In Memory of Indiana (Effexor Baby)

I recently got in touch with a woman who signed the petition against The MOTHERS Act after reading the comment that she had lost her 6 week old daughter and believes it was Effexor that caused her death. Luckily I was able to find her on Facebook because Care2 doesn’t give me the emails of the people who sign the petition unless I have to verify their identity.

I am working on a story and video about this, but I just can’t finish it today, and I can’t sit here and not scream at the top of my lungs to the world about this little baby.

Christian Delahunty is Indiana’s mom and she was told by her doctor that Effexor doesn’t even pass to the baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However when she was induced one month before her due date because of problems with the pregnancy, Christian’s OB called down to the NICU to tell them to be ready because an Effexor baby would be coming.

This is Indiana.

Bath time
Bath time
With Mommy
With Mommy
sweet baby
sweet baby
Sleeping with a butterfly on her head
Sleeping with a butterfly on her head
Indiana in a tie dye dress
Indiana in a tie dye dress
Indiana with Dad
Indiana with Dad
Indiana's Funeral
Indiana's Funeral

Indiana was found not breathing and rushed to the hospital. She was revived and put on life support, but her brain was deteriorating and it was too late for her.

Drug company studies and FDA reports confirm that SIDS, coma, seizures, stillbirth, birth defects, miscarriage (“spontaneous abortion”), and an increase in neonatal deaths are linked to exposure to antidepressants. All you have to do is look at the drug label for Effexor and see the animal studies to understand the effects on babies.

“[T]here was a decrease in pup weight, an increase in stillborn pups, and an increase in pup deaths during the first 5 days of lactation, when dosing began during pregnancy and continued until weaning. The cause of these deaths is not known.”


See also (a warning about often fatal serotonin syndrome – serotonin being the brain chemical researchers think is involved in SIDS due to its role in regulating breathing and sleep and wake cycles. Serotonin Syndrome is what most likely killed Heath Ledger and we know that these drugs can kill adults and children, and are especially hard on babies who have a hard time metabolizing the drugs and who have immature blood-brain barriers):


Also, here is a website where you can look through all the MedWatch Reports for a four year period of 2003-2007 (select Effexor and you find 6 reports of SIDS among the other infant deaths and other reports):

We know that these reports represent the tip of the iceberg, with the FDA estimating that between 1-10% of actual adverse events being reported.

I can’t imagine how hard this must be for Christian and her family but I am so glad that she reached out and wants to tell Indi’s story. I was telling my husband today how lucky I felt that our kids are safe and healthy. My doctor told me it was safe to breastfeed Isaac on Zoloft and that I could stay on it during pregnancy. There were times when it seemed like Isaac had stopped breathing and I would nudge him to make him start up again. Like many moms out there at the time I thought I didn’t know better than my doctor and that I could trust him.

Please take this as a warning of what could happen if you use antidepressants when you’re pregnant and breastfeeding. Christian says that Indiana was in and out of the hospital after she was born so obviously this was more than just a random case of SIDS. This is just one example of a mom who went on antidepressants after the birth of a previous child for PPD and the loss of a loved one (her mom) and then stayed on them at the recommendation of her doctor. How many others out there are like her?

I know this deserves more time and a much better write-up, but I feel like I can’t keep this off the blog even though Indi’s story is much bigger than just this post. Here’s hoping that this will somehow reach someone else in time to save their baby. I know that is all Christian can hope for and will help Indiana’s purpose to be realized.

You’ll be seeing more about Christian and Indi and their family very soon.

20 thoughts on “In Memory of Indiana (Effexor Baby)

  1. This is so sad. I’m glad Indi’s mom is able to speak out. I was on Prozac and then Zoloft during one of my pregnancies and had many problems with preterm labor during that pregnancy. The doc who told me it was safe actually just read to me out of the Physician’s Desk Reference when I asked about safety during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

    May I share your post on my blog? I would like to share Indi’s story.

  2. This story is absolutely heartwrenching.

    Unfortunately, these tragedies will continue as long as the drug companies are allowed to con or bribe the legal pushers into writing off-label prescriptions for psych drugs to unsuspecting pregnant women.

    If this story doesn’t serve as a wake-up call for Congress against passage of the Mother’s Act, nothing will.

    Evelyn Pringle

  3. And if Congress does nothing to protect our citizens against this, especially the most helpless ones… then the people must protect themselves.

  4. I just had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago, had to have
    a d and c. The day everything started to go wrong I had an ultrasound done. The baby was at 6 weeks and 4 days and had a great heartbeat, then 3 days later nothing. I have tried to ask the doctors about my husband taking Effexor and Aderall but they just shrug and say we dont know. I have heard of other people having the same questions. I know how commen miscarriages are (now) but I am so tired of doctors just shrugging them off. There are so many meds out there that it will make your head spin. There needs to be some responsibility here.
    I know how horrible this experience has been for me and my heart just breaks to hear their story.
    All of us on “head Meds” need to be offered more help then meds that havent been studied as much as they should have been. We are supposed to trust our doctors, but its so hard to do that any more.

      1. Thank you so much for the information, my husband and I have always had the idea that this could be problematic. It’s nice to know that someone out there is doing the studies. Hopefully they will do larger studies in the future. I go in to the doctor tomorrow for my follow up, and I will talk to my doctor about it. At least she may be made more aware.

  5. Just thought I let you know- I showed my doctor the article and she was very interested. She asked to keep it show she could show her team.

    1. I had one healthy baby. When he was 2 my doctor put me on Effexor and since I’ve had 4 miscarriages. Now trying to get off and having the worst withdrawls ever. Evil drug.

  6. I am the Nana of an Angel who was taken suddenly aged 8 weeks,the inquest said she was a perfectly normal healthy little girl and there was no cause for her passing so they put it down to SIDS,but we will never know or have closure,my thoughts and prayers go out to you all.XXXX

  7. Please someone email me. I need to speak with other mothers that have lost their children due to Effexor. My son was born April 8th, 2011 after I had been on Effexor for 9years, including throughout my pregnancy. I voiced my concerns to my ob and they went unheard.

  8. My name Is Mindy (Marinda) Hathorne, I am 32 years old….. I look just like you. You Look Just Like Me….. I was born in Provo in ’82.

  9. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby girl I hope she sends you little signs every day that remind you she is still with you. Prayers to you ❤ How can I email you Amy??

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