Where do our elected officials stand on psychiatric coercion and torture?

I have been trying to contact Governor Pawlenty and both Senators from Minnesota regarding the Ray Sandford case. I would like to know where they stand on this issue. 

How much electroshock does it take before the patient is “cured?” How ignorant do you have to be to believe that weekly ECT sessions which cause seizures are actually good for a “patient?”

When detainees are held without due process, subjected to harsh conditions, pain, physical and psychological damage we call it torture and the legal and political world makes sure that these prisoners are given the full attention of various government officials, courts, and the media.

When new mothers or other law-abiding citizens are escorted to hospitals by police, locked away, or given “treatments” that risk their lives or those of their unborn or newborn babies our elected officials do nothing.

The best response I have gotten so far was from Amy Klobuchar’s office – where I was told if someone from Sandford’s family could fill out a release a case worker would initiate an investigation. On the contrary, when I called Governor Pawlenty’s office I was first put through to voice mail. I left a message and called back to ask whether anyone would be checking the messages and if so, who. The receptionist simply said I will put you through to voice mail. I called back and she disconnected the call. So, I called from my cell phone and asked again if anyone could talk to me about what is happening to constituents and she hung up on me. Again I called back and the call was disconnected.

So, I called Norm Coleman’s office and left a statement but I was told that since there is no federal agency involved that there was nothing he could do. I am just wondering if anyone in the government cares about the citizens.

Where do Minnesota officials stand on involuntary electroshock? If Sandford was “well enough” to have a reprieve last week from forced ECT, then why is he not well enough this week? How many induced seizures does it take to kill someone? Will Pawlenty, Coleman, or Klobuchar sit back and wait to find out?

A criminal on death row receives more concern and advocacy from government officials than an innocent psychiatric patient. Perhaps we should hook up babies to ECT to prevent mental problems. If we can do it to adults on the recommendation of a “doctor” then why not kids too? Sounds like an easy market and a good way for Mercy Hospital and others to rake in some more dough.

2 thoughts on “Where do our elected officials stand on psychiatric coercion and torture?

  1. Many politicians often receive money from the same interests connected to the forced “treatments”. They receive money from many drug companies. They very likely receive money from the ECT device manufacturers too.

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