HeART Auction: Art Auction for Paxil Heart Defect Victims

UPDATE – AUCTION HERE: http://myworld.ebay.com/iowajulz/

Attention Art Lovers!

You may know the story of Manie, the baby born with Transposition of the Great Arteries (video link – see also: footage of Manie crying after his air tube was removed – mom unable to hold him as a newborn –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHuCMcnihj8). The family has a case pending against GSK for Manie’s heart defect caused by Paxil, a case which is not moving quickly… and medical travel expenses for Manie are hitting the family hard.

Currently dad Russell is looking for work and Julie is unable to work due to caring for Manie and her other kids. The family is now auctioning off some of their artwork. Check back for updates and additional photos, paintings, and other artwork being submitted for auction.

Ten percent of the sales will be donated back to the UNITE / MADNAP cause for public awareness to help save other babies. For more information on how we utilize donations send an email to amy@uniteforlife.org.

To donate commissioned artwork or other goods to this auction, contact Julie & Russell at give2manie@yahoo.com.

We welcome artwork by children or adults, professional or not. Any other items you would like to donate to the family for an auction, as well as direct monetary donations, are appreciated. The auction will most likely run on eBay through December 25.

Here are some samples of the amazing artwork by Julie & Russell (stay tuned for updates):

Who’s America


My Nightmare by Julie

Heart of Gold by Russell and Julie

2 thoughts on “HeART Auction: Art Auction for Paxil Heart Defect Victims

    1. They are in a constant battle for spin control, check out the B.S. in the MOTHERS Act disease mongerers’ websites – Postpartum Progress, Unexpected Blessing, etc. They are in serious denial and do the drug companies’ bidding. ABC did this with a story about Heather Armstrong (DOOCE) taking Prozac during pregnancy.

      The ACOG / APA took an AMA report that said there was serious harm from antidepressants to babies and twisted it by polishing it up into a “recommendation” for what to do for depressed pregnant moms, watered it down, then fed it to the media as though the drugs are safe, the media then found doctors to say the drugs are safe. Check out some of the posts on this page – under top posts – What the Media Doesn’t Say About Antidepressants and Pregnancy, and others.

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