Anna Nicole Smith’s Psychiatrist Was Treating Her for PPD

Howard K. Stern says medical law doesn’t apply to him

11:56 AM | May 13, 2009


Anna Nicole Smith’s former confidant and lawyer pleaded not guilty today to charges of furnishing illegal prescription drugs to the late Playboy model in the years leading up to her 2007 fatal overdose.

Following the arraignment in L.A. County Superior Court, an attorney for Howard K. Stern said he plans to seek a complete dismissal of the charges on the grounds that the law is meant for medical professionals.

“Howard is not a doctor, not a medical practitioner and the statute does not apply to him,” lawyer Steve Sadow said outside court as Stern stood silently at his side.

Authorities have portrayed Stern, 40, as the linchpin – or “principal enabler” according to the state attorney general – of a conspiracy to provide Smith with thousands of pills, including methadone, Xanax and Ambien.

Stern’s co-defendants, physicians Sandeep Kapoor, 40, and Khristine Eroshevich, 61, also pleaded not guilty today. Commissioner Kristi Lousteau ordered the doctors and Stern to provide handwriting samples to investigators.

The writing of prescriptions is the heart of the case against the trio. In court filings, prosecutors have said the three used fake names on prescriptions to funnel inappropriate amounts of medication to Smith even though they knew she was an addict.

The 39-year-old model and spokeswoman died in a Florida hotel room two years ago, five months after her 20-year-old son, Daniel, suffered a fatal overdose from drugs. A lawyer for Eroshevich, a psychiatrist, has said she was treating Smith for depression and postpartum depression stemming from the birth of her daughter.

The judge also imposed a protective order barring attorneys from disseminating some 1,400 pages of evidence that prosecutors are in the process of turning over to the defense. A lawyer for Kapoor told reporters that he is continuing to practice medicine as the case progresses.

“His patients have been very supportive and he appreciates that,” said attorney Ellyn Garofolo.

The defendants are due back in court in June to set a date for the preliminary hearing, which is expected to last at least two weeks.

— Harriet Ryan

One thought on “Anna Nicole Smith’s Psychiatrist Was Treating Her for PPD

  1. I left a comment on the story on the LA Times website, y’all should do the same.

    “The commenter above (Julia) mentions hashimoto’s thyroiditis and TrimSpa. That could have played some role, however when you feed someone thousands of pills not only is the chance of having a reaction to any ingredient in TrimSpa exponentially higher, your thyroid also goes completely crazy.

    I had thyroiditis after the birth of my first child, but I was also being “treated” with Zoloft to “prevent” PPD from 6 days postpartum, and the thyroiditis was left undiagnosed until 6 weeks. I finally got off the drug after four months because it was making me homicidal.

    Too bad Anna Nicole’s psychiatrist and this doctor considered the solution to whatever her problems were to be thousands more pills. If you look on the label for antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs they pretty much all state that people who have problems with thyroid should not take them. That’s because the drugs make thyroid problems worse, or cause them to occur.

    After the birth of my second child which was an unmedicated home birth (I never took another psychotropic drug after the first experience of becoming homicidal and suicidal on Zoloft) I did not have any thyroid problems whatsoever.

    I find it strange that someone wants to attribute Anna Nicole’s death to TrimSpa and thyroid disease. By the way, addiction is not a disease. A disease is something wrong with your body.

    The only thing wrong with Anna Nicole’s body besides thyroid would be the thousands of pills causing horrible toxicity. Most likely she died from Serotonin Syndrome due to the overdose. Maybe you could google that.

    I also find it shocking that one of her doctors is still in practice during this trial. Whoever his patients are ought to rethink their prescription regimens. Seems that there is no accountability taken by anyone for the many women and babies killed by these drugs.

    So this is what we can expect to see from a psychiatrist treating a woman for PPD? And another doctor has no remorse whatsoever? This is exactly why we must stop things like The MOTHERS Act from passing. I can only imagine how much worse it could get if the government starts encouraging similar practices for all new moms…

    Check out

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