Gestational Diabetes, Midwifery, Antidepressants & Infant Death

Please read this post on Christian Delahunty’s blog

Gestational Diabetes? Our bittersweet results…

I find it sad that it is so hard to find a midwife who understands the dangers of antidepressants for pregnancy. But even more difficult to grasp is how people can be so cold when dealing with parents who have lost their children to antidepressants. What is this world coming to?

If you lose a child to cancer, you never expect people to say stuff like “Sometimes kids just die” or “Your baby did not die from cancer” or “So would you like a higher dose of drugs” – no, you expect them to have compassion and understanding and sympathy. Why is it hard for people to have sympathy when someone dies from antidepressants? Instead of instantly jumping to defend the drugs, perhaps people should think about how it would feel to have the same thing happen to you.

Unfortunately I have experienced similar responses any time this subject gets brought up. I suppose that it’s beyond comprehension for people to deal with a “medication” killing someone. Or perhaps it’s only something with psychiatric drugs? I can’t imagine if I told you my grandmother died from Vioxx that anyone would start jumping to defend Vioxx.

Wake up people.

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