SSRI Stories: Violence, Murder, Suicide – Mothers & Antidepressants

Suicides Antidepressants 2008-01-23 Indiana Mother & Daughter Commit Suicide Together
Death Zoloft 1994-03-10 Colorado Mother & Daughter Die:Both Used Zoloft: Either Suicide or Confusion During Bad Weather
Child Abandonment Med for Depression 2004-02-10 Texas Mother Abandons Child in National Forest: Tries to Kill Self
Violence Antidepressant Withdrawal 2003-10-10 Wales Mother Attacks Son
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 1994-10-04 New York Mother Attemps to Set her 6 Year Old Daughter on Fire
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2007-04-10 California Mother Attempts To Drown her 2 Children: One Day Withdrawal
Murder Attempt Antidepressant 2003-01-24 Maine Mother Attempts to Drown Her Two Children
Murder Attempt Antidepressant 2006-12-29 Washington Mother Attempts to Kill 10 Year Old Daughter & Self
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 1994-04-25 New York Mother Attempts to Kill 13 Year Old Daughter
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2000-12-07 Florida Mother Attempts to Kill 2 Children & Self
Murder Attempt-Suicide Attempt Prozac 2002-11-08 Maine Mother Attempts to Kill 7 Year Old Son & Herself
Murder-Suicide Attempt Lexapro 2006-02-24 Pennsylvania Mother Attempts to Kill Children and Self
Murder Attempt-Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2005-08-03 Indiana Mother Attempts to Kill Daughter & Self
Murder Attempt Antidepressants* 2004-01-23 Ohio Mother Attempts to Kill her Two Children
Murder Attempt & Arson Med For Depression 2009-07-08 Michigan Mother Attempts to Kill her Two Children & Self: Also Sets House on Fire
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2008-12-02 Michigan Mother Attempts to Kill her Two Children & Set House on Fire
Murder Attempt/Arson Med For Depression 2009-05-13 Michigan Mother Attempts to Kill her Two Children: Then Sets the House on Fire
Murder Attempt – Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 1992-12-31 Connecticut Mother Attempts to Kill her Two Little Girls: Attempts Suicide
Murder Attempt-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2005-06-06 New York Mother Attempts to Kill Two Kids & Self
Murder Attempt Prozac 1998-04-10 California Mother Attempts to Murder her Two Young Daughters
Battery Med For Depression 2007-04-07 Illinois Mother Attempts to Overmedicate Son
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2008-06-02 New York Mother Attempts to Suffocate her 7 Month Old Daughter
Murder Threat Med For Depression 2007-09-04 Australia Mother Attempts to Throw 5 Year Old Daughter from Bridge
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2007-07-30 India Mother Burns Three Children & Self to Death
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 1995-11-08 Wisconsin Mother Burns to Death her Two Children & Herself
Suicide SSRIs 2008-11-08 California Mother Campaigns with Stop Foundation After Suicide of Son
Murder Antidepressants 2009-06-24 North Dakota Mother Charged with Killing her Newborn Infant
Suicide Med for Depression 2006-05-14 Minnesota Mother Commits Suicide After Hallucinating
Death Antidepressant Withdrawal 2007-09-23 England Mother Dies of Neurological Disorder Probably Caused by Having Antidepressant Stopped
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2000-03-18 Illinois Mother Drives her Two Children & Self into Lake
Murder Med for Depression 2006-08-19 Canada Mother Drowns 8 Year Old Son: Arraigned in Vermont
Murder Med for Depression 2002-04-13 Ohio Mother Drowns Her 3 Year Old Twins
Murder Antidepressant 2007-10-19 Australia Mother Drowns her 5 Year Old Son
Murder Paxil 2007-12-28 California Mother Drowns her 7 Month Old Daughter
Murder Med For Depression 2007-10-02 Ohio Mother Drowns Her Two Young Daughters
Child Endangerment Paxil 2006-09-14 Ohio Mother Drugs her Children
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2000-05-04 Arkansas Mother Executed for Killing her Two Children
