Minnesota Congresswoman Introduces Bill to Deny Pfizer & Other Criminals Federal Funding

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Congresswoman: Deny Pfizer Any Federal Funding

By Ed Silverman // October 19th, 2009 // 5:24 pm


Now that Pfizer agreed to pay $2.3 billion for illegally marketing several drugs, including Bextra, Zyvox, Geodon and Lyrica, over several years, one Congresswoman wants to punish stop such behavior – at least among those that do business with the federal government (background is here).

And so Betty McCollum, a Democrat from Minnesota, has introduced a bill that prohibits companies with a felony conviction from receiving any federal funding for five years after a conviction; prohibits corporate felons from making federal campaign contributions for five years, and limits the lobbying the corporation can do during that period to $1 million.

She calls her legislation the ACORN Act, or Against Corporations Organizing to Rip-off the Nation Act of 2009. Why? A significant target of recent Congressional action is the better-known ACORN, a non-profit that trains and advocates for poor and working-class Americans. Over the past 15 years, ACORN has received $53 million in federal funds. By contrast, Pfizer won $73 million in federal contracts in 2007, as The Nation notes, but has largely escaped Congressional wrath.

In her view, corporate felons rip-off taxpayers, shower contributions on congress and continue to cash in on federal contracts. So she wants to ‘defund corporate cooks.’ And she singles out Pfizer. In her bill, the section listing ‘Additional Definitions’ notes that any company “includes Pfizer, Pharmacia & Upjohn Company Inc. and any Pfizer-related affiliate.” And the bill specifically mentions any felony of the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act as an example of a felony violation by a company. Hint, hint.

“Why are companies that break the law as a business strategy allowed to receive taxpayer funds?” McCollum tells the mag. “A government contract is a privilege, not a right. If a company commits a felony against the people of the United States, then that privilege must end.”

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Kilker v. GSK Documents Available for Download

Sadly I have not had the chance to read all of these yet so I can’t tell you what’s in them but according to Fiddy it’s some pretty amazing stuff. I encourage you to download and read the documents in the Kilker v. GSK trial in which the jury found GSK guilty and ordered a $2.5 million verdict for the heart defect they caused that poor little boy.

Download here.

Ron Paul’s Parental Consent Act of 2009: Contact Your Reps!

Please contact your Representative in Congress and ask them to sponsor H.R. 2218,  The Parental Consent Act of 2009.

Here is a link to the bill text: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h111-2218

Here is a great article by Dr. John Breeding explaining the background of the bill and the Bush Administration’s “New Freedom Commission on Mental Health” which Dr. Breeding appropriately coins the “No Freedom” commission.

To take action against specific Orwellian psychiatric programs included in recent versions of the Federal Health legislation, see this link:

Senate Nixes Public Disclosure of Revised Health Care Language – Take Action.

For more background on some of the bills now coming up in Congress to fulfill the goals of the “Freedom Commission” see:



October 15 is Infant and Child Death Awareness and Prevention Day

As October 15 approaches (next Thursday) I want to ask all readers, what are you specifically doing to help save a baby’s life? Regular readers of this blog know the problems caused by psychiatric drugs but new readers may not know of all the risks. Aside from the risk of birth defects with antidepressants we have babies dying in utero or being stillborn or miscarried about twice as often as babies not exposed to antidepressants. Here is a stillbirth article from 2006, you can find others if you do a google search: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4886762.stm

I hope everyone will think of something that they can do over the next week to honor these babies, and either complete it by October 15 or start on October 15. You have the power to make a difference and save a baby’s life and save a family from tragedy.

For those who have lost children, The MISS Foundation is a wonderful source of support. Please consider donating to The MISS Foundation to support their efforts in advocacy, research, and education to reduce infant and child mortality.

October 15th is Infant and Child Death Awareness and Prevention Day. We honor all the children who died too soon, and the families who suffer in their absence. Together, we heal and transcend our place in the world…

The MISS Foundation provides crisis support and long term aid to families after the death of a child.

The following video covers Dr. Joanne Cacciatore’s advocacy through The MISS Foundation in successfully passing The Missing Angels Bill into law in many states. This law allows grieving parents to have a certificate of birth resulting in a stillbirth, not simply death certificates for their babies.

Her goal is to have every state pass such a law. If you can share this with your state legislators please do so. For more information on the status of this campaign throughout the U.S., go to http://www.missingangelsbill.org/

The Missing Angels Bill in Tennessee needs your support. Go here for a one click form to send yours in!: http://www.missingangelsbill.org/support.php?se_id=26