Preventing and Treating Emotional / Physical Problems in Moms

I got an email from an old friend from college who is an OB/GYN and wanted resources to help moms with PPD. I thought I would put this together for everyone. If you have other ideas and links please add them to the comments section or email me to update the article. There are a few comments on here at the end directed at the MOTHERS Act as well.

Prevention and Treatment of Post-Partum “Mood Disorders”

Find the cause, fix the problem. See this short excerpt from Dr. Mary Ann Block’s website then see below for other tips and ideas.

Postpartum Depression Is Not a Psychiatric Disorder.

A woman’s hormones change dramatically while she is pregnant. It should come as no surprise that the hormones would change dramatically again after the baby is delivered. This hormonal imbalance is often referred to as Postpartum Depression. However, this condition is not, as is commonly believed, a psychiatric disorder. It is a hormonal imbalance.

The connection between feeling depressed and hormone problems is very strong. I have seen many women in my practice that became depressed soon after a significant hormonal change. A common story is that shortly after starting menstruation in their teens these women began feeling depressed. Menopause and peri-meopause can also cause the depressed feelings. Many of these women have been prescribed different antidepressants over the years. None fixed their symptoms and in some instances the drugs made them feel worse.

Magnesium Deficiency

More than 350 biochemical processes require the nutrient magnesium. Deficiencies can cause depression, asthma, cramps, calcification of small arteries, EKG changes, migraines and other headaches, kidney stones, muscles weakness, muscle tremors, muscle tics, heart attacks, neuromuscular problems, PMS and vertigo and many other symptoms. A deficiency in magnesium may be the cause of feeling depressed.

Drugs Used For Depression

The antidepressants and other drugs often prescribed for depression have some serious side effects listed by the manufacturer. To read the side effects of any drug you take or are considering taking, you can read the drug insert from the pharmacy or look up the drug in the Physician Desk Reference.

A list of side-effects for psychiatric drugs used to treat depression is included in Dr. Block’s upcoming book, Just Because You’re Depressed Doesn’t Mean You Have Depression—Depression is a Symptom Not a Disease.

Many of the drugs have potentially fatal side effect such as heart attack, sudden death, cardiac arrest or heart failure. The only way to make good, educated decisions about your treatments is to know what your options are and the risks of those options.

Find The Cause—Fix The Problem

Lifestyle changes may be in order. Long-term resolutions mean receiving real medical evaluations and developing a commitment to making necessary and recommended changes.”

Prenatal nutrition:

Avoid interventions in childbirth:

Home birth with qualified midwives or otherwise natural childbirth statistically results in far lower rates of PPD. Some factors involved in this may include natural Oxytocin stimulation of the brain as opposed to artificial pitocin, as well as the effects of pain killers, the amount of bonding versus separation that can occur at home versus in the hospital when baby is in the nursery.

Regardless of Home or Hospital, Mothers Can Avoid (Specifically):

1. Labor drugs, including pitocin which interferes with normal oxytocin stimulation of uterine contractions (oxytocin is the love hormone and sets off many chemicals in the brain associated with normal maternal bonding & protective behavior)

2. IVs with glucose water during labor which can lead to complications in the newborn like perceived excessive weight loss, hypoglycemia, thus creating “mommy guilt” from feeling as if she is unable to sustain her own baby’s survival due to perceived inadequate milk supply and subsequent breastfeeding difficulty when baby is inevitably given supplemental feedings

3. Avoid epidurals which can cause breastfeeding difficulties in the newborn and may be associated with mood problems (the anesthesia fentanyl in the epidural is derived from cocaine)

4. Avoid episiotomy which can lead to excessive blood loss and fatigue as well as significant pain leading to use of pain medications

5. Avoid restrictive dieting before / after childbirth which can cause preterm labor (not having enough calories and protein leads to low albumin and high blood pressure), low blood sugar and lack of energy

6. Avoid epinephrine, which is often necessary in labor because of fetal distress or maternal distress (trouble breathing, low blood pressure) which are potential effects in both mom and baby from pitocin or other augmentation as well as epidurals. Epinephrine is synthetic adrenaline and has been linked to mental disturbances.

