Marking 10 Years Since Columbine – Moments of Silence

While dozens of drug pushers and drugged mothers are busy blogging, twittering and calling Congress, and possibly hundreds more pharma grant recipeints or employees do the same to promote The Deadly MOTHERS Act, those who survived Columbine mark the 10 year anniversary of that drug-induced shooting. When you see this please take a moment of silence to honor those who died.

To see Michael Moore discuss Dr. Tracy’s book and the true cause of Columbine which he says he got completely wrong in Bowling For Columbine, go to or see the full movie, The Drugging of Our Children by Gary Null, Ph.D. at

Dr. Tracy and others are holding a press conference in Colorado regarding Columbine today. Stay tuned for updates. Given the frequency of school shootings, this is an urgent matter that our country needs to address.

The Colorado State Department of Education adopted the following resolution when learning about the dangers of drugs that Harris and Klebold were taking which drove them to commit the heinous massacre.

Colorado State Board of Education


Promoting The Use Of Academic
Solutions To Resolve Problems With
Behavior, Attention, And Learning

Whereas, the Colorado State Board of Education is constitutionally charged with the general supervision of K-12 public education; and,Whereas, the Colorado State Board of Education dedicates itself to increasing academic achievement levels for all students; and,

Whereas, the responsibility of school personnel is to ensure student achievement; and,

Whereas, only medical personnel can recommend the use of prescription medications; and,

Whereas, the Colorado State Board of Education recognizes that there is much concern regarding the issue of appropriate and thorough diagnosis and medication and their impact on student achievement; and,

Whereas, there are documented incidences of highly negative consequences in which psychiatric prescription drugs have been utilized for what are essentially problems of discipline which may be related to lack of academic success;

Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Colorado State Board of Education encourage school personnel to use proven academic and/or classroom management solutions to resolve behavior, attention, and learning difficulties; and,

Be It Further Resolved, that the Colorado State Board of Education encourage greater communication and education among parents, educators, and medical professionals about the effects of psychotropic drugs on student achievement and our ability to provide a safe and civil learning environment.

November 11, 1999

On this date, the Colorado State Board of Education passed this resolution by a six-to-one vote.

2 thoughts on “Marking 10 Years Since Columbine – Moments of Silence

  1. Having just observed Virginia Tech’s 2nd anniversary of the 33 left dead, we must strenghten our efforts as our economy worsens, to stop the insanity of creating toxic people, by giving them toxic medications. This is billions of dollars strong, for some, and others just don’t want to look at the whole picture, but as one who has made a full recovery from 13 years of the effects of this horride, mind altering, soul snatching ” legal” drugs, and having lost the dearest for this Mom of 3, and lossing my very civil rights{ more than once}, I am in this fight to the very end. Drugging these kids, or anyone, be it Moms to be, babies, our elderly, is the insanity, and smacks of control ; and of course corprate’s black ink bottom line.
    I believe with my whole being that conventional medicine has been on a down swing, as has our health coverage, and we the people have been made vunerable, by trusting those who do not deserve our faith.
    Therefore if, our learned powers that be, for the moment, choose not to change, then we the people must be the change we wish to see, and many of us have crossed that line; not so invisible now, as so many wake to what is. Modern medicine has done much harm; and they never even admit it, nor say they are sorry. And precious lives are forever altered, or lost forever, for the bottom line; money. May God have mercery on my enemies, and show them the error of their ways.
    One life lost is one too many. Pay attention, this killings going on have been determined by the researchers, to be drug related. Legal doctor dispensed, medications that do not cure, they do enrage some people; even more so in todays dire conditions, which effect far too many.

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