Green Mental Health Care Petition

From Genita Petralli:

Sign this petition to show your support in making non-toxic, non drug-centric Green Mental Health Care strategies the first course of action for today’s epidemic mental health conditions. Mental Health Care should be held to the ethical creed, “First, Do No Harm” and should be driven by positive patient outcomes!

Functional Medicine and many other respected bodies of medicine have established that over 90% of today’s mental health issues have an underlying PHYSICAL cause such as hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, allergies, toxic exposures, damage done by food chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals, and many other assaults created by today’s over stimulating and toxic environment. None of these conditions nor the root cause of a person’s symptoms that earn them diagnostic labels such as ADD/HD, depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar, schizophrenic are explored and treated. Instead, toxic assault in the guise of medicine is used 99 out of 100 times a person visits a psychiatrist and many times that diagnosis and prescription is determined in just 30 minutes or less!

For every mental health symptom plaguing our society today there are many Green, non-toxic approaches that have been proven to be far more effective (superior patient outcomes) at a fraction of the cost.
By signing this petition you express your support in our public medical practices ensuring that all non-toxic, and non-invasive mental health strategies are exhausted before life threatening and debilitating drugs are considered. And that the patient must sign an “informed consent” acknowledging that they have been advised as to the documented negative side effects, diseases and deaths the drug is associated with so that the person may truly consider committing to a Green Mental Health Strategy before accepting the risks involved with psychotropic drugs.

Psychiatric Drugs are associated with:

– Every mass school shooting
– Suicide
– Domestic Violence
– Violent Crimes
– Increased incarcerations
– Increased emergency room visits and hospitalizations
– Costly county support services for those debilitated by the drugs
– Car accidents
– Obesity, diabetes, cancer, aneurisms, stroke, heart attack, degenerative disease, birth defects, anxiety, depression, fatigue, panic, fear, loss of quality of life, drug withdrawal syndrome to name just a few and a documented early mortality rate of 25 years.

This pseudo medical model is costing tax payers billions of dollars yearly and is not producing positive patient outcomes. You have to get off drugs to get well. It is a for-profit treatment for life business model, not a consumer, curative patient outcome business model.

The government continues to pour billions of dollars into this treatment methodology without requesting and monitoring performance criteria. If the model worked, there would be less people in the system yearly. Not hundreds of thousands more.

DARE TO SAY NO TO DRUGS! Sign this petition to show your support for non-toxic, evidence based Green Mental Health Care therapies being the first strategy for mental illness.

This includes but is not limited to those systems that have now proven themselves in 3 counties:

– Laboratory testing of the major neuroendocrine systems responsible for mental health
– Laboratory testing for toxic exposures to pesticides, food chemicals etc…
– Education regarding toxic exposures in food chemicals such as Aspartame, MSG and over 1500 others
– Allergy testing
– Identification of toxic exposures and detoxification strategies such as chelation therapies and other aggressive detoxification strategies for pesticide accumulation
– Expert counseling – psychology and life practice coaching systems such as Integral Life Practice and Integral Recovery – proven effective counseling should be provided at every stage of a person’s healing journey
– Spiritual development

– Meditation
– Community participation
– Career development and guidance
– Nutritional education
– Nutritional supplementation – targeted nutritional therapies proven to alleviate and dismiss symptoms
– Exercise

– Tai Chi, Qi Qong, Yoga
– EFT, NLP, Biofeedback, HeartMath
– Acupuncture
– Chiropractic
– Discontinuance of treating drug addiction with legal drugs, usually the legal synthetic versions of the very same illegal drug they were using. It is criminal to give addictive drugs to a person that has demonstrated any level of propensity for addictive substances. This is bold face profiteering from an easy market!

There are many, many more adjuvant therapies to elimination of toxic substances, good nutrition, sunlight, water, detoxification, and exercise that are not listed here but have proven to be valuable in achieving full recovery from mental health conditions and it is the responsibility of our government to use tax payer money to offer and provide those services in the public health sector that do not pose health risks and possible death and instead provide solutions known to increase quality of life and success rates.

It is imperative that we refocus mental health strategies away from mind-numbing, disease and death causing methodologies as the pharmaceutical companies are acquiring so much power in our government that US citizens are now being force drugged- including our children. As soon as the people began educating themselves and turning away from psych drugs, the drug companies targeted children- especially foster children, pregnant women, and the elderly in convalescent homes whom they feel society is least concerned about. These populations are now facing forced and coerced drugging meaning that human rights such as education and other medical services are being denied if they do not comply. Other people that want to get off are being threatened by their doctors with hospital admission- psychiatric incarceration. Parents are losing their children to foster home and being charged for medical neglect and child endangerment for refusing to give thier children psychiatric drugs that have been linked to child suicide, diabetes, sudden death, obesity and violence.

Sign the petition to help us show congress that the American people want non-toxic medical care to be our first option and have those options provided in our public medical health care facilities and community services.

Remember, medical practice and philosophy is supposed to be rooted in “First, Do No Harm”! Bring the Care back in Mental Health Care – say no to Pharma profits and medical regulations and YES to Green Mental Health Care for all citizens!

We will seek congressional support for this change and are currently drafting a Green Mental Health Care Bill. Your signature will be used to show your support for that Bill which will embody what is expressed in this petition.

Shine, brothers and sisters, SHINE!
Genita Petralli H.H.P., N.C., M.H.

HeART Auction: Art Auction for Paxil Heart Defect Victims


Attention Art Lovers!

You may know the story of Manie, the baby born with Transposition of the Great Arteries (video link – see also: footage of Manie crying after his air tube was removed – mom unable to hold him as a newborn – The family has a case pending against GSK for Manie’s heart defect caused by Paxil, a case which is not moving quickly… and medical travel expenses for Manie are hitting the family hard.

Currently dad Russell is looking for work and Julie is unable to work due to caring for Manie and her other kids. The family is now auctioning off some of their artwork. Check back for updates and additional photos, paintings, and other artwork being submitted for auction.

Ten percent of the sales will be donated back to the UNITE / MADNAP cause for public awareness to help save other babies. For more information on how we utilize donations send an email to

To donate commissioned artwork or other goods to this auction, contact Julie & Russell at

We welcome artwork by children or adults, professional or not. Any other items you would like to donate to the family for an auction, as well as direct monetary donations, are appreciated. The auction will most likely run on eBay through December 25.

Here are some samples of the amazing artwork by Julie & Russell (stay tuned for updates):

Who’s America


My Nightmare by Julie

Heart of Gold by Russell and Julie

New Poll: Vote for or against HR 3962!

Go to the UNITE website and participate in the polls on the right side of the page. A new poll asks if you think the House should pass the new health care bill that is scheduled for a vote on Saturday. Scroll to the bottom.

The U.S. House should pass health care bill HR 3962 containing The MOTHERS Act.


Reps Should Remove Dangerous Psycho-Pharma Agenda From House Health Bill

I have taken the information provided in the previous post regarding the new House Health Care bill, and put it in a printable fax. There is also a link to the MOTHERS Act information on this website inserted into the fax. Please take action ASAP.

Here is a link to a printable PDF to sign, address and fax to your representative:

If you do not have a PDF reader installed you can download this Word document:

Re: The MOTHERS Act – If you also wish to fax in information on that bill specifically, the PDF is here:

To find your Representative and get their contact information, go to to look them up (you need to enter your zip code). You can also call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.