Mental Health America Funnels Pfizer Dollars to Katherine Stone

I am willing to bet that Kat Stone preferred Diet Coke… A PR specialist indeed. It takes a really good one to pass off The MOTHERS Act as helpful…

Now as for MHA, a notorious pHARMa front group, and how they push drugs on moms…

Referencing the June 8, 2008 Mental Health America Georgia e-news

Investigative reporter, Evelyn Pringle reports that Mental Health America of Georgia is now offering a free one-hour “lunch & learn” called “Project Healthy Moms: What You Need To Know About Perinatal Mood Disorders,” according to the group’s June 8, 2008 e-news letter.

This special hour of learning is made possible by a grant from Pfizer,” the newsletter notes.

Pringle points out that Pfizer markets the drugs, Zoloft and the atypical antipsychotic Geodon, widely prescribed in many instances off-label, for all the “mood” and “anxiety” disorders being sold to the public via the MOTHERS Act.

The Perinatal Mood series will be presented by Katherine Stone, “former postpartum OCD sufferer and author of Postpartum Progress, the most widely-read blog in the United States on postpartum mood disorders. (Postpartum Progress was named one of the top ten depression sites on the web in 2007),” e-news notes.

“Stone also serves on the board of directors of Postpartum Support International, the world’s largest nonprofit organization supporting women with these illnesses,” the newsletter states.

According to e-news, Stone had five gigs scheduled at that time, Pringle reports.

If interested in scheduling a lunch & learn, the newsletter tells people to contact Stone directly by email at or by phone at 678- 764-2141.

“These events are aimed at educating practitioners and the general public throughout Georgia about prevention of and treatment for such illnesses as ante partum depression, postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety/OCD and postpartum psychosis,” the newsletter says.

“More than 800,000 women each year in the U.S. suffer from these devastating illnesses, which, if not properly treated, can have a long-term negative impact on the health of both mothers and their children and families,” it reports in identifying the customer base obviously targeted.

E-news claims attendees of Stone’s presentation will learn:

  • “One size does NOT fit all: Why postpartum depression is just part of a spectrum of mood disorders women may experience & what to look for”
  • “The wide variety of risk factors for perinatal mood disorders”
  • “Results of the latest research on these illnesses and their impact on mothers and children”
  • “Various treatment options — therapy, medication, alternative treatments”
  • “What you should know about cultural differences when it comes to postpartum mood disorders”
  • “Tools and resources available for healthcare providers”

Stone also has herself out for hire on LinkedIn. The lead off-sales pitch reads:

“Talented, award-winning marketing and PR professional returning to the workforce after brief sabbatical as full-time mom. Background includes six years creating and executing great ideas in the corporate marketing department of The Coca-Cola Company, in addition to six years managing successful public relations campaigns for such brands as Coca-Cola and AT&T.”

“Skills include experiential marketing concept development, brand positioning, marketing strategy, social networking, and public relations campaign development and execution,” she writes.

“Used break from full-time employment to become an expert at social media, creating most widely-read blog in the U.S. in her niche,” Stone reports in refererence to her Postpartum Progress blog.

At the end she writes a paragraph on her days as a agent for the Cohen & Wolf public relations firm and states:

“Prior to Coca-Cola, she was an account supervisor at the Y&R PR firm Cohn & Wolfe, where she developed PR campaigns for the Coca-Cola USA account, and also managed the account team handling media relations for the AT&T Global Olympic Village during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta .”

6 thoughts on “Mental Health America Funnels Pfizer Dollars to Katherine Stone

  1. A parent’s worst nightmare is that someone outside the family will hook their child, baby toddler or teen on harmful drugs either by prescription or other means. A harmful drug would be an antidepressant, antipsychotic, or anti-seizure drug that chemically alters brain function and causes permanent mental and/or physical damage often to the central nervous system over time.

    And there are blogs that pretend to be a pregnant woman’s best friend that carry a testimonial from a pregnant mother, who says, “I was on antidepressants for most of my pregnancy and it was wonderful (or words to that effect).”

    Does the mother know that her little baby will also have been hooked on whatever antidepressant she was taking and may start experiencing withdrawal symptoms if not given more of the drug soon after birth?

    So for the legal psych drug dealers and their ivy league university professor cheerleader promoters it turns into a “twofer” the psych/pharm cartel’s having hooked two persons for the price of one.

    Women complain about the antidepressants or whatever they are taking and are soothingly told, “Don’t worry honey, the mental disorder of postpartum depression (or whatever made up way of saying that they say) will make you feel so much worse than these drugs if you don’t do anything about it.

    And the birth defects involving breathing disability currently in litigation. “Well birth defects happen so its not the drug(s)!” You ask what is the incidence of that particular type of birth defect in mothers not on psychotropic drugs?

    It should not be called the Mother’s Act, it should called the Drug Up the Mothers of America Act Through Manipulative Imprecise and Fraudulent Mental Health Screening Questionaires. It might cost more to print as a title on a bill but at least it would be the truth.

    1. I like to refer to it as the MOTHERS Axe, or Mothers Axed… it’s a little shorter, but yes the Drug Up The MOTHERS Act Through Manipulative Imprecise and Fraudulent Mental Health Screening Questionnaires sounds good too. DUTMATMIFMHSQ Act… Oh wait, just pronouncing it gives me slurred speech. And I’m not even on Seroquel.

      1. How about the DMIDBPD Act.

        Desensitize Mothers Into Disability By Psych Drugs Act

        I know too long.

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