How to Help in the Post-partum Period:

1. For many weeks moms will need someone to help with meals, chores, child care, etc. Without that, women are far more likely to feel “symptoms” of depression, anxiety, etc.

2. Moms may need someone to help with breastfeeding if they are inexperienced or have problems. They can contact a La Leche League Leader or an IBCLC. Loss of breastfeeding is sometimes associated with PPD due to additional hormonal changes in moms, while breastfeeding itself is thought to ease PPD due to numerous factors.

3. Moms and dads feel better if they cosleep because they will be well-rested and breastfeeding will be easier. For safety tips on cosleeping moms can use common sense or write to for more info. Contrary to campaigns by the crib manufacturers SIDS is actually more common in cribs. You can also google safe cosleeping or check the website for advice from renowned pediatrician Dr. Sears, or look up Dr. James McKenna’s research on cosleeping safety at

Alternatives to Drugs:

1. Look for underlying medical conditions such as Thyroid disorders, anemia, nutrient deficiencies, etc. and treat those as safely as is possible. Thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism (or both – postpartum thyroiditis) are quite common and can cause depression or anxiety.

Often the first sign of hypoglycemia is depression which can be handled by eating often – 6 small meals per day helps keep the blood sugar level normal.

2. Omega 3 Supplements (From Fish Oil, Flaxseed, etc.)

3. See this link about postpartum nutrition:

4. Talk to a chiropractor or integrative or holistic doctor about botanical adrenal supplements. Adrenal fatigue may be a common but overlooked cause of depression especially during pregnancy or after childbirth.

3. Exercise (although initially excessive exercise will not help a woman, after childbirth it is necessary to rest in order to recover, and not lose too much blood)

Medication shown to cause relapse, exercise MORE effective than antidepressant drugs

4. Some people feel that counseling is effective

5. Some people find alternative treatments effective, for example: chiropractic, homeopathy (even for PSYCHOSIS), accupuncture, energy work, etc.

6. MOMS can FIND A SUPPORT GROUP or helpful PERSON but NOT one that will push them to use drugs.

Alternative Ways to Support American Families:

If the government really wants to help moms, why not educate on these common sense strategies, push for better maternity leave allowances, improve obstetric cooperation with midwifery, or promote paternity leave or leave for grandparents who can help new mothers during their time of need?

Support groups for moms:

MOMS Club International (Moms Offering Moms Support)
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)


How Breastfeeding Can Help Moms Recover From the Physical Stresses of Pregnancy or Birth

Postpartum Doulas can help a lot, especially when family is unavailable to help. Or moms could try to get help with meals and chores from a church or friends. Hiring a maid for a while is a nice help as well.

12 thoughts on “Preventing and Treating Emotional / Physical Problems in Moms

    1. Well done, Amy!

      My donation was well spent.

      Using the precedence set by the drug pusher group, perhaps those that would drug others should receive mandatory injections themselves, much in the manner Dennis Clark offer to any psych who will undergo a very mild dosage of electro-shock – No takers! Like “He who is without sin cast the furst stone”.\\\\\\

      Right now the Psychiatrist is 100% successful in achieving their stated intention of No cures = None obtained!!!

  1. Dear Ones – You will find wonderful tonic postpartum support ideas to enrich on these good ones from Ayurvedic medicine. Mothers in my experience over the last 22 years, and in the cultures around the world that DON’T have problems postpartum with moods, physical issues, bonding, lactation et al all do similar things. Favor warmth, moisture, simplicity, mothering the mothers. Leann into healthy sweet, salty and some sour tastes from specific sources as you will see in the articles section. Source makes a huge difference.

    Little adjustments in general make a huge difference during the what is called sacred postpartum window, 42 days (2 months plus after crisis or surgery) when Mama is psycho-physiologically as delicate as her baby. She needs help as the Native American and Ayurvedic cultures say, with grounding – earth, fire and water elements, to restore the natural balances needed at this time.

    Instead of the following counter productive habits – from both
    1. natural foods culture “healthy diet” (a very loose category of course!) which unfortunately features so often low fat, raw foods, crackers and other dry foods, low sweets, low salt, low cholesterol, poor food combining experiments and other issues as well as the
    2. “modern American ways” including many unhealthy fast and processed, cold foods and drinks, white sugared, frozen meals and foods, canned, pesticided and other concerns including above

    All these things are understood for thousands of years and easily explained to the sincere student, to exacerbate both colic and postpartum mood disorders – depression, anxiety, spaciness, obsessive-compulsive, psychosis interestingly! actually these and other issues all can be seen with common roots, common imbalances.

