Katherine Stone Formerly Employed by PR Firm Caught Fake Blogging for Viral Marketing

As previously reported based on information obtained from Evelyn Pringle’s research,

“Stone also has herself out for hire on LinkedIn. The lead off-sales pitch reads:


“Talented, award-winning marketing and PR professional returning to the workforce after brief sabbatical as full-time mom. Background includes six years creating and executing great ideas in the corporate marketing department of The Coca-Cola Company, in addition to six years managing successful public relations campaigns for such brands as Coca-Cola and AT&T.”

“Skills include experiential marketing concept development, brand positioning, marketing strategy, social networking, and public relations campaign development and execution,” she writes.

“Used break from full-time employment to become an expert at social media, creating most widely-read blog in the U.S. in her niche,” Stone reports in refererence to her Postpartum Progress blog.

At the end she writes a paragraph on her days as a agent for the Cohen & Wolf public relations firm and states:

“Prior to Coca-Cola, she was an account supervisor at the Y&R PR firm Cohn & Wolfe, where she developed PR campaigns for the Coca-Cola USA account, and also managed the account team handling media relations for the AT&T Global Olympic Village during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta .”

Since it appears she is looking for more work through her LinkedIn ad, perhaps if Stone grows tired of delivering lectures on perinatal mood disorders and their array of treatments (sponsored by Pfizer or other companies that sell various psych drugs), Cohn & Wolf would take her back. Or maybe even offer her a better job than she had before… given her extensive experience with social marketing on the web which she has developed through Postpartum Progress work & legislative advocacy.

Or perhaps she could get a position with another one of their many clients like she did with Coca Cola (one of their clients). Recognize anyone on here to whom she might appeal as an employee? Client list for Cohn & Wolf (Source: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Cohn_%26_Wolfe):

I find it intriguing to say the least that Cohn & Wolf had to apologize for fake online blogging:

“Dabbling With Fake Blogging

Fake blogs—a form of viral marketing in which PR or advertising agencies attempt to generate interest in their client’s product by creating a fictional character on the internet—are drawing criticism from real bloggers. The Cohn & Wolfe PR firm had to apologize recently after “using a fictional character to leave a series of thinly veiled advertisements on blogs and other websites. A number of websites were hit last week with messages from Barry Scott,” a fictional spokesman for a British household cleaning product.

British blogger Tom Coates was especially outraged and called it “a new low for marketers” after he wrote an emotional account of his relationship with his father, and then received comment spam from “Barry Scott” disguised as condolences. Coates replied: “My view was that any right-thinking person would view trying to market your product on such a post as revolting, corrupt, cynical, disgusting, sick and dishonourable.” ”

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