctors to prescribe more drugs to pregnant and nursing mothers.

      And I am not going to go search your site for the drug company funded studies but I am certain they are there because as I recall, you have posted work by Wisner, Yonkers, Stowe, Newport, and the rest of the gang, and almost all of their work was funded by drug makers.

      Whether they disclosed that fact or not is another thing.

      But it is all coming out in the birth defect litigation, in addition to the ongoing investigation by the Finance Committee, and as I said earlier, I will be putting out reports very soon on the whole sordid affair.

      And now that you mention it, I just might check out your site to match up any bogus studies you may have posted to fit into the portions related to the corruption of medical literature pumped out to physicians to increase the prescribing of SSRIs to pregnant and nursing women.

      I will remind you that my sole purpose in all this is to save the true voiceless victims, the unborn babies and nursing infants.

      You know, the “little people” that you never seem to think are important enough to mention.

      1. One more thing Susan. I forgot to address your comment about me being threatened with a lawsuit for libel.

        I have been reporting on the pharmaceutical industry and the various profiteering schemes for going on 6 years straight. I have probably written over 200 articles.

        Do you really expect people to believe that one of those drug giants wouldn’t have sued me by now if they could find one instance of my publishing false information that would stand up in front of a jury?

        Think again.

        I have been waiting and waiting for such a lawsuit because it would give me the opportunity to conduct discovery to get my hands on documents that have remained out of reach for decades.

        It never happens and it won’t happen because they all know they’d lose and it would only serve my investigative purpose.

        I am not dumb enough to publish anything that would cause me to lose in a libel action. That caution came from knowing that Pharma was just waiting for the day for me to slip up so they could use a lawsuit in attempt to shut me up.

        But if one of your gang thinks they want to take me on, have at it. I would welcome a lawsuit from the Mothers Act crew for the reasons noted above.

  14. Susan, this article I posted has nothing to do with your connection or lack therof to pHARMa, the bill I stated is pharma-friendly, not mother friendly. If you think this is the “gang” you are mistaken. Most of my friends in the gang would never lower themselves down to your level of discourse or give you the satisfaction of attacking them and they are too busy grieving for their children who died because of antidepressants, etc.

    I agree with Evelyn that it is pointless to repeat all of the information in the comments to this article that has been endlessly gathered and published about you and your friends. People might just want to google it. At this point you are simply enjoying wasting our time. Did you get any upticks in your stats yet?

  15. I am familiar with this blog because I am involved in the larger fight against psychoactive medications. Antidepressants, atypical antipsychotics, corticosteroids, anti-anxiety meds…you name it, I believe it is based on flawed, profit-driven pseudoscience. I have never experienced PPD, although I have known women who have. My son, at age 21, was prescribed a corticosteroids to fight the effects of massive exposure to poison ivy. He immediately began having severe mood swings, acting aggressive and losing his temper. The effects lessened but were still present several weeks after he finished the medication. This link was not made at the time but rather perhaps 2 years into my research into the pharmacological industry following his death. My son was a super-achiever and highly popular, an honor student and star athlete. The abrupt change began causing problems for him – he lost his job, dropped out of college, and began fighting with his fiancee and us. I happened to see an ad on TV that asked if a loved one was having the types of problems my son was having. I went to the website and took the test as I thought my son would or should have answered if he had taken it. The recommendation was to seek professional help. I asked my son to take the test. His results were a bit worse than mine had been. His fiancee and I talked, begged, and demanded that he go to our local mental health center. After a few weeks of talking with a psychologist, he was sent to see a psychiatrist with a preliminary diagnosis of major depression. After a precursory review of his record, the psychiatrist gave him a grocery sack of Effexor XR and Seroquel samples with the common admonition that it might take awhile to find the right dosages and/or combinations of medications to treat his symptoms. Thus began the dizzying downward spiral which culminated in my son’s suicide on September 3, 2003. You’ll note that this was before people like Amy, me and many others fought to force the drug manufacturers to admit – in a BLACK BOX WARNING – that the drugs may CAUSE suicidal ideation and actions, aggression, akathisia, insomnia (which leads to more prescriptions and was the reason for my son being given 4eroquel), and other psychotic side effects. The mountain of evidence of the hiding of negative research data, multibillion dollar settlements for wrongful deaths and illegal marketing of these medications, especially to vulnerable populations such as children, elderly, and pregnant women, conflict of interest, workplace and school shootings, familicide, infanticide, soldier suicides, and other atrocities have led to my stance on this issue and my activism. This issue is far larger than just the PPD issue. The Mother’s Act is no more than the latest attempt by pHARMa to be legitimized by Congress.

    1. Terry, thank you for your comment. I agree. I don’t know if you were one of those angels testifying at the FDA hearing in 2004 when I was going through my Zoloft nightmare but I definitely owe my life to you and all the people who have fought for the truth. As do Isaac, my mom and Joel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. We will continue fighting together for all the future potential victims so that they will be able to avoid the tragedy that has happened to your son.