Child Endangerment Antidepressant 2009-01-16 California Mother Gives Her 5 Year Old Daughter Brownies Laced with Marijuana
Aggravated Child Abuse Med For Depression 2008-06-05 Florida Mother Hits Son With Flat Part of Sword
Felony Antidepressants 2009-07-21 Canada Mother Illegally Sells Oxycodone in Front of Teenaged Son: No Previous Criminal Record
Stabbing Med for Depression 2006-12-01 Connecticut Mother Injures her Three Children
Murder-Suicide Zoloft 1998-10-02 Utah Mother Kills 12 Year Old Daughter & Self
Murder Antidepressant 2004-08-01 Australia Mother Kills 15 Year Old Daughter
Murder Prozac Withdrawal 2000-02-03 Texas Mother Kills 15 Year Old Daughter: Wounds Son 13
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 2005-03-24 Pennsylvania Mother Kills 2 of her Children: Commits Suicide: Recent Withdrawal
Murder-Suicide Paxil 2005-05-11 Colorado Mother Kills 2 Sons & Self
Murder Antidepressant Withdrawal 2006-04-22 Michigan Mother Kills 23 Year Old Daughter
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2000-07-13 Iowa Mother Kills 3 Children & Self
Murder Med For Depression 2009-02-07 Connecticut Mother Kills 3 Month Old Daughter: Possible Withdrawal Case
Murder Med For Depression 1994-04-29 Ohio Mother Kills 3 Year Old Son
Murder Med for Depression 1992-10-30 California Mother Kills 4 Year Old Daughter: Also Involved Alcohol
Murder Antidepressants 2005-02-15 Australia Mother Kills 4 Year Old Son
Murder Antidepressant 2005-04-14 Michigan Mother Kills 4 Year Old Son
Murder/Suicide Attempt Antidepressant {Elavil} 2006-03-03 Illinois Mother Kills 6 Year Old
Murder-Suicide Paxil 2005-02-26 New Hampshire Mother Kills 6 Year Old Daughter & Self
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2005-03-04 Oklahoma Mother Kills 6 Year Old Son: Attempts Suicide
Murder Antidepressant Withdrawal 2007-09-24 Virginia Mother Kills 6 Year Old Son: Featured on Oprah Winfrey Show: Possible Withdrawal Case
Murder Bipolar Meds 2007-02-08 Nevada Mother Kills 7 Year Old Daughter: Injures 8 Year Old Son
Murder Prozac 2006-11-15 New York Mother Kills 9 Year Old Son: Then Leaps in Front of Train: Survives
Murder; Suicide Attempt Effexor 2005-12-14 Oregon Mother Kills Baby Daughter; Stabs Self
Murder Prozac Withdrawal 2009-07-21 Maryland Mother Kills Child: Went Off Prozac 6 Weeks Earlier Because Prozac Was Making Her Suicidal
Murder Antidepressant 2007-01-24 Massachusetts Mother Kills Daughter in 1990: Seeks Parole in 2007
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med for Depression 2005-02-08 New Jersey Mother Kills Daughter: Then Attempts Suicide
Murder Antidepressants 2008-05-29 Ohio Mother Kills her 11 Month Old Daughter
Murder Antidepressants 2009-07-22 England Mother Kills her 2 Year Old: Denies Charge: Trial in Progress
Murder-Suicide Prozac Withdrawal 1991-11-17 Utah Mother Kills her 3 Children & Herself in Two-Week Withdrawal
Murder-Suicide Celexa 2007-10-30 Utah Mother Kills her 3 Children & Self
Murder Antidepressant 2004-10-30 California Mother Kills her 4 Year Old Daughter
Murder Paxil 2004-03-10 Florida Mother Kills her 4 Year Old Twin Sons
Murder Antidepressants 2009-03-03 Belgium Mother Kills Her 5 Children: Recent Withdrawal: Happened Jan 2nd, 2007
Murder Med For Depression 2007-11-06 Australia Mother Kills her 6 Month Old Baby
Murder Med For Depression 2008-11-14 North Carolina Mother Kills her 7 Month Old Child
Murder Med for Depression 2000-11-22 North Carolina Mother Kills her 8 Year Old Son
Murder-Suicide Celexa 2008-12-19 England Mother Kills Her Disabled Son & Herself
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2008-08-01 England Mother Kills her Five Old Year Son and Herself
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 1994-11-04 Florida Mother Kills her Three Children & Herself
Murder & Arson Celexa Withdrawal 1999-05-14 Texas Mother Kills her Two Children
Murder Antidepressants 2005-07-20 Indiana Mother Kills her Two Children
Murder Prozac 1990-05-05 Virginia Mother Kills her Two Children
