MOTHERS Act Threatens Babies, Violates Informed Consent

My email to:

Dear Senator Kennedy and Members of the Senate HELP Committee:

Congress should pass no bill that violates informed consent. The MOTHERS Act contains no language to ensure that mothers will be given the right to informed consent or refusal of any screening or treatment that could result from the programs.

I urge you to consider the impact that The MOTHERS Act will have on unborn children and new mothers, especially considering that the first line of treatment for PPD and other mental problems is dangerous antidepressants, documented by our own FDA to cause suicide, homicidal ideation, and infant death.

Please watch this video about baby Indiana Delahunty, who died because her mother took Effexor during pregnancy and nursing:

This video shows totals of the number of babies injured or killed by SSRI antidepressants according to FDA MedWatch reports over the last four years.

The FDA admits that only 1-10% of adverse events get reported. Assuming 5% of all injuries and deaths were actually reported, the estimated number of injuries and deaths would be as follows: 4,360 babies born with serious or life-threatening birth defects, 4,160 babies born with potentially fatal heart defects or heart disease, 2,900 spontaneous abortions, and 3,000 premature births. You can see all the reports here:

This is what happened to me when I was drugged for being “at risk” of a “postpartum mood disorder” – I became extremely suicidal and homicidal for FOUR months until I finally got off Zoloft.

The public is becoming increasingly aware of the dangerous MOTHERS Act and the result is widespread outrage. See:

World Net Daily: Mental health screening targets moms-to-be

Infowars: Government, Big Pharma Push Bill To Drug Mothers

Effexor Baby’s Grieving Mother Protests Potential MOTHERS Act

Almost 10,000 have signed our petition to stop the bill. Thousands more have sent letters or called. Please consider our stories. We are survivors who know the reality of the tragic consequences of dangerous psychotropic drugs, and hope that you will spare our country from increased deaths and ruined lives of our mothers and babies.

Amy Philo

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