Julie Edgington Responds to Karen Kleiman

Here is my comment to Mothers act scooped again. I doubt if she will post it.

My name is Julie Edgington. My son Manie was born with a rare heart defect because I took Paxil during pregnancy. I am the creator of www.bigpharmavictim.blogspot.com

Your post and your site upset me greatly. I am shocked you would use a blog, which is supposed to help women with PPD, to voice your own personal opinion. You are clearly the one who is misinformed. How dare you be a big pharma rep and act as if you want to help women with PPD. By reading some of the stuff on your site I know who and what you really are. The way you describe PPD in your blog it sounds like you got it right out of an ad for an SSRI.  Way to use your years and years of training to help push pills.

If you cared at all for the women why would you stick up for the Mothers Act? Have you read it? Or are you just going by what is in the name and because the name sounds good it must be good. OR you have read it and thought if women have to be screened for PPD then that would mean more clients for you and for your book sales. Hmmmmm that is a thought now isn’t it.

I could talk all day but you probably will not listen because you were taught not to by big pharma. Why am I really mad about your post… I am mad because I have spent 2 years telling Manie’s Story just so people like you who use a false sense of compassion to get women to take more drugs. These drugs, which are no better then a placebo, to deal with the sadness you are telling them they have. Oh yeah lets not forget your added benefit of the extra book sales!

I tell Manie’s Story because big pharma is still pushing SSRIs on women of childbearing years knowing what could happen to their babies. Someone has to show people what the risk looks like. You may have heard this before “If the benefits out weigh the risk” There are no benefits to these drugs. They are quick to tell women how they are feeling and it is wrong to feel that way.

They want to put labels on these emotions so they can tell you how to treat it with their pills. Their quick fix in a bottle does nothing but make it worse and not just ruin one life, it ruins the lives of everyone around you. Ask Manie if the benefits out weighed the risk.

If it was your body and your unborn baby would you want someone telling you you HAVE to take something to feel better?

Post or don’t post this comment on your blog. I am sure you won’t. Like many others who want to act like they know everything you wouldn’t want to post something which would make people think for a second about what is really going on.


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