    Ayurveda uses the word “vata” a metabolic principle to explain a fascinating body of understanding for restoring balance naturally, easily with self and what I call “Ayurdoula” care.

    Postpartum is a unique time when vata requires much “homework” – naturally – to restore strength and balance, to provide the best mothering (and partnering) our own nature is designed to give. Again, cultures around the world do similar things – successfully. I’ve seen many depressive dives turnaround in a few days with the right dietary, massage, support at home, and related choices. We include essential oils and personalized herbals as more effective at this time than the various energy medicines, because of the need for more concrete integrating body supports (grounding things).

    Instead of exercise which is contrindicated in any significant routine for at least 3 months by many schools of exercise, this is why gentle but warm oil massage – repetitive and deeply soothing supports the bodys needs to move things thru, along with key dietary factors. Note massage schools rarely teach postparutm massage, because they don’t understand the needed principles. It is not time for deep digs, there is plenty of stuff already mobilized and needing just good support to complete its transformations.

    Free articles and access to care – from a distance and at home links, at the website above.. Training info there too for home study or intensives for certification. Teleconferences on their way, or by request.


  2. If I wanted to go to the hospital to give birth, what can I do if I experience p.p.d after?Or what can I do if I feel depressed or have anxiety while I’m pregnant? I’m so scared to get pregnant after the horror I went through getting of of a s.s.r.i. and a benzo.I know what it feels like to have these symptoms because of the withdrawal and I could not imagine having them while taking care of a newborn and having the “standard” way that doctors treat this is with these drugs that I’m terrified of. I was so traumatized by the experience that a year later I was having flashbacks and suffered from p.t.s.d I did not take anything for it obviously and it went away after about 4 months.but I couldnt even imagine taking care of a newborn then either.The withdrawal was way worse then a year later but still it was horrible.I was sick for the whole year of 2007…the whole fricken year. It was unimaginable horror…day in and day out.I can honestly say that I now know what it feels like to be crazy. Me and my husband are fighting because he says that I keep on pushing the preganancy thing farther and farther but I’m scared.!! I just turned 36 so I

    1. Sorry…I pressed the wrong button…anyways…I’m scared. I would literally have to be dead to have one of those drugs in my mouth ever again!!!! It took me a year and a half to just to be able to take an asprin. Can someone….anyone please tell me what worked for you. I’ve spent 2 1/2 years researching S.S.R.I.’S and BENZOS. I came across a quote that another “victim” post in a forum that I go to… “Pharmaceutiphobia” ” A distinct, deeply rooted fear and mistrust of doctors and the entire medical community, particularly pharmaceutical companies and everyone involed in the research,development , marketing , and dispensing of drugs.” This is how I feel….

      1. I had no problems after the birth of Toby my second. The only reason I had problems after Isaac was because of medical interference. Things go better when you can avoid the interference of doctors which for me meant going with a home birth CNM (midwife) and the only time we go to the doctor (other than for my prenatal care) is when we are sick. Imagine that.

  3. It is saddening to see Dr. Mary Ann Block state, “Postpartum Depression Is Not a Psychiatric Disorder.” The knowledge that people, who have apposed this Melanie Blocker Stokes Mothers Act, ought to surely have gained is the nature of the fraud of Psychiatry and its synthesised manipulative “disorders” “mental diseases.”

    They use only word tests(“psychometric tests”), D.S.M. “symptom” check lists, questioners, the Doctor’s “Professional opinion”, clinical interview, reports from other people to label a person with an ersatz description, a would-be “diagnosis” of being different from normal. Deviant. This is on a would-be psychological basis (So-called Psychology having itself simularly been made up by Rich Ivy Leage and Military people.)

