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STOP THE MOTHERS ACT! What you can do now:

1) Download, post, distribute, link, post on blogs — this video http://tinyurl.com/IndiVid

2) Link to this article from your website or post links from this article on online websites, blogs etc. http://tinyurl.com/StopTheMA

3) Write or fax your member of Congress.

4)  Forward to your friends http://tinyurl.com/StopTheMA


BULLET POINTS FROM: http://tinyurl.com/StopMAReasons

Reasons Why The MOTHERS Act Must Not Be Passed

The MOTHERS Act specifically:

1. Calls for the development of improved “screening and diagnostic techniques” with no specification if these are to be strictly psychological (in other words, questionnaires based upon a DSM checklist).

So there is no credible evidence that women will be checked for physical conditions such as thyroid conditions, hormonal imbalances or other real physical conditions.

2. Calls for government-funded national public service announcements (PSAs) through television, radio, and other means for “raising awareness about screening,” and for “educating new mothers and their families about postpartum conditions to promote earlier diagnosis and treatment.”

So considering postpartum depression is usually considered a “mental” condition, this means that the government will now be funding free psycho/pharma ads for the mental health industry.

Coincidentally – there are currently 50 clinical drug trials ongoing for the “treatment” of postpartum depression. In other words – this could turn into a big money maker for Pharma – with government-sanctioned PSAs and drugs promoted to specifically “treat” postpartum depression (that are already in the pipeline).

3. Calls for a major “education” campaign in health centers for new mothers and, to promote “earlier diagnosis and treatment… before new mothers leave the health facility.”

What does all of this mean? It means more women put on drugs. It means more infants subjected to drugs.

Regardless of the hype from the psycho/pharma industry and many groups with vested interests in pushing this agenda – more screening and more drugs being promoted to treat “postpartum” depression means more mothers on drugs – both during and after pregnancy.

Already, doctors, pharmacists, health care providers and consumers have filed reports with the FDA on the serious damage and deaths to infants caused by pregnant women taking these drugs.

The graph below shows the reported adverse reactions in pregnant mothers taking SSRI antidepressants between 2004 and 2007.

Reports of Miscarriage, Birth Defects, Heart Disease, Pre-Term Births

Reports of Miscarriage, Birth Defects, Heart Disease, Pre-Term Births

Look at the figures.  Now multiply them by one hundred.  Because, by the FDA’s own admission, only 1-10% of the actual side effects are ever reported to the FDA.

Estimated Infant Injuries and Deaths Based on 5% Median Range Reported

Estimated Infant Injuries and Deaths Based on 5% Median Range Reported

If you ever wanted a time to step up to the plate and make a real difference, you have it.  Because the time is now.

You can read the TEXTS OF MOTHERS ACT – PAST AND PRESENT (111th Senate bill 1375 compared to 110th Senate bill 324 language) here: http://tinyurl.com/MAlanguage

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