Murder Zoloft 2008-05-22 Australia Mother Kills Her Two Children
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1997-09-07 Vermont Mother Kills her Two Children & Self
Murder-Suicide Zoloft 2007-08-27 Texas Mother Kills her Two Children, Husband & Self
Murder-Suicide Attempted Med For Depression 2007-08-01 Massachusetts Mother Kills her Two Children: Attempts Suicide
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med for Depression 2003-09-25 Nevada Mother Kills her Two Children: Attempts Suicide
Murder Prozac 2003-01-05 Massachusetts Mother Kills her Two Children: Attempts Suicide: Also Involved 2nd Antidepressant, Desyrel
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1991-10-14 California Mother Kills her Two Daughters & Herself
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1995-10-21 Indiana Mother Kills her Two Sons & Self
Murder-Suicide Lexapro 2007-01-23 Arizona Mother Kills her Two Year Old & Herself
Murder-Suicide Attempted Antidepressants 1994-01-12 Minnesota Mother Kills Her Two Year Old Daughter: Then Attempts to Kill Self
Murder Effexor 2004-02-27 Pennsylvania Mother Kills her Two Young Children
Murder Antidepressants 2009-01-08 Georgia Mother Kills Her Two Young Children
Murder Med For Depression 2009-04-07 England Mother Kills her Two Young Children
Murder Antidepressants 2009-03-09 Belgium Mother Kills Her Two Young Children: Attempts Suicide: Happened in 2008
Murder Celexa 2007-12-11 Washington Mother Kills Infant Daughter
Murder Zoloft 2009-06-10 Texas Mother Kills One Child: Critically Wounds Another
Murder Antidepressant 2001-09-03 Florida Mother Kills One Son: Injures Two Other Sons
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2008-07-24 Washington Mother Kills Son & Self: Change in Antidepressant Med a Week Before the Shooting
Murder Zoloft 2005-04-19 North Carolina Mother Kills Son: Attempts to Kill Daughter
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 1993-04-09 Tennessee Mother Kills Two Children & Self
Death Med For Depression 2007-05-30 Belgium Mother Leaves Baby in Hot Car
Child Abandonment Med For Depression 2008-08-27 England Mother Leaves Child Alone So the Mother Can Go Partying
Murder Attempt Prozac 2007-12-10 Indiana Mother Misdiagnosed with Depression Tries to Kill Infant
Murder Antidepressant 2008-05-06 Wisconsin Mother Murders 2 Year Old Son
Murder Zoloft 2006-05-25 Illinois Mother Murders 34 Year Old Daughter
Murder Antidepressant Withdrawal 2003-07-23 Florida Mother Murders 4 Year Old Daughter
Murder Antidepressants 1993-04-07 Illinois Mother Murders 4 Year Old Daughter
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2002-11-22 Washington Mother Murders 5 Year Old Daughter: Attempts Suicide
Murder Antidepressants 2008-04-01 England Mother Murders 5 Year Old Son: Attempts to Kill Herself
Murder Med for Depression 2002-04-26 Ireland Mother Murders 8-Year-Old Son
Murder/Possible Suicide Med for Depression 2006-04-17 England Mother Murders Autistic Son
Murder Antidepressant 2003-05-31 California Mother Murders Baby
Murder Zoloft 1997-07-30 Oregon Mother Murders her 22 Month Old Daughter
Murder Zoloft 2000-06-29 California Mother Murders Her 4 Daughters
Murder Antidepressant 2008-09-12 England Mother Murders her 4 Year Old Daughter
Murder Med for Depression 2003-02-14 Washington Mother Murders Her 5 Year Old Daughter
Murder Med For Depression 2005-04-15 Virginia Mother Murders her 6 Year Old Son: Possible Withdrawal Case
Murder Med for Depression 2003-09-24 Texas Mother Murders her 9 Year Old Daughter
Murder Effexor 2007-10-16 California Mother Murders her 9 Year Old Son
Murder Lexapro 2007-12-15 Indiana Mother Murders Her Adopted Baby
Murder Prozac 2001-05-06 Connecticut Mother Murders her Family
Murder Zoloft 1999-12-17 Illinois Mother Murders her Three Children
Murder Paxil 2002-08-27 Montana Mother Murders Her Two Childrren
Murder Antidepressant 2002-12-04 Illinois Mother Murders One Child: Injures Another
Murder Zoloft 2003-07-01 New York Mother Murders One Child: Injures Another
