A person’s a person, no matter how small

A LITTLE baby dying from preventable causes is an ABSOLUTE tragedy.

Katherine Stone of “Postpartum Progress” attempts to justify her numerous “perinatal” drug-pushing entries on her blog Sunday by mentioning, “…there is little absolute risk in taking antidepressant medication while pregnant, the minimal risk currently known to exist is a very important consideration for every mom.”

Focus on the words little, absolute, and minimal. I suppose if you get your information from headlines or drug companies, perhaps it’s a “minimal” risk that your baby could die… or that your child may grow up without a mother.

But let’s not mention what those “minimal” risks are. Hmmm does doubling your risk of suicide sound helpful, anyone? I suppose if you’re talking about suicides, if only 4% of people taking antidepressants commit suicide or become suicidal in a drug company study (4% is a “frequent adverse event” and this is the statsistic that the FDA used to publish its BLACK BOX SUICIDE WARNING), then according to MATH…

If Kat Stone believes a million women a year need The MOTHERS Act to pass in order to “save” their lives…

Suppose that a good half of those million additional women go on antidepressants on top of the ones we have now (because apparently it’s too hard to get “treated” for PPD and we have an “undertreatment” situation on our hands)…

4% of 500,000 is an extra 20,000 women committing suicide or becoming suicidal per year.

I noticed that last session the pushers listed the number of women they estimate per year who get PPD as 800,000. I guess it’s up to 1,000,000 now. Maybe by Mother’s Day we’ll be up to another 500,000 more U.S. moms who “need” antidepressants and can’t get them without a Big Brother to help them get to the pharmacy. Maybe by Christmas there will be 2 million! Oh but wait, why stop at the borders? Maybe we could have a MOTHERS Act in EVERY country! How about all those nations mentioned in Bruce Levine’s article, where the rate of PPD is around 1%? I am sure pHARMa can drug some of those moms also, to “prevent” PPD and keep those rates nice and low…

Paxil Study 329 resulted in a five times higher rate of suicidality on Paxil than placebo. Another study shows a 12 times higher risk on Prozac than placebo. Antidepressants have a BLACK BOX SUICIDE WARNING. Anticonvulsants also increase suicidality. And neuroleptics cause brain dysfunction, shorten your lifespan by 25 years, and increase the risk of death from diabetes and other physical causes (aside from being run over by trains, blown away by a gun in your mouth, or strangulation) dramatically, in addition to reducing your recovery rate from psychosis by increasing the frequency and intensity of episodes.

It was anything but “minimal” or “little” when after taking Zoloft for three days I started hallucinating killing my baby, wound up in a psych ward, and considered killing Isaac and my family for four months, or else killing myself.

I know it wasn’t minimal to Christian Delahunty or any of the other moms whose babies have died because of antidepressant toxicity. I doubt it was minimal to Indiana as she took her last breath at the age of six weeks.

Nor was it minimal to Julie Edgington when baby Manie nearly died at birth and had to have open heart surgery at the age of 8 days and nearly lost his leg.

Here’s what’s minimal:

  • The amount of attention paid by anyone promoting The MOTHERS Act to the outrageous fact that they are naming their bill after a woman killed by psychiatric treatment. Melanie Blocker Stokes was treated in the mental health industry with the administration of four cocktails of drugs documented to cause suicide, and repeatedly electroshocked, even though she told her family the treatments were killing her… yet somehow in their eyes more psychiatric “treatment” is what this country needs to improve the lives of women and children.
  • The FDA’s concern over the fact that they left SSRI and other antidepressant drugs available to the public without adequate suicide warnings for nearly 20 years
  • The drug companies’ concern over the babies, new mothers, and children who die because of antidepressants, even as they continue marketing drugs to pregnant women via fraudulent studies and shameless promotion through front groups
  • The pharma front groups’ concern over the fact that the unsuspecting public is being put at risk and their lives are being ruined or cut short because they can’t seem to admit when they are wrong
  • Congress’ ability to read bills and debate them before voting
  • The amount of respect I have for anyone who can promote antidepressants to anyone, despite the fact that the drug companies have been exposed for hiding that antidepressants are no better than a placebo for depression and that the drugs increase suicides and cause homicidal ideation and infant death.

The MOTHERS Act is a prescription for disaster. We must act now to protect babies and mothers from increased drugging, deprivation of human rights and freedom, and the right of all women to informed consent.

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