Mommy Wars?

Dr. Bremner’s latest post is titled:

Mommy Wars: John Grohol is Blocking My Comments from His Website So I Am Commenting Here

As I have been having some problems with this blog site, specifically inserting hyperlinks, which has never happened before, I think I will jump offline for a bit. You can see my comments on Dr. Bremner’s blog, and Dr. Grohol’s blog to which he links. is Dr. Bremner’s blog, in case the copied and pasted article title is not clickable…

I’d like to add the disclosure that you may not want to listen to my “opinions” in the comments of those blogs, because I am not a psychiatrist or a mother on drugs, so my opinion does not apparently matter. However for your consideration I submit that I’ve been blogging since 2005 on the issues of psychotropic drugs, pregnancy, birth, health, breastfeeding, and parenting, and I don’t have a Psy.D. or any ads on my site from pharma. Or any fancy titles. But, my husband, who does have a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology, thinks I deserve a Ph.D. for the amount of time I put into the research I did on breastfeeding and psychotropic drugs over the summer. Considering how much time he spent at his university to get his degree, I’m flattered. But I think that was really a clever request by him for me to get off the computer and go do more pressing things like cook dinner. (Just kidding hon!)

Nevertheless I think Dr. Grohol deserves to have added to his Psy.D.:  a Ph.D., and an M.D. or C.N.M., J.D., a G.D., and a B.S. These would be honorary degrees awarded to him for his lifetime of tremendous experience in mental health, which apparently now includes not only Philsophizing about Debate tactics that are and are not “allowed” on his pharma blog or in the general nationwide debate about The MOTHERS Act, but also:

  • the recommendation to unknown pregnant and nursing patients, for whom he is not a physician or midwife, of medications that can only be prescribed by doctors or nurse practitioners, but which are not approved by the FDA for pregnancy and breastfeeding (perhaps Abilify? anyone?);
  • a legal analysis performed apparently in his head but not on his blog, of the text of The MOTHERS Act (which he wants us to explain to him further), and;
  • …I’ll let you figure out the rest.

5 thoughts on “Mommy Wars?

  1. The practice of websites initiating debates and then blocking the posts of commentators they disagree with needs to stop.

    Especially in situations where a commentator is asked for sources on a previous post, because it leaves the impression that the sources were not provided.

    In my case, leaving this impression is damaging to my credibility as an investigative journalist.

    I will cover this issue extensively in my next article.

    Evelyn Pringle

    1. Hey Evelyn, your comment that you posted over here was posted recently on John’s site and it has a time stamp of 2:14, so he must have approved it overnight or this morning and it went automatically back up at the time you wrote it. I don’t know because I stopped checking his site yesterday around 2/3 ish or 4 or so.

      There was somewhere, maybe Therese Borchard’s page. And one other – I can’t remember. There was some site where I was commenting a couple of months ago and my comments were never ever approved in the first place. Then there was another where just one of my comments was approved, then it seemed as though there was selective approval going on. So I wrote about three comments asking why my comment was not approved, after several hours or days or something. I don’t remember the details. So in the mean time other comments were being posted. Then later the author approved my comment and it somehow went back up into spot number 4. Then the author came on and called me a conspiracy theorist. I think that they either do this to make us look silly, or it’s some automatic thing with the site.

      Lauren Hale and Katherine Stone and their friends are apparently reading some of our stuff and using it to modify what they say. As I wrote earlier Lauren Hale flamed me in one of her posts about TIME and then when I corrected her, she modified her post without approving my comment. She also continued telling women to boycott TIME and look for the original hard copy, presumably so they can get the false information to share with people about me? I don’t know because there is no other reason to emphasize for people to read the original because the only difference is my story and the title.

      Now the chicks at PP are actually speaking my name instead of calling me the one mother who was quoted in TIME. IT’s funny to me that they don’t appreciate having any of their other advocates in there, such as Wisner or Blocker. I was quoted in WSJ last year but they barely mentioned me at all. That story was very pro-medication during pregnancy. At least this article was balanced. I think they get worked into a real tizzy when things are not like 99% their way.

      The letter from the mother who started Jenny’s Light after her daughter died says we need The MOTHERS Act because we need more PPD hotlines. The hotline in NJ has not worked out so well… with people getting picked up by police.

      Seems to me like after 22 years if PSI isn’t satisfied with the work they have been doing, and they have so much support, they should just branch out and mobilize their forces voluntarily.

      I find it silly that they actually think women don’t know therapy and drugs exist. I think I may make a poll on my site about who has not heard of PPD.

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