Murder Antidepressants 2003-05-09 Michigan Mother Murders Only Child, a 22 Year Old Daughter
Child Abuse Zoloft 2003-02-14 Florida Mother Neglects Baby in Car
Child Endangerment Effexor 2008-04-20 Florida Mother Neglects Children: Drives Into Ditch: Also Involved Seroquel & Alcohol
Child Endangerment Paxil 2007-02-09 Massachusetts Mother Of 4 Year Old Who Died of Drugs Overdose Was On Paxil
Suicide Antidepressants 2007-03-19 England Mother of Two Commits Suicide
Murder Antidepressants 2009-07-30 Spain Mother On Med For Depression Kills Daughter’s Rapist 9 Years Later: Sets Him On Fire
Murder Antidepressant 2008-05-23 Ohio Mother Poisons her 11 Month Old Daughter
Child Endangerment Paxil 2008-04-14 Florida Mother Puts Child in Danger: Also Involved Alcohol
Injury To Child Bipolar Meds Withdrawal 2007-09-16 Texas Mother Set 3 Daughters & Self on Fire
Arson & Child Endangerment Paxil 2005-08-12 Illinois Mother Set House on Fire with 6 Year Old Son Inside
Arson/Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2007-12-06 Australia Mother Set House on Fire With Son Inside
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-05-04 England Mother Sets Self on Fire
Murder Med For Depression 1991-11-18 Georgia Mother Shoots & Kills Daughter
Murder Med for Depression 2003-04-04 Connecticut Mother Shoots 4 Year Old Daughter
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1998-09-09 Michigan Mother Shoots 8 Year Old Son & Self
Murder Prozac 1999-08-15 Florida Mother Shoots her Daughter
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 1999-07-14 Tennessee Mother Shoots her Two Children & Self
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1998-06-05 Michigan Mother Shoots her Two Children & Sister
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 2001-07-10 Tennessee Mother Shoots her Two Teen-Aged Children & Herself
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2004-12-31 North Carolina Mother Shoots Two Children & Self
Murder Antidepressant Withdrawal 2003-06-25 Massachusetts Mother Smothers 4 Year Old Daughter
Murder Antidepressants 2009-05-19 Australia Mother Smothers Her One-Month Old Baby: Possible Change of Med or Withdrawal
Child Endangerment Prozac 2007-09-14 Indiana Mother Spikes Her Daughters Applesauce with Prozac for 6 Months
Murder Attempt Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-04-03 Massachusetts Mother Stabs 2 Year Old Daughter with Scissors
Murder Med For Depression 2009-05-04 Louisiana Mother Stabs To Death her Two Children: Possible Withdrawal Case
Murder Antidepressants 2003-05-05 California Mother Suffocates 7 Year Old Son
Murder Prozac 1998-03-01 California Mother Suffocates her 3 Children
Arson & Murder Attempt Med for Depression 2004-06-24 Florida Mother Torches House with her Children Inside
Murder Attempt-Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2007-04-27 Indiana Mother Tries to Electrocute her Daughter & Herself
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2007-04-24 Wisconsin Mother Tries to Kill 4 Kids, Self
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2006-05-04 New York Mother Tries to Kill her Two Children & Herself
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-02-10 Australia Mother Tries to Poison Her Two Children
Murder Attempt-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2008-08-27 Australia Mother Tries to Poison her Two Children & Self: Also Involved Antipsychotics
Child Endangerment & Suicide Attempt Paxil 2004-07-03 New York Mother Turns Gas On While Children are Near
Child Endangerment Prozac 2008-08-26 Arkansas Mother With 8 Children in Car Runs Into Side of Building
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 2004-07-09 Virginia Mother with Cancer Kills her Two Children & Self
Murder & Arson Prozac 1995-10-23 Kansas Mother, an M.D., Deliberately Sets her House on Fire: Two Children Die
Murder Med For Depression 2009-07-09 Minnesota Mothers Kills her 10 Year Old Son: Attempts to Kills her 11 Year Daughter & Self

