Updates on Action Day Launch

Tomorrow, April 22 is Earth Day. It’s also the day we launch our intensive campaign to stop The MOTHERS Act with our: Stop The MOTHERS Act Action Day: All-Over-Earth Day For Healthy Births Day.

If you’re spending the day planting trees or recycling, also spend a little time taking action and getting out the word about the dangerous MOTHERS Act and what we can do to stop it.

I’ve created a Facebook event, but I am inviting everyone in the blogosphere or land of email, faxes and phones to do something to take action. If you are on Facebook, go to the event and click “attending.” Then on April 22 dedicate your Facebook activities to sharing what you’re doing to stop The MOTHERS Act, and to inviting your friends to get involved. If you’re not on Facebook, use MySpace, CafeMom, other social networking sites, and your own blog or email account to spread the word. Don’t forget if you have time on April 22 to fax or phone the Senate HELP Committee. We’ll be planting a seed in our own way.

Go to the Coalition on Facebook (http://causes.com/stopthemothersact) to join, and also go to the EVENT page to “attend” the action day launch.

Please invite all your friends and any groups you are aware of to participate.

(I am updating this post with older links which I have removed from the original article. If you are looking for the links to the business cards and flyers, they’re right here)

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NEWS!!! (As of 4/21/09)

CADIMA, or the Coalition Against The Dangerous and Invasive MOTHERS Act has reached 35 groups opposed to the bill and at least 10,248 signatures on the petition. In addition, thousands have called, faxed, or sent letters to Congress against the bill. (If I forgot to add your group, send me an email at amy@uniteforlife.org)

The Facebook Coalition (http://causes.com/stopthemothersact) has now reached over 439 members and grows more every day! If you haven’t joined yet, please do and please invite as many people as you can. Facebook is free to join. The coalition cause has also been posted to MySpace.

In memory of Indiana Delahunty, we are distributing this flyer for the April 22 Launch of the Global Protest:

Baby Indi’s Memorial Cards Have Arrived

If you would like me to mail you some of the new cards with Indiana Delahunty’s photo, email me at amy@uniteforlife.org.

Indiana in a tie dye dress

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