FDA “Yes Man” to Electroshock?

“I am still more frightened by the fearless power in the eyes of my fellow psychiatrists than in the powerless fear in the eyes of their patients.” – R.D. Laing

Well for the past couple of months I guess you could say it seems like nearly everyone in the world seems to be on autopilot between the Holiday festivities, shopping, and getting back to work for the new year. It sure makes it easy to miss out on everything that is going on such as Harry Reid calling for a vote on a  brand new health care bill the week of Christmas and holding the final Senate vote in the wee morning hours of Christmas Eve. One of my weaknesses in life has seemed to be over-trusting people which you could say led me to accept antidepressants days after my son’s birth. You would think scientists at the FDA who deal daily with studies from the drug industry and medical device companies and regularly have to consider the efficacy and safety of products would give something like electrocution of the brain a second look and not just blindly give it a stamp of approval. But after decades of electroshock being used on patients from Melanie Stokes to Ernest Hemingway and decades of protest over the resulting suicides and irreversible brain damage, the FDA is making its move to declare Electroshock devices safe without any testing whatsoever.

If I want to make money, all I have to do is find a way to torture a person inside of a mental ward, declare it therapeutic and ask the FDA to help me?

Here is an alert from MindFreedom on the topic. Thanks also to Jim Gottstein and all of the other activists who have been posting this commenting opportunity online for everyone for the past few weeks. Let’s not let the excuse of having missed out during the Holidays stop us from commenting now, we still have all of today and tomorrow to comment.

MindFreedom International – http://www.mindfreedom.org
United Independent Activism in Mental Health – please forward
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Your Last Chance — Spread the Word for Last Minute Blitz!

Deadline is *Tomorrow* Friday, 8 January 2010, at 11:59 pm EST

Demand the USA Investigate the Electroshock Device

It Takes Seconds for You to Comment Via the Web

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has *never* investigated the
psychiatric device used for electroshock or Electroconvulsive Therapy

Instead of doing their job, the FDA is proposing re-labeling the shock
device “low risk.”

You have only one more day to say “no” to the FDA’s proposed
reclassification from Class III to Class II.

FDA deadline for web comments is *tomorrow* Friday, 8 January 2010,
11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. (Or postal mail comments must be
postdated by that date.)

This could be your last chance for an official comment to the FDA
about electroshock for a long time.

The FDA says that quantity counts!



Go directly to the FDA web comment page about electroshock here:


At the least say,

“I oppose the FDA’s proposed reclassification of the ECT device to
Class II. The FDA should investigate the ECT device for safety and
effectiveness. The FDA should call for Pre-Market Approval
Applications for the device.”

Of course, if you add specific reasons and evidence, that is even

But at the *very* least register YOUR public opposition to FDA rubber
stamping electroshock, NOW!


See the MindFreedom Gateway “Say ‘No!’ to FDA Rubber Stamp!”, click



URGENT — PLEASE FORWARD this last-minute news alert to all supportive
people on and off Internet.

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