Care2 Petiton Approaches 11,000 Signatures

The Petition against The MOTHERS Act has nearly reached 11,000 signatures! Also, the Facebook Coalition has 1369 members! Add that to the 35 groups and counting who have joined in opposition to the bill, and you’ve got a huge group of Americans who do NOT want to see more mothers and babies dying! I am so proud of everyone’s efforts!

I just want to take this opportunity to address something about the petition that I have seen over and over. I have seen a number of complaints and gotten many emails over the past 15 months concerning the fact that when you sign the petition, an ad for NARAL Pro-Choice America pops up. This confuses people and makes some of them wonder if our groups are sponsored by NARAL. For pro-life people who are signing the bill it really upsets them, and I have received a lot of messages telling me that people weren’t sure they could sign it because of that. Here’s an example: “I thoroughly hate to see a pro-choice group sponsoring this site. It makes me question my decision in signing this. What does “NARAL Pro-Choice America” have to do with it?”

*The following explanation is not meant to offend pro-choice coalition members who support our fight to Stop The MOTHERS Act, it is simply meant to explain why we have a petition that is followed by a NARAL ad on the Care2 site, for those of our supporters who are pro-life and wondering what is going on.

UNITE is not affiliated with NARAL, but an ad for NARAL often appears on the Care2 petition website after you sign any one of the petitions they host (actually it seems to be almost always). I was not aware this would happen when I established the petition via the Care2 site, or I might have chosen not to host our petition there because I realize that will turn a lot of people off. I did see the ads after I set up the petition, but at the time I thought that simply unchecking the box to receive their email updates would be enough for most people. I also was in a mad rush to set up our petition because it was literally something like February 11 and The MOTHERS Act was scheduled for a markup that Valentine’s Day (Coincidentally there was a string of antidepressant-induced college campus shootings also going on that week). I was in a bit of a hurry! Care2 is just one of the more popular petition websites and the first one that popped into my head and that is how I decided to host it there. Furthermore, it’s not exactly a cake walk setting up a petition for the first time. And since I was rushed, I was so happy to have actually successfully set it up, that I didn’t even stop to think for long before sending out the link. (I think that is one of my areas of opportunity, just doing things way too quickly sometimes.)

I have received so many questions about this, that I considered moving the petition to another site that does not advertise to you as you are submitting your signature. In fact, NARAL is one of the supporters of passing The MOTHERS Act. This is ironic no matter which way you approach the issue. If you approach it from a pro-choice standpoint, it’s ironic that this group would support a bill that puts women’s rights and their lives in danger. If you approach it from a pro-life standpoint, it’s ironic that this group would support a bill which would result in thousands more unwanted miscarriages and infant deaths each year. From either point of view, it’s ironic that a supposedly pro-women’s rights group could support something that would result in more and more women being spoonfed bad information, or pressured or forced to take medications that can kill their unborn and newborn babies or cause them to become suicidal and homicidal, all with a government sanctioned campaign lending apparent legitimacy to the treatment efforts along with an illusion of safety and efficacy. So much for informed consent and control over our own lives, bodies and minds.

Also I would like everyone to know that I do not have access to the email addresses or contact information for anyone who signs the petition. If you have signed it and wondered why I did not invite you to join the UNITE listserv or if you wrote something poignant and wondered why nobody contacted you about it, it’s because Care2 does not give me access to the contact information unless I have to verify an individual’s identity.

The reason I am leaving the petition where it is is because by the time I started getting complaints about the NARAL ad, we had over 5,000 signatures. I also added a disclaimer to the petition at the very top which explains this. I suppose not everyone reads that, though.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s understanding.

3 thoughts on “Care2 Petiton Approaches 11,000 Signatures

  1. As a long time Consumer Advocate for Justice with an upcoming book relating to injustices in the judicial system, I think the Mother’s Act is one of the most extreme Acts passed by the 110th Congress that needs to be exposed and sent to every American citizen in this country who doesn’t know that their public servants are stripping them of their privacy, humanity, and freedom to choose if they want to be psychologically evaluated or not and if they want to remain drug free as this is a dangerous slope that makes the psychiatric professionals who can slant psychiatric reports and stockholders extremely wealthy.

  2. Dear friends,
    Susan Stone’s warning of “a crisis of epidemic proportion” … “a public health crisis” is a big lie, a plot to continue with the explotation of humanity. It’s not enough the 12.8M children on neuroleptics and 120M people around the world totally demented. We need to sacrifice now a mother and her unborn child for big pharma, here in US. Who are the investors of these companies that rejoice in their profits at the expense of an innocent mother who will become psychotic with these neuropleptics and her baby will be deformed with congenital organs, heart and lung abnormalities? And Senator Roberto Menendez how could you do this atrocity to women and her precious baby? This is clearly abuse of power and we hold you responsible for this catastrophe. What happens is that the mother is overwhelm with the baby crying having to feed him/her every two, three hours just at the beginning but it subsides after a month when they sleep all night through. If you don’t have any one to help is very tough! All you need is help, no psychotropic drug, food supplemts, excellent nutrition, rest for 40 days because the mother is depleted of all nutrients and minerals. Some mothers commit a crucial mistake, they go on a diet, to fit into her cloths to go to work and then the mother can’t breast feed her baby any longer. In France you get help, I remember seeing a woman doing the laundry for the new mother. “Perinatal Mood” = “Perinatal Horror” Let all of us call President Obama and his wife Michelle’s office ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA – Director Mitch Stewart at 1.877.336.7200 and go to quoting – ” join the online community that has over a million members you will get access to the tools you need to easily and effectively organize for President Obama and build our movement of change” We can urge at the same time alternative care for people with psychiatric histories, detoxification with Traditional Chinese Botanicals, Essential Oils, Celullar Detox , actualy any detoxification in the alternative market will help. and closing of psychiatric wards and most importan change in the Judicial System. Kind Regards.

    1. I hate to sound discouraging but Obama and Clinton were cosponsors last year of The MOTHERS Act. Our priority right now has to be with the Senate and contacting the HELP Committee. It’s great to spread more awareness anywhere you can though, but we need to focus on the Senate foremost.

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