6 thoughts on “SSRI Stories: Violence, Murder, Suicide – Mothers & Antidepressants

  1. Of course there is a correlation. People without mental illness don’t take SSRIs, or other anti-depression medications. And please, take a basic abnormal psychology class. Or even just read a text book.

    1. Obviously this is the first time you have read this blog.

      I did take psychopathology in college, along with many other psychology classes but that does not change anything.

      And, I did take Zoloft, and, I do not / did not have a mental illness although I did have Zoloft-induced psychotic side effects. Demonstrated by the fact that I was fine before Zoloft, had a dose-dependent worsening of homicidal urges on Zoloft, and was fine after getting off Zoloft. Causation proved.

      Perhaps you should take your whining to the drug companies and the FDA. There is black-box warning on SSRIs for a doubled rate of suicidality. Effexor states on the label that it causes homicidal ideation. Most or all of the psychotropic drugs have psychosis as possible side effects on the label.

      Try reading a drug label once in a while. They’re available online in PDF form or you could google drug-induced psychosis.

      For that matter, look up medication-induced psychosis in the DSM.

      (By the way, people “without mental illness” take medication all the time. For things like smoking cessation a la “Zyban” which is wellbutrin, Chantix, bla bla bla. Sarafem a la Prozac for PMS, off label uses, etc. If you think people who aren’t mentally ill don’t go crazy on drugs, either everyone is mentally ill, or you are clueless. Oh, there is also the concept of preventing diseases through drugs so people with no “mental illness” are drugged after birth all the time.)

      Don’t bother wasting any more of your precious time.


    Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine
    Between 2004-2008 there were 4,895 suicides, 3,908 cases of aggression, 309 homicides and 6,945 cases of diabetes from people taking psychiatric drugs. These numbers reflect only a small percentage of the actual side effects occurring in the consumer market, as the FDA has admitted that only 1-10% of side effects are ever reported to the FDA.

    The Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine provides individual reports of side effects (for the 2004-2006 period), and is searchable by type of drug, age of patient, the side effect reported (suicide, homicide, heart attack, stroke, mania, etc.), who provided the reported side effect to the drug (doctor, pharmacist, consumer etc), and whether the drug in question carries a black box warning (the agency’s strongest warning—short of banning a drug) as well as the top 20 reported adverse reactions (side effects) to all psychiatric drugs to the FDA and combined summaries of all psychiatric drug reactions for the years 2004-2006 and 2004-2008.

  3. Brodmann ‘s area 25 combines neural traffic among five vital brain areas: hippocampus that serves as a short term memory storage, the amygdale, that moderates fear and other emotions; hypothalamus, which helps to regulate stress and arousal, the orbitofrontal and medial frontal cortices, two poorly understood areas that serve as a long term memory storage. It is not a junction box of sorts as some people speculate but is a center responsible for allocation and mapping of long term memory while it is transcribed from hippocampus to the other areas of the brain during sleep period. This area is also activated during retrieval of these memories and the fact that this area is active in people who are suffering from depression is mostly a unintended consequence of using antidepressant medication.

