2 thoughts on “Michael Moore: Psychiatric Drugs and Columbine

  1. It is the end of days for psychiatry and big pharma. It is time that the hoodwinked populations of Earth realize that psychiatry is bogus, and big pharma, in bed with the FDA, are completely pulling the wool over our eyes. Michael is very right to be asking these very legitimate questions. The shackles of mankind will be found within the pretend science of psychiatry. If you think psychiatry has nothing to do with you, you are very wrong. It has pervaded our culture in countless ways. It is time for it to come to an end.

  2. psychiatry a made up profession for the benefit of a few continental quacks , now forced upon millions with difficult to dignose immune related
    diseases, giving them no hope of recovery.
    all mental disorders are due to a chemical
    imbalence in the brain through an underlying
    illness .
    only a tiny fraction of disorders are due to injury or
    malformation at birth still psychiatrists have no
    it is in there nature and interest to claim all the
    patients symptoms are within there realm of
    they claim success in most cases,nonsense.
    most mental illness is relatively short term a self
    righting mechanism or we would have had millions
    mental cases walking the streets eighty years ago.
    so the majority of there patients have to sit talking
    to these charlatans given addictive drugs when
    it takes a bit longer thay would like.
    and the only case for these drugs are such as bereavement where people want to put there lives on hold till the pain subsides,this could be administered by lower paid councilors with a years training. not these leaches

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