AbleChild’s Matthews to Testify In DCF Investigation Hearing

From Sheila Matthews:

It would be great to post as many comments asking that a non 
psychiatric vendor, A MEDICAL DOCTOR, have access to the CHILDREN in 
the Psychiatric WARDS for Complete MEDICAL EXAMS.

http://www.wfsb. com/family/ 18214489/ detail.html? rss=hart& psp=news

Senator Harris ASKS….The Fundamental Question….

Are children and families better off because of their interaction  
with DCF?”

Senator Harris’ 3 LESS THAN powerful INSIDER closed investigative  
hearings into Connecticut’s Annual Billion Dollar FAILED Department  
of Children and Family Services, where they are very successful in  
producing dead children, is covered in the below article.

The Committee Chair, Senator Harris, that has funded the agency for  
years now asks….the fundamental question is “are children better  
off having been a part of DCF, the agency?…=hart&psp=news

December 18th, Ablechild plans to tell the Senator in the only time  
available to the public “3 minutes” testimony, The answer to your  
question is NO CHILDREN ARE NOT BETTER OFF, they are actually dying.

I ask for your suport, I am willing to go it alone up there where the  
entire committee KNOWS exactly what is going on in DCF and have all  
ignored it for years. I just want you to know on December 18th for 3  
minutes a woman will try and tell Senator Harris the answer to the  
question he asks but already knows.  It’s a Behavioral Health monopoly.

Think for 3 minutes of Children LOCKED within State Psychiatric WARDS  
with NO EXIT on Demceber 18th and wish me God’s Speed.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “AbleChild’s Matthews to Testify In DCF Investigation Hearing

  1. The truth is, many children who are put in the DCF system are worse off. Furthermore, many psychiatric drugs can create medical problems. That is why it would be good to have a non-psychiatric physician examine children in state psychiatric facilities. Furthermore, children in foster “care” face greater likelihoods of being psychiatrically labeled due to incentives(meaning, extra federal subsidies) that these child “care” institutions have to label children as being “mentally ill”. Also, psychiatrists tend to be biased towards covering up damage from psychiatric drugs because of the “professional” old boys network.

  2. The answer to the question is NO, they are not better off in DCF care. My child (Justin M.)and I are being mentally abused by DCF, with their false reports and biased lying psycho doctors. The CCPA is a major farce and have ites with the OCA.
    They all work together to get children away from their parents who can’t afford an attorney and have the court appointed ones from CCPA(chief child protection agency) who are working to help DCF and not the child or parent. We need to be protected under the RICO law and please give my child back. This system has too much money and they don’t care about children or families. They are filling their pockets with lots of money.
    They are hurting innocent lives. I pray that they Senators take down the whole system. Including the Judges who are the nastiest and unlawful too.

  3. These same complaints are being told about all over this country . This overindulgent governmental interference in the lives of families is destroying the very social fabric of our society, that is, whatever is left of it .

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