MOTHERS Act Markup Scheduled for March 4, 10 am

Action Needed Immediately: MOTHERS Act Being Marked up March 4, 10 am Eastern.

Please download the fax titled “mothersactinformedconsent.pdf” from the file sharing wizard on the right side of our blog.

Print, sign and fax the document to members of the House Energy and Commerce committee, starting with chair Waxman and ranking Republican Joe Barton. The contact numbers are located on our blog here , or for download from the same file sharing wizard.

Text of the fax:


The MOTHERS Act is a bill which will increase mental health screening of pregnant women and new mothers, despite the fact that the widely accepted treatment for women diagnosed with postpartum depression is antidepressant drugs — documented by the U.S. FDA to cause worsening depression, mania, psychosis, suicidal and homicidal ideation, spontaneous abortions, birth defects and sudden infant death.

There is no language in the bill that would assure mothers are given non-drug options or accurate information about the subjectivity of the diagnoses (a checklist of questions) or the documented risks of psychiatric drugs. This violates informed consent and puts new mothers and their infants at risk.

Congress should pass no bill that violates informed consent. Particularly one that could lead to women being misdiagnosed and put on dangerous drugs. Express, written informed consent must be obtained from each patient or research subject. Informed consent requires giving patients accurate and unbiased information including information on what the exact medical diagnosis is, as well as the risks and benefits of recommended treatment, no treatment, and all alternative treatment options.


3 thoughts on “MOTHERS Act Markup Scheduled for March 4, 10 am

  1. Legalized murder in a pill. Give me a break! Murder & Mutation will not be stood for by any American!

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