Which One of These Possible MOTHERS Act Pushers is Not Like The Other?

A friend of mine sent me a link to an article on Beliefnet pushing The MOTHERS Act. I attempted to publish a comment twice, but they have yet to approve my comment. http://tinyurl.com/beliefnetMA

I recognize the name of the program “Beyond Blue” and although I can’t remember for sure, it seems I read about their programs a while back being pharma-funded. If anyone has info on that please send it my way. I think it’s this international initiative to target PPD… I know I’ve seen it several times before but I was absolutely horrified to see it on Beliefnet. Although I suppose belief is an appropriate word for the faith the drug pushers have in psychiatric treatments.

Here is the comment I made on the article:

I take issue with the first comment by Cheryl Jazzar above, “What many outside the perinatal mood support community do not realize is this: psychiatric medications are NOT the first line of defense in treating any mood or anxiety disorder.”

First of all, PSI is not “the” “support” community and it is not the authority on “mood” issues.

Although Jazzar is correct that there are many “alternatives” to psychiatric drugs (see: http://tinyurl.com/PPDprevention), she is incorrect on what the “first line” of defense is. Women who are considered “at risk” of PPD and a host of other “mood disorders” are drugged well before two weeks postpartum all the time. I was one. I know many people who were drugged upon delivery to “prevent” PPD. I have looked at the clinical guidelines and the “expert” recommendations of “reproductive psychiatrists” who target “perinatal” (i.e. DURING and after pregnancy) “mood disorders.”

It’s disingenuous to associate oneself with a group that promotes psychiatric drugs and the pscycho / pharma industry to pregnant and new mothers, and then turn around and attempt to portray the same group as mostly non-pharma oriented.

However it’s interesting that people continue trying to repair the reputation of PSI all over the place and save face, when this is not primarily an issue about PSI’s reputation. It’s a matter of life or death for millions of women, children, and their families.

The majority of people in this country may not currently be on psychotropic drugs, but the largest psycchopharma market exists in the childbearing sector of the population. At least one third of all pregnant women are exposed to psychotropic drugs at some point during their pregnancy. If they can scare women into thinking they are about to become mentally ill, the pharma / psychiatric community will do so. Anything to make money.

It doesn’t matter if babies and mothers die.

As a woman who was screened and drugged for simply being extremely concerned about my baby and having a panic attack after he nearly choked to death at the hospital, requiring emergency rescue (that was a “risk factor” for “Severe PPD”) – I lived through forced hospitalization, drugging, and four months of being homicidal, suicidal, and psychotic because of Zoloft.

No mother should have to live through what I have. And let’s not forget about what happened to Melanie Stokes when she was drugged with four different cocktails and repeatedly electroshocked.

Anyone who supports this bill must not realize that antidepressants can cause psychosis, suicide, homicide, and infant death. If you did, you could not possibly support it when the risk is so high.

You can read the actual bill text and compare it to last year’s text on my website. I am passing along this link which analyzes the text of the bill and explains to those who care what the bill is really all about.


Luckily for now, my comment is, however, appearing on the What To Expect When You’re Expecting blog.

AmyPhilo said on 4/25/2009 3:05:00 PM:

Here is what really happened to Melanie Stokes:


How sad that you would endorse a bill that will result in more pregnant and new mothers using psychotropic drugs. I’m not going to insult your intelligence by asking if you have read Melanie’s actual story, I will just assume that you have read it and don’t seem to be overly concerned by the fact that she died after being treated with four different drug cocktails and repeated electroshock. Drugs she was given fequently cause and worsen psychosis. Shame on you.

1031 documented deaths of babies caused by psychotropic drug exposure have been reported to the FDA over a recent three-four year period. http://tinyurl.com/1031deaths Perhaps you chose to support the bill based on its name. Have you as an author considered doing any actual research into the bill to see what will actually result from the programs?

Based on your support millions of women are bound to be misled and encouraged to believe in the “safety” of drugs for pregnancy and nursing. More babies are going to die, just like this baby Indiana:



Take that 1031 dead babies figure and multiply it by 10-100 because the FDA estimates that those MedWatch reports represent 1-10% of actual adverse events.

Considering that Vogue magazine is talking about the risks of death and birth defects caused by SSRIs in this month’s edition, http://tinyurl.com/VogueSSRI , I suppose people are starting to wake up. When they find out that you are supporting this they are bound to lose faith in your books.

Finally, it seems that PSI is adding more groups to their MOTHERS Act pusher list to attempt to give it legitimacy. My favorite ironic-sounding name of one of their latest sponsors is the “National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition.” Go here to see a list of the numerous pharmaceutical companies who sponsor them. http://www.hmhb.org/portfolio_description.html#sponsors
I suppose it’s kind of like asking Pfizer to sponsor The MOTHERS Act… Oh but wait…
Last but not least, a promising note about the PSI list of sponsors of The MOTHERS Act:

Apparently (according to Nicole Deggins – http://yourbirthright.info/ who has been in touch with these CPMs)-
The National Association of Certified Professional Midwives has withdrawn their support from The MOTHERS Act. We are waiting to see if Susan Stone will remove their name from her list.

On behalf of the more than 10,580 victims, survivors and experts who have signed our petition and the 35 grassroots groups who support us and don’t want to see more mothers and babies dying, I call on any caring group who has rashly lent their support to the bill to remove their name from the list maintained by Susan Stone. Oh except for the pharma front groups because you’re not really caring or rash but apparently seem to be calculated in your actions – and besides, it’s what we expect.

One thought on “Which One of These Possible MOTHERS Act Pushers is Not Like The Other?

  1. These drugs need to be taken off the market. They are being used for behavior modification for many doctors to placate their patients. They cause terrible health problems, and have been over used.

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