Texas Committee Numbers & Indi Cards, Etc.

This is a somewhat random post. Click below to see the numbers for the Texas Legislature’s committee considering the infanticide bill. Please contact them and urge them not to adopt the bill in the House Committee.


Also I have created a general card that you can get made on Vista Print pretty cheaply – actually way cheaper there than at Kinko’s since the front should be done in full color. It’s here:

FRONT: http://www.box.net/shared/ssh32qalqd

BACK: http://www.box.net/shared/73q1vzfii5

This card is about antidepressants causing infant deaths and has the UNITE website on it, so it can be used any time, not just for The MOTHERS Act. My order of 1000 cards shipped today so if you would like I can mail you some. Shoot me an email at amy@uniteforlife.org

We will probably redesign the Indi card soon for black and white printing to get it to be cheaper so you can do them at Kinko’s. So stay tuned.

Also: Fact of the day: in New Jersey, doctors and other health care professionals can be sanctioned for noncompliance with screening new moms for mental illness. Fun stuff!

One thought on “Texas Committee Numbers & Indi Cards, Etc.

  1. The cards arrived today and they look pretty darn good. My favorite part is the front with Indi’s photo in glossy. If you want me to send you some, email me with your address and how many you want. I have 1000.

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