    No medical test is used (urine or blood chemical analysis, viral detection, biopsy) in formulating nor validating Any ONE of the miriad “Diagnoses” for which they prescribe multiple profitable prescription pills – none of which are familiar to the body and non-toxic.
    This lack of physical test is Intentional. The Big Lie is uniform. A “medical” Official is legally empowered to label one for life as different and inferior and in need of a lifetime supply of “Meds.” to Control them and their imaginary disease. No actual medical help is given for actual disease processes onl;y toxic neurodrugging agents usually containinf Chlorine or Fluorine are used on the patient/victim. The authority knows best and one “has a condition” is “ill” “”disordered” “diseased” “deviant” and abnormal because the authority expert diagnosed one as such – to doubt all this is a further sign of pathology (denial, non acceptance, treatement resistance, anasognosia, irrationality). No medical test is used because science has not gotten that far yet, but the “Doctor” can tell what category and number represents ones medicade billable “condition.”

    Medical causes are supposed to be ruled out prior to a so-called would-be “Psychiatric Diagnosis” can be made, and should an actual, medical, physical diagnosis as to cause of the “Psychiatric Diagnosis,” the physical pathology, happen to be found subsequent to the so-called “Psychiatric Diagnosis,” then perforce the Psychiatric Diagnosis is invalidated a physical cause having been found. The (REAL) medical diagnosis is called “a mimic” in Psychiatric literature.

    Drugs “Meds” are used because the doctor expert knows best what drugs will help one control and manage one’s life long condition, disease, deviation from normality, Brain disease, mental illness, emotional disorder (Whatever! just shove the maximum amount of maximum profit items down peoples necks).

    Thus we all should know by now this is all a propaganda system – it has nothing to do with medicine, science, truth or competent mentally adequate Doctors and health care workers.

    Clinical Psychiatry and its D.S.M. is as scientific and medical, as the Inquisitors and their Malleus Maleficarum were sources of deep enlightenment and a keen understanding of people.

    Once their profits from Prozac were finally somewhat lessened, they created a New Disease and A New Drug. (Pretending significance like with ADHD) they maed up their new diseae/disorder/illness/deviance/whatever…)
    PMDD with its matching New Pill – Sarafem. Its Pink. THe Pink Pill, the New Drug, with the New Patent. When pressed, a Pharma representative stated that yes, the new drug was composed chemically of the same substance as in Prozac.

    Here with the Melanie Blocker Stokes charade they have all the usual elements of the brain washing propaganda system. It needs to be studied because it is not understood yet. The pre or post partum condition(s) are dignosable only by questionaires and Professional Opinion by Qualified Mental Health Workers. These “illnesses” or “conditions” are presented as emotional and psychological in the propaganda, and then also as physical
    (this is all – anti-rational mind-crippling – double think, i.e., if you ‘learn’ what we are telling you then you won’t even be able to critically analyze and oppose – because the ‘system’ is dogmatic and anti-rational in its words and ‘ideas.’) Thre is need for an awareness campaign. People stigmatize the afflicted, and their is a need to care and be compassionate for these poor people, there is a need for an anti-stigma campaign. There is a need for national screening of potential victims. The best of treatments need to be researched used to help the afflictted, at this point “SSRIs”, “Mood Stabilizors” “antipsychotics’… and counsiling.

    The knowledge about actual medical treatment is double suppressed. B-6 which is used to regulate hormones, and used in the production of Serotonin, and deficient in Americans and especially with those with increased nutrient needs such as the progenant. B-6 is Not Mentioned by the propagandists and “Doctors” associated with the Melanie Blocker Stokes Fraud. Nor is it mentioned by most of the opposition Evelyn Pringle, David Oaks and Mindfreedom, Mary Ann Block, Kelly Patricia O’Meara.

    Mary Ann Block wants to say post partum depression is not a psychiatric illness. Well what is? If it is emotional or psychological then it is not an illness. If it is an illness then it needs to be found out and cured, not fake treated with a patent neuro-toxic drugging agent. These fake Partum diagnoses that the fraudsters are foisting are just as much psychiatric illnesses as their other propaganda ersatz rediculous frauds. ADHD – 50 years of Ritalin sales, and avoidance, supression of medical treatments (testing for lead, removal of allergens, Phosphatidyl Serine). Bipolar. Falcse Memory Syndrome. Just as much a “diagnosis” as the rest of their pretensious con-man snake-oil selling propaganda.

    Dan Burdick, Eugene Oregon

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