      Unfortunately it seems that most of the people who did testify lost a family member and I was one of the lucky ones who did survive. Talk about voiceless victims. I am thankful I did not lose my life and my voice.

    2. Terry, I am so, so sorry to hear your story. It actually made me cry. Around the same time that your son passed away, I was a mom separated from her newborn baby, in a locked ward being chemically clubbed with a massive cocktail. Don’t give up. I won’t.

    3. Terry, thanks for the great comments and sharing your painful experience.

      The mother’s act crew doesn’t seem to understand that this is not our first trip around the block in fighting back against the profiteering schemes hatched by the pharmaceutical industry through the use of the infamous screening for mental disorder scams.

      As you mentioned, the mothers act is but the latest scheme. It in fact, follows the template of all the others. After 6 years of investigating these schemes they become easy to spot.

  16. Sorry…Social Work is still a lame profession. How can you be an expert on science and finances? I guess I will ask my doctor the next time I go in to adjust my 401K.

    1. It was a “social worker” who did the dirty deed of escorting me to my locked ward in 2004. LCSW: Licensed Clinical Social Worker. A rather glorified position, even less medical and science-based than psychiatry. That’s also saying a lot.

  17. As it was not clear, allow me to note that my son took increasing doses of Effexor XR over the course of 7 weeks before his death. This perios is what is referred to in the patient warnings as the period of time when “activation syndrome” is most apt to occur. This language was also not part of the warnings prior to his death. Again thanks for this increased truthfulness and disclosure is the result of people, like me, Amy, and many others, writing letters, creating and signing petitions, writing blogs, collating information (see for a searchable database of SSRI horror stories), and testifying before the FDA to get this added the the warning that begins with words to the effect that “we THINK” these drugs do such and such for what we “think” is a chemical imbalance. Well, I don’t think these drugs are the wrong answer. I know it.

  18. I think it’s ridiculous for Susan to attack Amy for referencing Melanie’s death when the whole Mother’s Act is built around Melanie’s death. Although her mother may be in support of the legislation, that does not mean that Melanie would support it. I suspect her soul is crying out for the truth to be heard. Regardless, it’s fair to reference Melanie in a debate about the bill named after her.
    I also hate that this bill will likely pass without a true debate due to our corrupt practice of hiding small bills within bigger bills. Few bills are bigger than this massive health care bill which is easily overshadowing the Mother’s Act. I pray that the outcome of the bill’s passage is not nearly as dire as I fear it will be.

    1. Who knows maybe soon they will be able to in New Mexico. Maybe the High School Assistant Principals in charge of discipline can start doling them out during detention too.

  19. I guess there is no logic taught in the Social Work curriculum…you know the curriculum that covers everything from financial counseling to mental health disorders to taking children away from their loving parents…’If you are all so passionate about this issue, please put together your own legislative proposal to help women, infants and families with these devastating illnesses. Get your local Congressman to present it and move it forward. Do something constructive and more substantial than hate blogs.”
    So the only way to communicate your opinions, thoughts, ideas, and research is through Congress? We have to legislate all behaviors? If people knew how to behave and exercised their reasoning abilities, they would not need an elected official to legislate their basic decisions.
    Obviously putting out information and exploring both sides of an issue IS constructive and substantial…the government…which is made up of lawyers and poli sci majors…is not the best source to decide how people address their health issues. Not every woman on the planet has access to biased professional journals that just rehash and argue over points so that people can gain notes to jot on their CVs for tenure and promotion.
    People can use common sense and reasoning.
    Obviously women are experiencing intensified emotions during the physical, hormonal, and mental change of pregnancy and childbirth. Having your body expand and change for 10 months and then send out another human being into the world is intense…not an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to profiteer because women don’t behave and quiet down and act how men want them to.

    I forgot to sign this with my state license that says I can’t prescribe medicine.

    1. MH. AMEN!

      We don’t need any legislation to address this matter because it is a non-issue. If the right to privacy doesn’t cover motherhood, then it covers nothing.

      I for one don’t want the government forcing me to submit to screening for invented disorders just because I was unlucky enough to become pregnant in this country.

      In fact, I can’t wait to see what happens when they try to enforce this law, if it’s passed, and they tell women they have to undergo screenings.

      Coming from a family of 3 sisters, 2 daughters, and 3 nieces, who have all agreed that they would never submit to this kind of intrusion under any circumstances, I can’t wait to see how other women react.

      Over the past year, every time I’ve spoken to a women I know, I’ve asked whether they would submit to a screening if this kind of law was passed, and every single one said no way.

      Had I known that there was a chance in hell that the mothers act would pass, I would have kept records to announce my findings.

  20. When you are trying to describe yourself to an interviewer, use words that are less common.
    Everyone uses words like “dependable” and “motivated.” You
    want to appear like you are worlds ahead of the other candidates, so using the same words as everyone else will not give you that opportunity.

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