Book Review: Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor – a personal encounter with psychiatry
by Mary and Jim Maddock (2006)

Mary and Jim Maddock’s book Soul Survivor – a Personal Encounter with Psychiatry is about survival and recovery. More than anything else it is about love. This book documents the pathos and despair of being trapped in a pharmacological and shock treated world. It delves deeply into the psyche of the parties involved. Mary and Jim are a team.

Jim stood by Mary as she went through 18 years of pure hell. This alone is remarkable because many faced with the same choices would have caved in early on. It was rough going for both of these remarkable people. They raised two great children in the process.

Mary’s recovery was real. Most importantly she has regained her zest for life. Remarkably, she has turned this energy towards helping others. Her activities in this area have carried her in the past few years to such places as the Irish Parliament, the United States and continental Europe. She has become an evangelist for recovery. (Vince Boem)

This book is reviewed by Mira de Vries and was also featured in the Dublin Ireland Star in an article by Catriona Gaffney.

“The Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website lists as the causes of depression ‘Things happen, circumstances, physical illness, personality, alcohol, gender and perhaps genetic inheritance’. No mention of chemical imbalance, and quite rightly so, because there has never ever been any evidence that chemical changes in the brain caused depression. Psychiatrists who read the research know this. Yet it was the myth of chemical imbalance that lost Mary twenty years of her life. If there is any consolation for this tragedy, it is that out of it has come this wonderful book.”

Dorothy Rowe

“If you care about human rights and alternatives in the mental health system, you’ll want to hear the compelling story of Mary Maddock of Ireland. Mary dug deep into the human spirit and her network of mutual support to survive extreme trauma and torture and drugging at the hands of the mental health system. Despite these overwhelming human rights violations, Mary has learned to thrive and to become a powerful, articulate, international leader for a non-violent revolution in the mental health system. As never before the mental health system is labelling, drugging and shocking millions of people globally. Mary’s heroic odyssey points a way out for these psychiatric survivors, and also for a whole society that has been tricked into believing falsehoods manufactured by the psychiatric industry”.

David Oaks, Director
MindFreedom International

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