ABC Prevents Mothers From Learning About Antidepressant Risks During Pregnancy

Today I posted the following comment on a story about Heather Armstrong, a blogger who earns about $40,000 per month for her blogging coming from advertising. She writes about her mental illness treatment and uses scathing language in her posts. Anyway, my mom saw an interview with her talking about her use of antidepressants and she was 6 months pregnant during the interview. My mom’s comment was removed within a few minutes, so I decided to post one of my own. It was removed within 30 minutes. Here is what I said.

It’s very interesting to note that my mother posted a comment on this story which was subsequently removed within a few hours. This was what she said, “I am disappointed to learn that Heather is taking antidepressants during her pregnancy. She and you should watch a video about an “Effexor baby” who died at 6 weeks of age. The link is:
There are many others.”

Very interesting indeed considering that Birdie Meyer, President of “Postpartum Support International” works with ABC’s General Hospital to formulate a story line in which Dr. Robin has PPD and “reaches out for help.” Also interesting considering Katherine Stone, board member of PSI, wrote the PSA that directs viewers to contact PSI for help. Stone’s blog, Postpartum Progress, promotes the use of antidepressants during pregnancy. Katherine Stone also has received money funelled from Pfizer through Mental Health America to compensate her for speaking on Perinatal Mood Disorders and their treatment.

Does ABC intend to censor information that could save babies from possible death?
Please go to my website for more information.

I am very disappointed that you would choose to remove my mom’s comment, and I find it not only irresponsible but insulting. How dare you prevent other mothers from learning the truth and possibly saving their babies.

One thought on “ABC Prevents Mothers From Learning About Antidepressant Risks During Pregnancy

  1. oh man, dooce has irritated the heck out of me with her antidepressant loving rhetoric for ages…

    it sucks incredibly that ABC censors stuff so horribly.

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