Coalition on Facebook and Myspace

As if you weren’t busy enough already emailing, faxing, and calling the HELP Committee, here’s one more thing you can do right now to help spread the word and stop pHARMa front groups from harming mothers and babies. The Cause, “Coalition Against The Dangerous and Invasive MOTHERS Act” on Facebook and Myspace is a great way to spread the word. Each member can invite up to 60 people per day, and hopefully those 60 will join and invite another 60. And hopefully everyone will take a few minutes to send an email or a fax to the HELP Committee. If you haven’t got a fax, shoot me an email at with your name and address and I can send yours for you.

 Use either Facebook or Myspace to invite your friends. If you’re not the FB or MS type, stick to what you know! If you are, this is a good way to spend a few minutes on Facebook actually being productive and saving lives at the same time!

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