SSRI Stories: Postpartum Depression & Mothers Murdering Their Children

I have been extremely busy for a few days now, so I apologize for not posting the Evelyn Pringle article (Part III of The Mothers Act Disease Mongering Campaign series) sooner. You can see it on the previous post as well as on Natural News where it was published on Friday.

I also haven’t checked up on any news on the Otty Sanchez case to see if anything has come to light about what the medication (which she left in her purse/diaper bag at the home of her ex, less than 24 hours before she killed her baby) actually was. I am really curious if blood was drawn to determine what meds or their metabolites may have been in / absent from her blood or whether they are going to release the details of her history with meds. I can attest to the frightening effects of withdrawal, as you probably have already heard if you’ve read my story. If I find out anything new I will post it here as soon as I get a chance.

I thought I would also check the SSRI Stories Website to see how many more cases they had archived on mothers murdering their children after starting or improperly / suddenly discontinuing psychotropic drugs. I am going to post the Postpartum Depression cases separately from the other archived stories that made the news (mothers killing their kids while on / withdrawing from antidepressants).

To see recently released, decrypted MedWatch reports on homicide and antidepressants as well as all other psychiatric drugs from 2004 on, go to CCHR’s new social media website,, and look for the drug side effects database.

Also, check out our newly completed launch page for MADNAP, over at


Murder Attempt-Suicide Attempt Effexor & Paxil* [Seroxat] 2003-06-17 Australia *Mother Acquitted by Using SSRI Defense
Murder Attempt Antidepressants* 2002-11-04 Arizona *Mother Acquitted of Attempted Child Murder
Murder Paxil & ADHD Drug* 2000-05-18 Washington *Mother Stabs Daughter: Not Guilty by Reason of Drug Induced Insanity
Murder Prozac* 2003-07-11 Louisiana *Not Guilty by Reason of Prozac Induced Insanity: Mother Kills Daughter
Murder Prozac 2000-01-05 New Hampshire Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills 2 Month Old Son
Murder Med For Depression 1992-04-17 Virginia Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills 6 Week Old Infant
Murder Antidepressant 2008-11-18 Australia Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills her Seven Month Old Child
Murder Med For Depression 2002-04-09 Virginia Postpartum Depression: Woman Murders Husband: Attempts Suicide
Suicide Antidepressant, Antipsychotic & ECT 2009-07-10 Illinois Postpartum Depression: Woman Who Ignited Mother’s Act Killed Self in 2001: Time Magazine
Child Endangerment Antidepressants 2005-08-08 England Postpartum Depression: Baby Disfigured by Mother
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant* 2003-08-31 Minnesota Postpartum Depression: College Professor Kills Baby & Self
Homicidal Thoughts Antidepressants 2007-04-24 Mississippi Postpartum Depression: Homicidal Thoughts Started on Antidepressants
Murder Zoloft 2006-07-20 Texas Postpartum Depression: Mom Drowns 1 Year Old
Murder Antidepressant 2005-12-07 Louisiana Postpartum Depression: Mom Puts Infant in Dryer
Murder-Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2005-11-29 Virginia Postpartum Depression: Mother Attempts to Drown Two Children
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2008-04-04 India Postpartum Depression: Mother Burns 6 Month Old & Herself to Death
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2006-08-07 England Postpartum Depression: Mother Hurls Self and Two Children in Front of Train
Murder-Suicide Zoloft 2004-06-23 New Jersey Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills Baby & Self
Murder-Suicide Zoloft 2000-01-02 New Jersey Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills Baby & Self
Murder Paxil 1998-05-17 Virginia Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills her Baby
Murder Zoloft 1998-07-02 Colorado Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills her Two Small Children
Murder Antidepressants 2005-01-06 Alabama Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills Infant
Murder Med for Depression 2005-08-03 Iowa Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills Infant
Murder Antidepressants 2006-09-14 England Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills Son: Feels Sudden Change When Given Medication
Murder-Suicide Paxil 2004-08-26 Michigan Postpartum Depression: Mother Murders Baby & Self
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2008-03-27 Ireland Postpartum Depression: Mother Murders Baby & Self
Murder Antidepressants 2006-09-13 Illinois Postpartum Depression: Mother Murders her Baby
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 2006-09-10 Florida Postpartum Depression: Mother Murders Son
Murder Med For Depression 2008-12-06 Australia Postpartum Depression: Mother On Med For Depression Murders her 21 Month Old Son
Injury to Child Med For Depression 2007-11-24 Tennessee Postpartum Depression: Mother Passes Out From Med: Endangers Baby
Murder Attempt Wellbutrin 2003-10-13 Alabama Postpartum Depression: Mother Puts 14 Month Old Daughter in Oven
Murder Med for Depression 2005-06-09 Michigan Postpartum Depression: Mother Smothers 9 Month Old Daughter
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2007-01-13 Pennsylvania Postpartum Depression: Mother Smothers Child: Recent Withdrawal Case
Murder Attempt Med for Depression 2004-10-20 Texas Postpartum Depression: Mother Stabs 4 Month Old Baby
Assault & Robbery Prozac* 2005-01-20 England Postpartum Depression: Street Muggings of Young Children
Stabbing Paxil 2003-06-30 New Jersey Postpartum Depression: Wife Stabs Husband
False Memory Syndrome/Psychosis Med For Depression 1995-11-05 Colorado Postpartum Depression: Woman Becomes Psychotic on Med & Falsely Believes She Was Incest Victim
Psychosis Antidepressant 2005-04-02 Oklahoma Postpartum Depression: Woman Develops Psychosis on Med
Adverse Reaction Antidepressant 2005-01-12 New Jersey Postpartum Depression: Woman in Coma for 7 Days Due to Med for Depression
Road Rage/Murder Zoloft 2000-04-22 Indiana Postpartum Depression: Woman Kills 7 People/ Attempts Suicide
Child Endangerment Med For Depression: Recent Withdrawal 2007-01-31 California Postpartum Depression: Woman Prepares to Drown Daughters During Recent Withdrawal From Med
Suicide Med For Depression 1999-03-01 Pennsylvania Postpartum Women Kills Self on Depression Medication
Hallucinations Zoloft 2006-08-02 Texas Postpartum: Mother Has Hallucinations & Suicidal Behavior on Zoloft: Quits Drug & Recovers
Murder Celexa 2009-04-08 Oregon Postpartum: Mother Kills Her Infant Daughter
Murder Med For Depression 2009-07-28 Texas Postpartum: Mother Kills her Infant: Dismembers the Child
Road Rage/Child Endangerment Prozac 2008-08-16 Louisiana Postpartum: Mother Deliberately Crashes Into Cars: Throws 15 Month Old Over 7 Foot Fence
Murder Med For Depression 2009-07-06 Australia Postpartum: Mother Kills 7 Month Old Twins: Attempts Suicide
Murder Antidepressants 1998-05-17 Virginia Postpartum: Mother Kills Baby
Murder Prozac 2001-12-05 California Postpartum: Mother Kills her 3 Children: Receives Death Penalty
Murder Antidepressant 1999-05-08 Texas Postpartum: Mother Murders her 4 Month Old Baby
Adverse Reaction Antidepressants 2006-11-24 Virginia Postpartum: Woman Becomes Worse on Meds

One thought on “SSRI Stories: Postpartum Depression & Mothers Murdering Their Children

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