    Let me try to explain: we all have painful memories and some people’s memories are more painful than others. These memories are formed at the times when painful events take place in our lives. Painful and scary events that affect us cause our brains to release fight of flight hormones into out bloodstream. Once released these hormones circulate in our bloodstream for a long time unless they get metabolised by physical activity like; fighting or running away.
    Simply put; we get scared by an outside trigger and we deal with it by fighting or running away from the cause of our fears. In such fight of flight scenario our brains rapidly return to normal state, so when we fall asleep memories of events of the day that are stored in short term memory are transferred and stored in part of the brain that are accessible to easy retrieval. (We have a total memory recall of the event).

    If for whatever reason we are unable to fight or run away from the cause of our fears and fall asleep at the end of the day still in fear for our life with amygdale on a high alert and hypothalamus still pumping out fight or flight hormones into our bloodstream, the memory of painful event gets transferred, during sleep period, from short term memory to inaccessible part of long term memory (we have no instant recall of what scared us) because we failed to cope with the threat when memory got transferred for long term storage.
    High level of activity of amygdale and high activity of hypothalamus causes massive release of various neurotransmitters in our brains to better cope with the threat that we are facing, so when we fall asleep in such condition Brodmann s area 25 maps out such memories for storage with all neurotransmitters at high level (area 25 dials proverbial #999 distress call on an old telephone exchange). and as a result storage of long term memory is made in not so easily accessible brain location. Such memories are not easily accessible but also they do not get easily overwritten by memories of any subsequent events. Normally, we should get recall of these emotionally charged (emotionally unprocessed) memories only if and when we encounter similar scary situations when such recall is useful to our survival.
    Among many other factors; illness, physical injuries, disability, lack of daylight, emotional stress caused by other people s aggression and hostility, aging, poor nutrition, are natural causes of depression and depressive reaction to such causes serves useful function as depression causes reduction in level of physical activities allowing for recovery from illness or physical injuries and survival in hostile or harsh (seasonal depression) environment. Depression by itself as discomforting as it might be rarely leads someone to commit suicide.

    Now, we enter into this mix modern psychiatry and their reckless use of psychotropic substances and antidepressants.

    What antidepressants of SSRI type do is bock re-uptake of neurotransmitter serotonin and allow for a build-up of the level of serotonin in the brain. Other antidepressants give a big bust to a level neurotransmitter called norepinephrine. By boosting level of neurotransmitters antidepressants increase activity of Brodmann s area 25, they crank up numbers that can be dialled on a proverbial old telephone exchange and cause that #999 distress calls from these emotionally charged (emotionally unprocessed) memories start to flood our consciousness and cause our brain to suffer emotional stress (factual memory is linked with emotional component and that emotional component is regenerated during recall) that is caused this time not so much by other people s aggression and hostility (useful depression) but by memories of painful events from distant past – reactive depression.

    This starts a vicious circle; we prescribe more antidepressants to combat depression and as a result of the boost in level of neurotransmitters more painful memories are flooding conscious part of the brain causing more emotional distress and more depression until victim of such psychiatric treatment hunted by the demons of his or her painful childhood calls it quit and commits mass murder/suicide.

    Even without the use of antidepressants sudden success in life or exposure to the constant daylight (see: Anders Behring Breivik case and ) can cause such a boost in levels of neurotransmitters circulating in the brain that these phenomena can trigger flood of painful and emotionally unprocessed memories and start a vicious cycle leading to a mass murder and/or suicide.

    Since this theory lays blame for murder/suicides on psychoactive substances that are used to allegedly help people relive symptoms of depression and reduce risk of suicide no psychiatrist in US or Canada would be willing to go on the record with such theory even if they knew it because if any of them did Big Pharma would make sure that his or her psychiatric career would come to an abrupt end.

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