Five Years Ago Today

It just occurred to me while driving home from an outing, that today is exactly five years since I took Zoloft for the first time in the examining room of my OBGYN. This weekend in Kenya MindFreedom is holding a rally event which is timed in honor of my forced hospitalization from July 17-19. July 19 was Isaac’s due date. He was actually born on July 8, and nearly died on July 11 from choking. It’s neat that the TIME article is out in the midst of this anniversary. July 20 was my first full day home from the hospital after being traumatically separated from my baby by the psychiatric “professionals” who had absolutely no ethics or caring in their treatment of me, and made to believe I was the next Andrea Yates and needed to take more meds.

In honor of my beautiful child Isaac and his amazingly pure and sweet and adorable little brother, Toby (whom doctors told me I should never have because I was sure to get worse if I had more children and that I could possibly become more likely kill them because “PPD gets worse each time”), I’d like to post a couple of videos and thank everyone who has worked for so many years to expose the truth about psychotropic drugs. I would also like to honor TIME and Catherine Elton in appreciation of their reaching out to the women of the country with the truth.

Thanks to Peter Breggin and all those at the ICSPP. Thans to Dr. Ann Blake Tracy whose website my mother found and showed me just as the black-box warnings were being issued on antidepressants in the midst of my experience on Zoloft. Thank you to everyone who submitted a story to the website. I still remember reading those personal stories and thinking, Oh my God, that is me.

Thanks to CCHR. Thank you Andy, Caroline and Mathy Milling Downing and every other person whom I will never know about, every person who was involved in the 2004 FDA hearings that resulted in that black-box warning which helped to save my life and the lives of my family.

That warning came out right in the middle of my struggle with Zoloft, which couldn’t have been luckier for me. Thank you to everyone who has been publicizing the truth for the past several decades as the psychiatric industry has attempted to lay claim on every sector of the population.

And also I want to thank my mom and dad, and my husband, for supporting me and making sure I was going to be ok for four months!

Down with deadly drugs and up with people! I want to give you all a hug. Here’s a virtual one!

And I would also like to remember all those who have fallen victim to psychiatric drugs or electroshock.

For the babies

For Melanie Stokes

And too many others

And for those who are still fighting, please don’t give up.

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