Karen Kleiman Attacks Evelyn Pringle

Evelyn Pringle has angered the beast. After months of  ignoring victims who speak out against The MOTHERS Act and pretending that the pro-informed consent movement did not exist, it seems that the perinatal “experts” are gearing up for an online twist-a-thon. Trying to spin the ties to pharmaceutical companies in a light that could in any way make those who push for The MOTHERS Act to pass seem benevolent has the CrackPsychs stuck between a rock and a hard place… I’m sure they’re pretty ticked as their dreams of making sure No Stone Goes Turned are crushed beneath the proverbial boulder of truth. [This is nothing, I can bust some allusions or invent new nick names all day long. So maybe I should stop now…]

So, something has once again hit a nerve in the land of pHARMa, and for good reason. See Evelyn Pringle’s most recent MOTHERS Act article here or just below on the blog.

Following the publication of Evelyn Pringle’s article Tuesday on sites all over the globe including Scoop, Pharmalot, and many others, Karen Kleiman published a letter slamming Evelyn Pringle personally and alleging that Evelyn doesn’t see these women in real life or know what it’s like to love a person with “serious mental illness.” I have to admit that I haven’t spent a great deal of time learning more about Karen Kleiman, myself – or Susan Stone, for that matter. So I can’t attest to whether they personally have lived through hell on mind-altering drugs like I have, or have ever been suicidal or homicidal themselves. I have, and it was because of Zoloft given to me starting at six days postpartum to “prevent postpartum depression,” not because of mental illness.

I can’t really wrap my head around how someone can simply ignore the Black Box suicide warnings and the drug company’s studies which clearly show a doubling of suicidality on antidepressants compared to placebo, risks for suicide with anticonvulsants, etc.

Nor can I understand how someone who does have this knowledge could actively suppress it – knowing that women will kill their babies or themselves because of ineffective drugs – and yet continue promoting them to the most vulnerable women they can find.

Maybe next PSI can issue a statement attacking me for telling of my experience on Zoloft, or perhaps they should attack Christian Delahunty, Julie Edgington, or Mathy Downing. Shooting the messenger never seems to work, and there’s no reason why it will work any more for Kleiman’s attack on Evelyn Pringle than it would against any of us.

This is why it’s so ironic that Harry Reid stated last year that the MOTHERS Act was “non-controversial” – that’s right, promoting a bill that would result in millions more women taking antidepressants during pregnancy or postpartum with zero informed consent is something we can all agree is a great idea… Moms and babies dying? Why the heck not?

So here’s my comment to Karen Kleiman on her blog.

Re: http://postpartumstress.blogspot.com/2009/04/mothers-act-scooped-again_07.html

Perhaps the three of you could take a look-see at the videos of baby Manie and Indiana on my YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGX_34TmT4w.

Manie was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries because his mother took Paxil for a few weeks and then became accidentally pregnant with him, and he was exposed in the first trimester. He nearly died at birth.

Indiana died at six weeks of age, after Effexor exposure via pregnancy and breast milk.

Talk about getting personal – it doesn’t get more personal than being on the other end of a deception and suffering the loss of a child, a permanent birth defect, heart damage, or realizing that a drug is making you crazy, homicidal and suicidal. It baffles me how anyone can be ok with drugging new mothers or their babies to death. Melanie Stokes – God rest her soul, and all of these babies will not have died in vain. People are learning the truth and taking steps to protect their families. Victims are speaking out to warn others.

But I have no doubt that not a shred of this will matter to any of you, as your minds likely no longer process FDA drug warnings on suicide or for pregnancy, nor do you apparently see cases of obvious drug injury for what they are. I suppose you would make great jury members in the 8,000 + Seroquel lawsuits or the thousands of Paxil birth defect and suicide lawsuits, at least as far as GSK and AstraZeneca are concerned.

2 thoughts on “Karen Kleiman Attacks Evelyn Pringle

  1. this woman is speaking ridiculously too:


    I left this comment and it’s not posting…they’ve blocked me there before but I don’t know what the deal is this time…my shorter comments got posted:

    denying women have real issues around post-partum that need support has nothing to do with not supporting this bill.

    women should get and often do need support when they are pregnant and after they give birth…they do indeed deal with real problems…that need can be met without drugs.

    some of the people who do not support this measure were women who themselves were treated for post-partum depression and ended up psychotic and dangerous as a result of adverse effects of these drugs.

    you’re not telling the whole story. at least acknowledge that…so many of the people who are not supporting this bill were victims of bad medicine!

    here’s a couple of other opinions..these people are not women haters who don’t want to support women.

    they fear legislation which will impose drugs on women…it’s a very different thing.

    Since you don’t seem to allow URLs google the two pieces below for alternative perspectives:

    Motherhood and the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Complex


    Psycho-Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex
    Profiting from drugging women and children
    October 2008 By Bruce E. Levine

    and to completely agree with your call at the beginning of your piece I say in agreement:

    Wake up, people who care about mental health. Wake up, people who work to prevent child abuse, people who work to prevent suicide, people who work to prevent preterm births, people who care about healthy families. Wake up, psychiatric professionals, nurses, gynecologists, pediatricians.

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